How To Find True Love That Lasts Without Looking For It

Can you imagine being able to find true love without dying trying?

We often meet people who are waiting to meet a person as a couple who meets their expectations for a long-term relationship.

And depending on the chemistry that that person (he or she) generates, they set out to conquer, offering the best perspective for an ideal future from attention, flattery, emotional stability, and some financial comfort.

Although in those moments all this is illusory, if your interlocutor was waiting for that person, he takes the proposal as a good one and both are launched on that adventure.

Based on many life experiences, whoever is really in that moment of his life, must look inside and analyze some psychological and/or emotional elements that will lead him to that meeting with the partner of his dreams.

Here I show you the seven important points that must be taken into account:

1. Do not worry about finding your soul mate, better take care to explore what are the reasons that move you to that action

At first, it may seem illogical to you, but your own experience and the experience of people who have gone through this process show us something important.

The first thing we must do is observe within ourselves what psychological elements push us to think that the company of another person will fill that empty space that we have.

Perhaps it is loneliness, some previous relationship that left us some injury, the example of our parents, each of us must search until we find what elements move us to go down that path.

Of course, by discovering and becoming aware of those deficiencies within us, our panorama will change and thus we can avoid making mistakes and hurting another person.

Certainly, when we end a relationship (which was apparently healthy) we can feel that the world is collapsing on our feet, that there will no longer be someone with those characteristics, but none of that is true.

We human beings, regardless of gender or age, have at any time the natural ability to overcome any type of adversity that life presents to us.

My life simply changed radically when I took on the task of exploring myself internally and with great satisfaction, I found that by feeling full with myself, external circumstances were no longer part of my life.

2.  You must live your life without many requirements

When I generated these internal changes, my situation was totally different. I began to live a life that was meaningful to me. I just broke away from other people’s rules and ideas.

In some cases, this idea may seem far-fetched to the people we live with, but if we really want to be free from the regulations that have manipulated us for a long time, we must take action regardless of what they will say.

Obviously, making this decision leads us to many improvements in our life: both the environment and the people around us, it can be work, social environment will be people aligned with our lives and our ideas.

And the result will be the relationship with the people in whom that other half is undoubtedly found without so much searching.

3.  Look no more for imaginary partners

As a result of the life changes generated in ourselves, we become more attractive, our interior reflects outward values ​​such as Authenticity, Honesty, tranquility, more passion in what we do, and happiness.

Of course, a person with similar values ​​will be attracted seeking to establish a relationship that in the medium or short term will become your ideal partner.

Normally when you are interested in conquering your better half, you only generate external changes that, far from attracting that person, will go unnoticed because that appearance is only superficial.

It is advisable to be yourself, if you dress in a corporate suit, casual or more formal clothing, this should not alter your principles since the external does not determine our way of being or our feelings.

You don’t need to be a big bodybuilder figure, have big biceps, or wear uncomfortable shoes if you don’t like it. Go to the gym only if you like, do yoga if you love it, do some kind of sport for health or because it is your predominant activity.

A good partner, whether physical or imaginary, should never make a decision about his personal life as it will be based on external issues or convenience, so those decisions are solely up to you.

Take advantage and use what fits your personality well, this will make you feel good about yourself and you project that image of positivity to others.

Without a doubt, you will make yourself more attractive to others and consequently, you will have options to choose from.

4.  When someone attracts you because of their qualities, make an effort to develop those qualities in yourself.

For the most part, human beings only let us see our appearance, indeed, as we live in a world of appearances, we enter into competition with others to see who has more to show off. At a certain stage of life, it is inevitable, I do not mean that it is acceptable.

But when the moment of our transformation comes, it is our commitment as responsible citizens, to stop for a moment in our lives and based on an introspective analysis to change the compass of our destiny.

We can assert that the best way to be attractive to our better half is by developing those internal qualities. This does not bring more distractions to your daily activities.

We have already talked about how to become sensitive to these virtues and even in our daily lives, we observe them when we communicate or live with other human beings.

We must accept and we must be aware that within us there are those psychological elements that are not pleasant to others even if we think that if it is something correct.

By observing our thoughts, feelings, and actions, we inevitably obtain sufficient material for our transformation.

This transformation process definitely does not happen overnight, it depends on the determination of each one of us.

One thing that is very true is that through this process as long as you have not come face to face with these undesirable psychological elements, you will continue to feel the attraction for people or places that will soon be buried in your past life.

Here something that we know as “union patterns” intervenes, these have the particularity that the person is attracted to that environment.

He justifies it with apparently valid arguments, such as a job, a family member, a dive (to distract himself and not feel alone), a past relationship that has already expired, remembers that the sayings are not wrong “it is worth it alone than in bad company” …

For example, a man who is very responsible in his daily life becomes an exemplary husband and father.

The woman becomes a nurturing couple with high ethical principles and the children that are being formed in that marriage will be, without fear of making mistakes, companions, friends, spouses, and exemplary citizens.

In a marriage when one of the two fails (husband or wife), if it was the husband who did not meet expectations then it will depend on the wife, and if the wife has been the one who did not give credit to that transformation, it would be the opposite.

So these bonding patterns turn negative and that relationship doesn’t end well.

These union patterns become relevant when in a marriage there is harmony and the attitude of transcending aspects of life that only bring misfortune in a relationship.

Today that we are blessed to learn of this possibility as a real thing, we must be grateful and discuss the option before it is too late.

The patterns of union are the natural way in which human beings receive Love and other virtues that provide us with tranquility, understanding, and Happiness.

It is common for there to be unconscious people who are not interested in such a change, but surely there will be many more people who are willing to take risks and in that case, I guarantee a favorable change.

Reaffirming the previous point, we want it to be very clear that when you feel attracted or attracted to someone and you discover that this is due to what you have generated within yourself, we cannot deny that said internal transformation is giving results.

When a relationship already exists and you discover for yourself that the true flavor of change lies in this internal transformation, if you accompany each other on this path, the result will undoubtedly be a much richer relationship.

5.  We must humbly accept the gifts that life offers us

If we want to take advantage of the opportunities that life offers us, we must remain vigilant and with a positive attitude.

We know of cases where two people meet and establish a relationship even when conditions were not optimal.

This is, for example, a person is invited to a meeting, said person does not feel like going, finally accepts and that is where he meets his better half, so the gifts that life offers us are sometimes hidden within the minimum details.

In this way a person tells us his experience:

“I was tempted to decline the invitation to that party because I did not know the person who would introduce me, it was also a Sunday night, so I had a job the next day.

But I had no compelling reason not to accompany those friends and I had promised myself that I would accept the gifts that life offered me, such as saying yes to invitations that seemed to come from nowhere. And this was one of those.

When I got to that party, there he was: my future husband, with whom I have had three children and twenty-five years of a wonderful life together.

Now … I ask myself this question: when I attended the meeting, did I do it with the intention of finding my better half?

Of course not. For me it was a pleasant surprise to be able to live that night with a person like him, I am more than sure that if I had gone with the intention of finding the partner of my life there, I would have returned home alone with exhaustion.

One of the most common mistakes that human beings make in this sense is to observe a person as examining them for a job with a life contract.

In this case, the organic flow changes, and also the natural connection events are transformed into negative energy, of course, it is also unpleasant when they observe us in that way.

Something so simple to avoid observing and evaluating people in this way is to stop looking for a long-term partner and connect naturally with people who have common interests, whether in a work environment, business, friends, or family. enjoy it naturally.

6.  If you find someone, do not push, do not despair, let the relationship develop

If you meet someone and when you interact with the person you notice that the relationship may have other types of favorable characteristics for a more serious connection, you have to cultivate that relationship.

And allow it to develop alone to the point where it is convenient to state your intentions more clearly, of course, you have to take into account the point of view of the person in question.

Let’s take into account that a long-term relationship is something serious, therefore it is not advisable to use seductive techniques, games, or some subtle type of harassment that, without a doubt, would be counterproductive and would definitely damage the connection.

Inevitably we must ask ourselves the following questions:

a) Would you like to connect with a person who thinks and feels the same as you?

b) Would you feel comfortable living with a person that you constantly have to manipulate to get what you expected from the beginning?

c) Do you expect your partner to love you wholeheartedly?

d) If you had children, what kind of example would you like to give them in their training?

Each relationship has its particular characteristics, just as each person is unique also the relationships between human beings and even more so for the people who form a couple.

There is no inflexible rule that is fulfilled in all couples, both people have to contribute to the good development and harmony of the relationship.

In daily life, situations arise in which decisions have to be made and the better connection there is between these two people, the better the results will be.

The best we can do is live life in its fullness, understand that as human beings we have faults, learn from each circumstance to improve, accept ourselves as we are, love ourselves without judgments that make us feel bad, love and you will be loved. fullness.

7.  Be yourself and the rest will come in addition

Do not try to pretend to be who you are not, there is no point buying expensive clothes, using vocabulary that you are not comfortable with, do everything you like.

Do not allow your hobbies to become just memories, if you do the activities that you like you will find a partner related to your tastes and interests, in this way their love will be for life, only true love could survive the tests of the lifetime.

Follow these simple tips and you will find the love of your life faster than you expected.