10 signs to know if a friend likes you

Knowing how to interpret the hidden signals that friends send us is undoubtedly a skill that will make our lives easier. You can have many friends who like you and without realizing it you have missed many opportunities since you send them forever to the horrible “ Friend zone ”.

This list will be of great help to you to solve 2 possible scenarios:

On one side is your friend, whom you consider almost your brother who has been in love with you for years

And … on the other hand, your friend, that handsome boy that you like and you interpret any gesture as that he is in love with you and does not dare to confess it, it does not matter if I just pick up your math book from the floor, you think that he loves you madly.

These signs will help you discover who really likes you.

1.- He wants to spend a lot of time with you

It is normal for friends to spend a lot of time together, especially if they have a common activity such as work, school or attend the same club.

But it becomes unusual when your friend pretends to spend more time with you than usual, asking you to do things outside of the usual hours they are frequented.

2.- He is capable of doing any favor you ask of him

True friends are those people who are unconditional with each other, however there are times when it is not within your power to support a friend and even if you feel sorry, you are forced to refuse.

However, that friend who likes you is always willing to do whatever you ask of him, regardless of whether he has a commitment. And you know that I would not do it for another person, you know that this friend never denies you anything and that is why he is the first person you go to.

3.- Change their plans for you

He is willing to pick you up at the house of a friend of yours at midnight even though it is an hour away from his house or get up at 4 in the morning to take you to the airport.

He cares little if he had plans for that day, he is willing to cancel any commitment for you, you do not even need to ask him, he does it by his own choice.

4.- Hate the boys you like

When he discovers that you like a new guy, your friend often investigates him and always has a negative opinion of them.

He doesn’t care how they really are, he always tries to convince you that he is not “the right one” to make up this strange behavior with the excuse that he is only being protective, but you realize that history repeats itself with every boy you like.

5.- He really pays attention to you

If he pays you the same degree of attention regardless of whether you tell him a serious problem, what is your favorite food, your favorite color or if your biggest phobia is rodents. Each of your conversations is equally important to him.

He always remembers what you tell him, places great importance on small details and tries to make you feel special when he shows that he knows what you like and what you don’t.

6.- Share your joys

If he’s the type of guy that every time you achieve one of your goals, he celebrates it as his own.

If he tells his friends about your achievements and for whatever reason he always congratulates you, reminds you how beautiful, funny, intelligent or that you have beautiful eyes, that boy surely dies to be more than just your friend.

7.- He defends you tooth and nail

Guys by nature tend to be protective, even with a friend of the same gender as long as they are weaker from their perspective and need help.

This protection becomes a signal when you notice that it bothers him greatly when someone dares to say something inappropriate about you in his presence, he stands up immediately to show that you have someone to protect you

8.- Flirt with you

A lot of guys are naturally flirtatious, even with girls they don’t even like, but if your friend is particularly flirtatious with you or is ALWAYS seducing you (and is only doing it with you), that’s a sign!

If he is always looking for an excuse to caress, hug or show his affection it does not matter how it means he likes you!

If you joke a lot about the connection between you, the things you have in common and that if you can’t find a boyfriend/girlfriend at 30 then you should get married, then you are not joking.

9.- He opens his heart with you

Boys tend to keep their feelings hidden, when they decide to share them they only do so with people they really trust, care for and respect.

If your friend shares his feelings with you, it does not mean that he likes you just for this fact, but if on several occasions they have talked about very profound things about him, you have seen him cry on more than one occasion, he asks you for advice and tells you that you needs, obviously wants you to be more than his friend.

10.- He always finds something wrong with other girls

He may flirt with other girls. He even dated them without having anything serious, but always for some reason those girls don’t convince him. Pay attention to the way he talks about them and you will notice if he is really interested in them, or maybe he is waiting for you.

These 10 signs are clear to know if a friend likes you, he may not be 10, but if he has more than 7 of these, he surely wants something more than a simple friendship with you.

Observe the way he looks at you and always cares about you, many guys are too shy to confess their love to you, that is why you should have this list at hand and discover what he really feels about you.