12 effective tips on how to make a man jealous

Making a man jealous is not the best idea, especially since you can affect the person’s temper and turn it against you.

Some relationships are able to resume their course when the man understands that he is not essential for his girlfriend and that she may be seeing someone else.

Whatever your purpose in making your man jealous, here we teach you how to execute your plan effectively.

1.  Show that you are happy without him

Start by canceling the appointment at the last minute, explain that other plans came up and that you changed your mind, that perhaps you will reward him later.

Do not prolong the moment of saying goodbye either, just do it and that’s it! When talking on the phone, pretend that in the background there is someone else talking to you and telling you to hurry up.

If your boyfriend hears at least a brief murmur from an unfamiliar voice, he will start to feel uncomfortable and will not hesitate to ask you who you were dating that day.

Don’t expect him when leaving work or answer his phone messages right away.

2. Tell him about your ex

It does not hurt that you bring out the most beautiful memories of your life with your ex.

The places they used to travel to, the gentle and romantic way he treated you, and the way he took care of every detail to surprise you.

This will make him doubt how you feel being around him.

3. Compliment the behavior of your male friends

Congratulate your best friends for the gestures they have with their girlfriends, express to them how important it is for a woman to recognize that they love and protect her.

With this, your boyfriend will analyze his behavior and wonder if he is really doing his job well.

4. Play with your friends

Flirt with them, but don’t go overboard! They may feel intimidated and be very upfront with your boyfriend by telling him that you mean badly to them.

What you can do is laugh innocently with them, be very attentive, and pose embracing in each photo.

5. Become more desirable on Facebook

You can use social media to let your boyfriend see the number of favorable comments other guys write about your portraits.

When he notices how dear you are to others, the more he will want to be by your side!

6. Ignore some of his calls

It is very important that he thinks you are busy and not “desperate”, waiting attentively for the cell phone to tell you that he is calling you. So, let him miss you and ignore some of his phone calls.

He will insist and despair when he does not know what is the reason for your neglect of his calls.

7. Show him that you are getting extra attention

A fairly simple way to get your partner to pamper you and value you much more is to indicate that there are other men around you.

By this, I mean that if, for example, you are in a restaurant and the waiter or some diner is flirting with you, you suggest to your boyfriend jokingly that there is a boy watching you for a while.

Say it in a playful tone to avoid upsetting him and putting on quite a show, as that is not the idea, but just think that he is lucky to have you.

8. Get a new male friend

Among the things that alter the sanity of a man, is listening to his girl talk insistently about her male best friend.

Coincidentally, that other man ended up becoming an inexplicable mystery, since he does not know him, but he knows that he spends quality time with his girlfriend.

If you don’t have a “male friend”, don’t worry, get one or just pretend you have one, this may even be your ex-boyfriend. This will make your partner hate him completely and want to leave his side.

He interprets that there is a stranger getting closer than necessary to you and that this can lead to you stop loving him, he will feel jealousy and he will not be able to hide it easily.

9. Get mysterious

You don’t need to tell him what your plans are for the weekend. From time to time, turn to each answer that clears your questions. He will not understand what is happening to you and will become more attached to you.

10. Ignore him in the presence of your friends

Have fun with other people, especially when you see that your boyfriend is walking towards you.

And even when he’s already standing next to you, just talk to him like you would to your cousin and keep having fun with your group.

If he doesn’t give you special treatment, why should you?

11. Flirt subtly

Practice the art of seduction with strangers, through very subtle looks and smiles, but without exaggeration.

Remember that the idea of ​​this is to get your boy’s attention, that he loves you more and not that he thinks it is better to abandon you because you do not know how to behave or respect him.

A woman’s reputation should never be compromised!

12. You don’t need him

To get into his mind, learn to behave a little as he does!

If he is inattentive, cold, careless, goes out with his friends, and leaves you standing, it’s time to pay him in the same coin!

Become a little more independent and relaxed about him. At first, he will not notice your change in attitude, but after a week he will not understand where you have been or why you have not called.

When he shows up at your door or makes an appointment to meet you, tell him that you had a great time and even made new friends.

Believe me, with this he jumps or climbs. You started to ignore him, so he must improve or he will be left alone.