This is when a strong woman falls in love

Some women have earned a reputation that is envied by others. Some men are frightening and others are attracted to it at the same time.

The Alpha woman, that strong, talented, highly motivated, dominant woman with great confidence and self-esteem. The one that many consider unattainable because it is far above them, because its independence scares them, because they think they could never make her fall in love …

Surprise! She also falls in love. But what makes her so different from other women in love?

The alpha woman has high expectations for love. For her, it is either white or black, it is not gray. You don’t like confusing signals. She is clear, she always speaks her mind and will not be afraid to ask you uncomfortable questions to bring out the best and worst in you.

Her frank, sincere honesty will even make you reflect on your life. She believes in old-fashioned love and is not the type to follow the rules of our modern society. She is shamelessly her, she embraces herself, body and soul.

A strong woman is not afraid of love

She knows exactly what she’s getting into and once she feels that magnetic pull towards you, no matter how nervous she feels, she won’t leave your side. It will drown in the depth of your gaze.

 1) Alpha woman is the dazzling star

Always attract attention. It is the glow that lights up your life. She will make you awaken that passion and desire to love that will make you feel alive.

She will awaken in you that purpose to be a better man, will guide your goals towards what you want while motivating and supporting you to achieve yours.

2) When you fall in love it is not routine

On the contrary, she is the type of person who seeks adventure from one place to another, either on a trip or an unexpected getaway. Her interest in devising what new experience to add to her life and to achieve new sensations, is incessant.

3) Has self-control

A strong woman, in general, is a person with self-control, goes through different emotions, like any person   – she is not a superhero, even if it seems – but she hardly collapses.

her feet are on the ground and you will always be in her north because she will never forget the pillars that govern her life. Most of the time, she will worry about being the best version of herself in the relationship.

4) Your clear goals

She also has her goals very clear and takes each step cautiously. She will not be one of the women who worry about knowing the end of the story, skipping five, six or ten steps further.

She will enjoy every stage of that journey that you have taken together and understands that things should not be rushed. Understand reality as it is. She is in tune with the present and does not tend to idealize the future no matter how in love she is.