15 ways to start a conversation with a guy you like

He seems to be the ideal boy, and for a long time you have been looking for a way to start a dialogue to get to know him better, but without making it obvious that you love him.

Normally, women have many weapons of seduction, sometimes it is only enough to glance at a man for him to be interested and perceive that you like him. Other times, crossing your legs or playing innocently in a situation serves to make them fall like flies in honey.

But unfortunately, there are some exceptions. Some guys are too unobservant to understand that a woman likes them.

And in other cases, they are too shy or overly respectful to take the initiative to approach, as they may think that the girl will feel threatened or uncomfortable with their insistence.

This is when it is your turn to get down to business and start a conversation that is friendly and pleasant enough to win his friendship, or for him to develop enough self-confidence to understand that everything will work out.

Only then will you be able to later be the one who asks you out.

Yes, you have already decided that you have to give him the push without him noticing, but… Don’t you know which topics are the best to create a worthwhile conversation?

You just have to think that it is a game, where you know the rules and he doesn’t.

The idea is that you lead him to where you expect him to go so that he is interested in you and pretended to you, and at that moment you are surprised with each of his gestures of conquest.

We only recommend playing very subtly, because if he discovers what you are doing, he may become disinterested and walk away.

If you want to play it safe, and prevent her from realizing how in love you are, put these conversation starters to work.

Although they may seem obvious, they are the best advice, as they will put you in full control of the conversation.

Don’t despair if they don’t work the first time; women are always more cunning and your mischief in each case will give that special touch to reach your goal of talking to him and getting to know him.

Are you ready for it to fall round at your feet? Go to the end …

1. Insinuate that you know him

This strategy is also applied by men when a woman drives them crazy. Approach with confidence, totally sure of yourself and the role of actress that you are about to assume, and ask her: “Hello, do we know each other?”

Or how about this other one: “Hi, how are you? I’ve been watching you for a while, and the truth is I think I know you but I don’t know from where. I can’t remember where we met, are you by chance the boy from the pizzeria? ”

He must be too stupid a man to give a basic answer like, “No, I’m sorry I don’t know her!”

In any case, if you caught his attention, he will not miss the opportunity to ask you some questions to corroborate if they really know each other, even if he knows that he has never seen you.

But men do not waste those almost “unique” moments that life gives them to meet women and talk to them.

2. Looks and smiles in action

The exchange of glances and a coquettish but subtle smile are two weapons of seduction that defeat and captivate the most indifferent man.

If you’re in an office room or office and still don’t know each other well, it’s your time to stop what you’re doing and exchange a few glances with him.

They will both smile when they stare at each other.

This will make it easier for them to have the motivation to approach you and ask you anything as an excuse to start a pleasant conversation with you.

You can also walk beside him for a few seconds, or take the same elevator. Remember that everything starts with a simple hello.

3. Ask him for help

Do not always be an all-terrain woman, one of those who solve everything in their path, unless you want to be single forever.

You must be clear that men love to feel that they are in control of the situation and they like even more to show off their physical strength and knowledge.

As self-sufficient as you are, let him be the knight in shining armor for a few minutes and ask for his help.

If you play the helpless in a situation and make a face of tragedy or confusion when not being able to solve a problem, it will be your golden opportunity to show off your talents.

When he approaches you, tell him to help you open something that is too tight, or to give you a hand with a heavy bag. Perhaps, you can even use some advice that he gives you, to improve your presentations at work.

The important thing about the situation is that you thank him and make him feel useful and important to you.

In this way he will feel motivation and desire to approach you and offer his help in every new opportunity that is possible; this way they will have more chances to talk to him.

4. Borrow his phone

Have you noticed that when someone presents an emergency, all the people run to help them? If you fake a predicament, no one can refuse to help you.

Approach him with a face of tragedy and ask him politely to lend you his phone to make an “urgent” call, since your phone does not work or you lost it.

If he is a gentleman (as you have idealized him), he will not hesitate to lend it to you and will also ask you if he can help you with something else.

5. Mistake him for someone else

This trick only works if he’s on his back. When this happens, go over and touch his shoulder and say something like: “Luis is true that …”, and just when he turns around you say “Oh what a shame, I confused you with someone else!”

But just keep telling him what you were up to. He’s likely to give you an answer or laugh with you for the mistake, but you got a way to at least say hello to him.

6. Getaway to an intimate place

If you are in a disco or a bar, you will be able to observe some charming singles that catch your attention. It is possible that the boy you like and with whom you have wanted to talk for a long time is in the same place.

You can start with a friendly smile and make eye contact with that boy, and then get away from your friends, and go to a secluded place where you can talk.

Make a suggestive gesture with your hand, so that he feels confident enough to go to meet you.

Sometimes it is enough to be thoughtful about a situation, he will arrive and the environment will provide the necessary magic to be able to speak without reservation.

If you are on a balcony, you can make a gesture that indicates that it is cold, but that you enjoy the landscape or the stars. So he will accompany you and also warm you.

7. Can I sit here?

This is another trick that does not fail, and that most men also use to get the first contact with the female they are attracted to.

You can put into practice the typical “Can I sit here?” Whether on the bus, on the subway, or on a chair in a cafe.

He will not hesitate to indicate that the seat is available, and since he noticed your courtesy and delicacy in the question, he will try to make you feel comfortable by initiating some simple but effective conversation so that both of you can be at ease.

8. Prevent him from an accident

If you see him about to do something that he will surely regret minutes later, such as trying to open a bottle of ink that can spread everywhere, or remove the protective cap from coffee, it is your time to tell him properly: “I wouldn’t do that if I were you!”

He will not hesitate to turn and pay attention to you, and then the doubt will lead him to ask you “what will happen?” And in this way, both of you can have a fun conversation about those accidents that happen due to not being careful.

Not only will he thank you for preventing it, but he will also tell you about other accidents he has suffered due to being clueless or for not knowing the best way to proceed in each situation.

9. Expression of astonishment

Using a puzzling statement about a common situation is another way to start a casual but effective conversation with the guy you are attracted to.

For example: “Is this really the price?”, “How boring is waiting for the doctor to treat you!”, Or any other expression that comes to mind will serve to attract his attention enough to give you an answer. , or indicate your opinion about something similar that has happened to you.

10. Greet him

Every time you see or come across him say hello, smile, or wink. The mere gesture of raising your hand and doing the greeting gesture is the first step in creating familiarity between the two of you.

Whether it’s on the stairs, the elevator, or in the hallway of the supermarket, don’t ignore it for the world.

Just say hello and continue without looking back, your attitude is the engine that starts everything. If they really care about you, they will smile and look for excuses to talk.

11. I’m lost!

If it’s your first day at work or in town, he won’t know! He will only worry about showing kindness and helping you while you adjust to that new situation you are facing.

Tell her: “It’s my first time in this city, I’m lost!” Or “I don’t know where to start this job, it’s my first day!”

The good thing about this situation is that he will be left with the intrigue of knowing if you understood what he explained to you, or if you managed to feel comfortable, and he will help you again without you asking him.

12. Whoops, I dropped something!

Pass by him and drop what you are carrying, perhaps a pen or notebook. If you played well and he noticed that you dropped an object, he will not hesitate to bend over to pick it up for you.

At that moment smile at him and thank him. You can also ask him how he is and in this way both of you will talk about everything thanks to that object that, oops, you dropped without guilt!

13. Your opinion is also valid

If you get it in a clothing store, you can pretend that you have doubts about two shirts that you like and when he passes near you, you ask him which one you think is the best.

If he wants to play along with you, he will probably tell you that both will look good on you, but to get out of doubt, you measure them and he tells you.

They will have reason to be confident and flirt.

14. Accidentally touch him

If you are both in the queue for the bus or to pay at the grocery store, you can “accidentally” touch him, and when he turns around you apologize. Smile at him and be approachable for him to converse with you.

15. Get to the point

Exchange glances with him, and when you are alone tell him that you have noticed a certain flirtation between the two of you. He will feel a bit attacked and intimidated, but he will smile and it will be easier for him to tell you if he is interested in you.

Men hardly expect a woman to try to seduce them or lighten the flirting game.

This way you will know that there is indeed something brewing between the two of you, and you will not waste time proceeding.

And this way you have 15 pretty easy-to-apply ways to get that valuable attention from the guy of your dreams.

You just have to practice them a few times before executing them, to make it seem natural. Use the advice we gave you and you will thank us.