20 original and fun details to surprise your boyfriend

Who does not like that their partner is detail-oriented? Men also really enjoy the gifts and special details that their partner can give them.

We all know that romantic relationships are fueled by perseverance and dedication, time-sharing, and the little things. Without daily tenderness and affection, love dies.

Do you want to keep the romance alive? Start now with these recommendations to surprise your boyfriend, for no other reason than your desire to express your love.

1. The treasure hunt

Gifts do not have to be expensive, with little money you can make something that you like and with which you can have fun as a child.

Think of a scavenger hunt, with clues on paper or on photographs that lead you to different places to find your way to the main gift, which could be a lunch, chocolate, a stuffed animal, a love letter, or even a movie tickets.

Use your imagination and you will get great results!

2. Romantic day

Don’t get carried away by the cliché that guys don’t like romance.

Buy flowers, scented candles and wait for him to give him a relaxing massage or a night full of pleasure. I assure you that he will appreciate your attention and you will make him feel very special.

3. Download a ringtone for his cell phone

You can get your favorite song and set it as his alarm clock or ringtone for incoming calls from your cell phone.

You can even record it with your own voice. He will be surprised the next time someone calls him and hears you instead of the typical sound he was used to!

4. Send him romantic messages

This is a gift that every man wants, but few dare to ask their girlfriends for it.

You will never believe what your eyes see! Communication is always key in a couple. Send him an uploaded message of everything. If you accompany him with a sensual photo, he will not be able to concentrate all day!

5. Write to him on the bathroom mirror

Leave a short but suggestive message on the bathroom mirror before you leave. If you can, write it down with lipstick and leave the mark of a couple of kisses in addition to your words.

You can also apply this idea to your car glass. It is a simple, but a passionate way to express your love.

6. Pack him a packed lunch

If he is one of those men whose workday is strenuous, and therefore must have lunch outside the home, choose to prepare his lunch, including his favorite dessert and a note telling him how much you love him.

If it is true that “love enters through the stomach”, then with this detail you already got yours!

7. Breakfast in bed

Just imagine the scene: your love is opening its eyes and sees you walking straight to bed, with a tray containing the steaming and well-presented breakfast with a flower included on the side.

After this, he will start his day with enthusiasm and gratitude for being with you. You won’t spend a lot of time preparing everything, but the results will be worth it. It is a very special detail.

8. Let him watch his favorite show

Some couples argue over really insignificant things, such as because he is passionate about a sport and that is why he takes over the television for a few hours each day to keep up with the progress of his favorite team.

Instead of nagging him for those couple of hours, let him indulge in what he likes! Make him some snacks and drinks so he can enjoy them comfortably. You can also invite his friends and give him a men’s time where everyone has fun. He will repay you at some point!

9. Bake him a cake

If you have pastry skills, think about baking a delicious cake bathed in the icing of his favorite flavor and filled with lots of chocolate or fruits.

If your skills don’t go that far, maybe you can try some small cookies that she can soak in warm milk when she gets home from work or some cupcakes to eat.

10. Ask him out

Just as it fills you with emotion when your boy proposes you to go out to dinner, you could propose this time to take him to his favorite restaurant and let him choose what he prefers from the menu, because you invite!

Reverse traditional roles and make him feel cared for on that date.

11. Fulfill your fantasy

Everything is allowed in bed, as long as you both feel comfortable and confident. So, let nothing limit you to fulfill your erotic fantasy.

This will restore the spark of love that every couple requires.

12. Write him a love letter

Some things are so deep and special that it is preferable to put them on paper.

Allow yourself to be romantic writing him a letter in which you express every detail that makes him special, how you feel about him and how you enjoy his company.

It is a different detail, a tradition almost lost but very sweet and valuable. Not only will you earn extra points with it, but it will think about every word it read for a long time.

13. Picnic day

Organize a very special weekend with a trip to the park and give it a spontaneous picnic. Eating together in a special place is a gift for both of you.

Do not forget to locate the perfect place, bring sunscreen and mosquito repellent. They will be able to talk for hours in the shade of a tree!

14. Clean his apartment

This applies in case you don’t live with him. In this way he will appreciate the extra help you offer him when organizing his apartment, washing his clothes, and putting everything in its respective place.

15. Give him your portrait

From the thousands of photographs that you have with him, choose the one that you like the most or that marks a very special day in their lives.

Print it out, buy a nice frame and present it to him. That way he can brag about you when asked about the girl in the portrait.

16. Buy tickets to a match

If he’s a fan of a particular team and the season he’s playing is approaching, get him tickets to a game. This is a beautiful way to pamper him!

17. Personalized pen

It is a manly, elegant, and very special gift, especially if he works in a law firm, moves in the world of finance, or if he is about to obtain his professional degree.

} A beautiful pen with your name printed on it will blow your mind!

18. His favorite music

You can also make a compilation of his favorite songs and give him an mp3 with them. Or, if it is more modern, a playlist in applications like Spotify, which you can listen to on your phone or iPod.

19. The special coupon

Design a coupon that he can only use when he really requires something very special from you, whether it’s spending extra time with you, going to a game with him to enjoy the two of you, or doing whatever else he enjoys.

You can design and print it or do it by hand. The idea is that it is something special for him, an award that he wants to use at some point.

20. Therapeutic massage

Prepare or buy aromatic oils with the scent of vanilla, chocolate, mint, or other aromas that your partner enjoys

Prepare a comfortable sofa with some towels and decorate the place with incense. Receive it at home with a good massage that will make you forget about the stress of your workday.