27 signs you really like someone

Knowing these signs that you like someone is like opening a gift.

In this article, we will share 27 of the signs that you like someone. If you identify with two or more of them, it is very likely that you do like that person quite a bit.

1. You constantly think about them when you are not together

Is he drinking coffee right now? Is he having a good day? Is he with someone else? When you are very interested in someone, it is very normal that you dedicate a good part of your mental energy throughout the day, even without realizing it.

It is not always easy to detect that we are thinking a lot about someone, because it begins gradually and we get used to having them in our heads all the time. But if you are surprised every moment with his face or his voice in his mind, it is because surely you are falling in love.

2. Everything reminds you of them

When you start liking someone, your brain wants you to notice it and that is why it takes advantage of every little detail to link it with him or her.

It can be a self-resemblance to the one he has, a song that reminds you of his eyes, or even a chocolate cake that makes you think how sweet it is.

3. They make you feel like you could do anything

They are always challenging but in a good way. It makes you feel empowered and the desire to become the best available version of yourself, because you want to show him all the wonderful things you have to share.

You may not have noticed it, but if you become a better person around someone, in particular, it is because that someone matters a lot to you.

4. Your mood improves spontaneously

If everything suddenly seems better than yesterday, the sun is shining brighter, and even the food tastes better, it may not be precise because the world has changed, but because you are being inundated with the well-being hormones that falling in love causes…

5. You discover parts of yourself that you did not know

When you are bonding deeply with someone else, both of you enter a process of mutual recognition in which not only are you getting to know the other, you also discover parts of yourself that are completely new or enigmatic to you.

If you did not know that you could become so romantic, bold, or funny, and discover it with that person, surely it is about love.

6. You are dying to introduce them to your friends

If when you are with your friends you do not talk about something else, and you are sure that they are going to adore you or adore you, what you feel is not a mere taste, rather you are looking for a more serious and formal relationship because deep down you feel that it is the right person for you.

7. You don’t want to share them with anyone

With the same intensity with which you want to show off your partner to everyone, including friends and family, you also want to hog it just for yourself.

You love that you accompany you to meetings and that everyone sees that you are together, but you do not want anyone to interfere or distract your attention.

8. You sacrifice other plans to see them

If you put aside the crazy parties on Saturdays to be able to spend them curled up next to your new partner watching Netflix, it is likely that things are much more serious than you thought. Especially if she does the same.

9. The rest of your prospects lose their charm

When you fall in love, even if you have gone out with more than one friend before, and you had several romantic opportunities out there, all of them stop looking relevant because it seems to you that none can be that good.

10. Uninstall Tinder

Basically, by doing this you are telling yourself that you will no longer look for anyone else and that you are going to focus all your energies on making the relationship with someone special work.

11. You know you could give up anything

If you suddenly feel like you could change countries, stop talking to your best friend, or donate a kidney in order to stay together, it is time to admit that you are completely in love.

12. You are overwhelmed by the energy

Just as the activities of our routine seem to drain our energy, being with that person works as a kind of constant battery charge. You feel vibrant and wanting to even go to the gym.

13. You link with their interests

If you have never liked wrestling, and now you know the names of all the stars in the ring, or you hated classical music, and now you go to symphony concerts every week, and coincidentally, they are your partner’s hobbies, it is because you already entered in the love zone.

14. Every new thing surprises you

Every detail of his life, his tastes, and his feelings obsess you. You can spend hours listening to their stories and whenever you hear about something new it feels like opening a Christmas present.

15. Everything they do seems perfect to you

Beyond the virtues that you see in the other, they are all those small defects and hobbies that you let go, and that you even find charming, they are telling you that you are very much in love.

16. You make mental lists of everything you want to say to them 

Or everything you want to share or show him, or the possible topics they could talk about that they haven’t explored yet.

17. You share everything that you find funny

You fill their Messenger windows with songs, articles, or memes that you think they might find interesting.

18. You get involved in their tastes

You start watching all the movies he likes and all the books he has recommended to you.

19. You worry about what your acquaintances think

You are dying of nerves at the very idea of ​​meeting his family or friends because it is very important to you to make a good impression.

20. You don’t care if your family doesn’t like them

Even if your brother thinks that he is a bore or a conceited one, you know that he has a wonderful character and that what others think does not matter.

21. You like just the way they are

You know, deep down, that it has some flaws. But you don’t need it to change because there’s virtually no way you’ll like it more.

22. Your face lights up just thinking about that person

And everyone notices. Love is something that cannot be hidden.

23. You live like in a cloud

And you don’t really find out about all the problems in the world or you just stop caring. It is not selfishness, it is simply that all your attention is on one thing.

24. You feel fear and hope at the same time

They are very contradictory emotions because one part of you feels very vulnerable and is very afraid of having your heartbroken, and the other is willing to bet anything on the relationship.

25. You feel that you have known each other for a lifetime

That feeling of familiarity and security is one of the ways our body tells us that we are in love.

26. You are very concerned about knowing how they feel

You need to find clues and checks at all times that he feels the same way as you.

27. You are very afraid to admit that you are really in love

Because that means that once you do, you will risk a lot more for the relationship and reach the point of no return.

Being truly in love or in love is something that does not happen many times in life. If you realize that it is your case, do not waste more time denying your feelings and live your romance with intensity.

Don’t let indecision and fear of emotional failure limit you. It is better to try, even if it is not forever, than not to dare, and to remain in doubt.