9 ways every woman should treat her man

Over the last few years, we have focused our efforts on making clear how we want to be treated, what we like, and what we hate.

If you search the web, you will find endless articles, tips, and strategies on how to treat a woman and how to make her happy, but we have forgotten the importance of treating our partner properly.

It’s not really that we don’t care how they feel, but that many women think that men are not the emotional type, that they are as hard as a rock, and that having them happy in bed is enough.

However, there is no less successful idea than this, men can be the same or even more sentimental than any woman and the most important thing for them is not only physical intercourse, otherwise, there would not be a single girl from nightclubs.

The fact that you are reading this article brings you half the way to keep your boy in love since you show how important your boy is to you, the other half you will achieve by putting into practice the following tips:

1.  Show him how important he is to you

Let him know how much you love him, show him that he is your priority. Any man likes to feel valued by his girl.

This does not imply that you will leave your hobbies for him, however, show him that you are willing to combine your favorite activities with his.

2.  Let him know that he can count on you

Your partner should know that you fully trust his ability to meet any challenge that is put in front of him.

One of the reasons why men prefer dating relationships to one without commitments is precisely the fact that they feel supported.

Although they feel that they can against the whole world, we must admit that it is not fun to fight a war where only you fight, it has much more flavor if we share it with another person.

For this reason, you must show your boy that he can count on you for any plan, that you are with him through thick and thin.

3.  Appreciate what he does for you

Many times we take for granted that your boy must behave in this or that way, that he must be chivalrous, cute, attentive, kind, affectionate and we forget to recognize each of his details.

This results in at least two events:

First:  your boy eventually stops behaving in that way because he thinks that it does not matter to you if he is attentive or not since from his point of view you never noticed it.

Second: he feels bad for not being recognized, nor because you appreciate everything he does for you.

When you recognize a skill, gift, or attitude worthy of praise in a person and you constantly try to praise it, that person strives to continue with those actions, it is a kind of reward that everyone likes.

4.  Respect him

A man has to feel respected in order to love his partner. Respecting your boy implies accepting that he has different points of view from yours and that although you do not agree on many of them, you cannot change them.

You have to accept your man as he is, when you decided to be with him, you fell in love with his way of being and not because you saw the opportunity to change or manipulate that person.

5.  Pamper him 

You don’t have to be an expert in culinary art, just learn to cook his favorite dish and prepare it from time to time for no apparent reason, you can surprise him with a surprise dinner or as a main dish when he returns home from work.

Men’s love enters through the stomach, so after here you have to go to a YouTube channel or your mother’s house to perfect your recipes.

6.  Treat him with love

Remember that no matter how strong and tough your boy seems, under that layer, there is a human being just like us with the same capabilities, insecurities, and need for love.

Take your boy by surprise with unexpected kisses, hugs, and caresses, talk to him with love, do not be afraid to show everything you feel for him, men love that loving part of women.

7.  Be spontaneous

Break the rules, put aside the routine, remember that men by nature have an adventurous instinct.

Try and invite him to do new things every day, suggest that they go on a trip for a weekend.

Leave your fears behind and let yourself go on the zip line, get on a jet ski, or any extreme and different activity, you will see that they will have a lot of fun and this will favor their relationship.

8. Trust him

If your guy hasn’t given you any reason to doubt him, then you should fully trust him.

Forget the reproaches, endless questions and if some gossip comes to your hatred you should talk to him without having an opinion prior to hearing his version, remember “innocent until proven otherwise.”

Confidence goes hand in hand with giving him his own space, if your boy tells you that he is going to meet his friends, let him go and you are not calling him every 5 minutes to know “if he is okay” or rather what he is doing at that moment.

9.  Be his #1 fan

Men love compliments, remind him how handsome you look, how smart and strong he is, choose aspects that match his physique and personality.

Do not say nice things to him just to make him feel good, they have to be aspects that you really admire and above all that he has.

You cannot tell him that you admire his muscles if his complexion is very thin, far from feeling praised, the effect would be totally opposite.

In short, to treat a man well it is enough that you know him, find out his tastes, hobbies and pay special attention to the things he does not like. Love is as easy or as difficult as you want to see it, the question is wanting.