How to pretend to ignore a man to pursue you

Ignoring a man is the most effective method to make a man fall in love with you, men are extremely competitive and the more they are denied something or a person the more they want to have it.

You must ignore him in a subtle way so that he does not give up the war with you, using this technique is very effective if you know how to apply it correctly, in this article you will learn how to do it with practical tips.

Making a man look for you with this strategy is delicate and you must find the right measure, you must not seem too disinterested or madly in love with him, you must find a balance point.

Physical appearance is important, however, there are more important things, a man can have a supermodel in front of him but if she begs him and goes out of his way for him, she will not represent any challenge for him and will end up being just one more.

1. Wait for him to start the conversation

I understand that you are completely lost for him, that you are dying to tell him what you did the previous afternoon, talk to him about your hobbies or just greet him with the hope that he continues with the conversation.

However this is not the best option, you should wait for him to greet you first.

2. Flirt with other people

At this stage it is not yet time to give it exclusivity, if you are in a meeting of friends dance, laugh and talk with other friends, let them see that there are other boys who like you, that they do not have the easy way with you, this will alert them and it will cause him to increase his interest in you.

3. Show that you are an independent woman

The typical women who tend to change their plans for the boy they like, who change their habits or hobbies are the type of girls that men do not take seriously for a long time.

You must show her that you are an independent woman, that you have goals, projects, and plans that are your priority, you must let her see that you are always busy and thus she will value the time she spends with you and will strive to find activities that are of interest to you to convince you of go out with him.

Cause him to adapt to your schedule, if he asks you out at that time, you can always tell him that you already had plans for that afternoon, but that you can go out with him the next day at night if that’s okay.

Do not be too worried about denying him a date, he will ask you out again or accept your new deadline.

4. Give him space

If you meet one afternoon and he cancels because they moved his football game just for that day or it is a friend’s birthday and he had forgotten, do not let that bother you much less reproach him.

Just show him that it doesn’t really matter much to you and that you can quickly figure out how to replace that outing for fun that afternoon.┬áThis will give him the perception that he is not essential for you and will seek to draw your attention more.

5. Make him feel jealous

An effective way to ignore the person you like is by paying attention to other people besides him.

Arousing jealousy in a man is quite simple so you should be careful since you only want to make him a little jealous but not push him away.

To achieve this you can: discreetly flirt with other boys, laugh at another boy’s jokes, go to a bar with your friends, he will know that the chances of a man trying to flirt with you are high and this will drive his mind crazy.

Having a best friend Men always ensures that your best friend wants to sleep with you and even if it is not like that we can always take advantage of the situation.

6. Let him know that you do not want a relationship that is too serious

Men par excellence fear commitment, so you must make it clear that at the moment you are not interested in a relationship that means a lot of commitment to you.

That perhaps you dream of getting married one day but that it is not in your immediate plans, that you appreciate your freedom too much and are not willing to lose it for anyone.

Even being a little more explicit, you could tell him that you don’t like children too much and that you don’t think about children, for each of your comments translates into the perfect woman he has always looked for.

7. Take your time to answer any request

If the boy you like invites you to have a coffee, to the movies, or simply says he wants to go for a walk.

One option is to tell him that at that moment you are not sure you can go with him but to call you in the afternoon to confirm, this will cause his interest in you to increase and that he will have to make a greater effort to win an appointment with you.

8. Wait a few minutes to respond

To get a boy to look for you, you must cause him to want to be with you more and more, when he sends you a message or makes a call, wait at least for the second call to answer him and his messages do not read them immediately.

In this way, you will give the impression of being a very busy girl and when he finally manages to get in touch with you, take it as a privilege to listen to you.

Ignoring your boy a little is always healthy for the relationship, men feel overwhelmed if you are always on them, you must give them their space and not pay special attention to them.

Men are hunters and they enjoy the process of courtship and seduction if you deprive them of it by showing excessive interest in them you will take away all the magic and they will lose interest.

If you prove to be an independent woman, sure of yourself, and with a great life, he will want to be part of it and will not stop looking for you until he conquers you.

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