The 3 most important truths to find a life partner

“You will find the love of your life when you stop looking for him”

Surely you have heard it more than once, however, think just for a moment, how can you find something if you are not looking for it? How can you find your keys if you don’t even try to look for them?

How do you find the love of your life if you are not interested in running into him/her?

I am not suggesting that from now on you will spend the rest of your days in a tireless search to find the partner of your life, what I am saying is that you must be on the lookout, so as not to make the mistake of running into the person head-on indicated and let it go by not having noticed.

To find the partner of your life you must be aware of these 3 truths:

1.  Find your best friend

You must be willing (or) to be part of a great relationship, true love begins with a true friendship and in this way, no one can accuse you of flirting with other people, you can always excuse yourself that “you are looking for your best friend (a) ”.

The best friends are those brothers that we choose in the course of life, friends are capable of teaching us life lessons that no one else can teach us.

If you find your best friend, you will have clear those characteristics of a person that make you happy, with a best friend is the best way to discover what you want in a relationship and what you don’t.

With a friend you can have arguments without feeling too pressured to apologize or fix the misunderstanding, a best friend is someone very important in your life, but if it is love you can do certain experiments with that person and vice versa, without feeling too guilty.

When you find your best, you usually spend too much time with that person, you learn to relate and maintain a healthy coexistence.

If you are lucky you can end up falling in love with that person, remember that always in a friendship of opposite genders at least one of the two always ends up falling in love with the other, in the most perfect situations both fall in love and build a future together.

2.  Your partner must be your best friend

Before getting entangled in a relationship that lasts a lifetime, you should know that a couple has a kind of company in which there are only 2 majority partners, with equal percentages of rights, the decision of one is as important as that of the other.

Resources must be invested in a company to make it grow, in this case, the resources to invest are time, patience, love, and dedication.

If you want your partner to be for life, you must always respect these principles of society.

As we said at the beginning, it is very unlikely that you will find something that you are not looking for, so you should keep in mind what you want to find before you start looking.

If we talk about society, you should know that your partner must be someone who challenges your own limits, someone who fully trusts you, someone, who takes you out of your comfort zone and shows you new horizons.

In a society the common good is always sought, since the desire of the shareholders is for the company to grow and be successful throughout life, make sure you find a person who has the same interests to grow the company with you.

Your partner should be someone who makes your life easier, someone who keeps you focused on your dreams and goals, a person who contributes to your conformism or worse yet discourages you from pursuing your dreams.

Someone who does not support you in your projects or illusions is someone who is not worth it, it is the type of person that you should keep away from your life, without a doubt this is the type of partner that does not suit you, it is important that you also have clear what you do not want in a partner.

3.  Find a mutual values

We are all different and that is exactly what makes our life so exciting, but when choosing a person you must choose someone who has a certain similarity with your values, your style, and philosophy of life.

You cannot expect to share an entire life with a person traveling in the high-speed lane when you are an introvert, who loves meditation and is happy without leaving home for the entire weekend.

It is logical that your partner and you will have certain fights if he loves extreme sports, they are of completely different religions and even their ideas of life are different, it would be practically impossible to make life next to a person who is completely opposite to you.

It is not about finding an exact replica of your personality, it is about finding similar tastes, where you can share the harsh reality of day to day, when the infatuation phase ends in your relationship there will be nothing left but the coexistence of daily life.

For a relationship to be so strong and to last for a lifetime, it must pass compatibility tests, being compatible does not mean being the same, it means that both are able to tolerate the defects of the other.

There are flaws that can be completely intolerable to you, so make sure you are clear about what you want in the other person to find the right one.

If you and your partner are too similar, it is not good for the relationship either, boredom is a reality in couples.

It is possible to find someone who shares a reality with you and at the same time perceives certain things differently, so both of you will open your mind and know new limits, remember that a change and sharing new adventures is always healthy for the relationship.

To find a partner for life, you only need to keep in mind the three previous truths, know yourself and be alert so that when true love knocks on your door you are ready to recognize it.

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