7 ways to know if your relationship has a future

Are you doubting about a future by your side? Relationships will never be easy to carry, and there will always be some doubts about whether the right thing to do is separate or continue.

Sometimes it becomes quite difficult to know if your partner is the right one and there will be a “happily ever after.”

Sticking to a relationship with so many doubts in mind is not healthy, in this article we will help you dispel your fears and thus know if your boyfriend is suitable for your life.

Take into consideration that every man is different, it is not possible to get a person with all the qualities that you aspire to feel completely satisfied.

A complaint from a friend was that her partner told her all the time that he loved her but it was difficult for her to express it through hugs, caresses, or spontaneous physical demonstrations.

But in their case (as in that of many) it happens that they were raised in environments with restricted emotions, in which they did not observe such behaviors from their parents towards the women of the family.

For many women, this can be interpreted as a lack of love and makes them feel insecure about continuing.

I suggest you read this article so you can understand that sometimes it is worth moving forward with your partner or reflections if you consider that it is time to end the relationship.

1. Share and accept

A relationship is healthy when neither of you feels obligated to do something nice for the other. Gestures of love are spontaneous, and sharing what you have is perceived as an egalitarian act.

“What is mine is yours, and what is yours is mine”: that’s the way it should be.

Similarly, accepting details should not be a gesture that leads to sacrifice.

For example, he gave you an expensive jewel and you feel that you do not deserve it, or that he did it because his conscience forces him to reward you for something he has done previously and that you may dislike too much.

If you do not accept gifts from your partner, or your partner is pressured to buy you something to match, they are not accepting or sharing as they should be.

Learn to share the cost of bills, food, and the simplest things like a snack of candy. If you share constantly, you will strengthen the relationship.

2. Get over things

Sometimes and paradoxical as it may be, couples forgive each other for infidelities, physical and verbal violence, and any big problem. But they are unable to advance in terms of small daily problems.

Complaints arise: he leaves the towel everywhere, he doesn’t wash a plate, he forgets everything, he chews with his mouth open, he doesn’t fold his clothes, well… the list is long.

If you can’t get over the little things, your relationship will constantly get awkward.

The key is to talk. If they manage to express the things that bother them about the other, they will be able to reach a healthy agreement; otherwise, forget about having a future by your side.

3. They still want to be with each other

Many relationships fail because they are eaten by routine, but if you have been together for years and still love each other’s company, I congratulate you, because your relationship has a promising future.

You are still strong enough and very much in love to continue to take on any ups and downs.

4. Good communication

You cannot even talk about having a relationship if there is not good communication.

If he is not a communicative man, prefers to lock himself in his ideas, and then abruptly explodes, you should not stay by his side.

If you feel deceived by his silence, you think that he is not trustworthy and that he does not deserve to know everything about you, or that he hides many truths from you, you are not in a healthy relationship.

If it is only that he is a quiet, reserved boy, and you are extremely communicative, you will feel that he does not take you into account; but in this case, it is already a matter of preferences: he prefers silence and calm, just that.

Communication is necessary to clarify doubts, to feel happy with the other.

Learn to share emotions and feelings through healthy social gatherings and you will see how the relationship is nurtured.

5. Separate minds

Do you remember the saying that “each head is a world”? This refers to the fact that each person contains within himself thousands of thoughts.

You are a couple, not Siamese minds. If you want to have a future by his side, you cannot expect him to always agree with you, much less think as you wish.

Each one can differ in some situations and then come to a healthy agreement.

Of course, if they are planning big projects for the future, such as having children, and each has a different opinion, it is not worth truncating the dreams of the other and it is better to continue alone.

But in the rest of the decisions, no matter how varied the thoughts of each one, they can reach good agreements if they propose it.

6. With you in the distance

Are they stable if they are separated? Does he respect you if you are far away?

Many couples fail when they must distance themselves from work, health, or study issues in distant cities.

If you can be apart and still continue to love each other, your relationship has a future.

If he cheats on you the first time, or if it is too suffocating to live without his daily company, you should reconsider if you really want to continue.

7. You can discuss

If you and your guy argue from time to time and come to healthy agreements, you are mature enough to move on.

Life is not the color of roses, it depends on knowing how to take each situation calmly enough and speak with valid arguments, without reaching insults and physical attacks.

I once dated a man with whom I could never argue, since he would get stressed and go into total secrecy, he would just stop talking.

Then at last he said that he was scared when he saw me upset, which made me even more upset because his reaction was not very helpful.

That is not a healthy relationship. Both of you should be able to have an argument and then get through it.