10 things a woman can do to be more attractive to a man

Being attractive in the eyes of the opposite gender is a theme that has crossed the mind of any woman at least once in her life since it is not exactly the type of abilities that our genetic map includes. It is a talent that grows stronger little by little with each experience throughout our lives.

For many, perfecting this skill could take us almost half our lives, which is why I want to share with you 10 simple things that will make you more attractive and will undoubtedly reduce learning time.

1.-  Stay in shape

Stereotypes of the “perfect female body” have undergone major changes over the years and by this I don’t mean that you have to pursue each one of them.

You have to find a balance in your body in which you feel comfortable, without starving yourself or completely depriving yourself of the delights of life or taking your existence to the brink of sedentary lifestyle with a diet saturated with carbohydrates and fats.

Men like girls who overflow with self-confidence, accept themselves and like their bodies. It is important to respect the diet and do a little exercise. Taking care of ourselves never hurts.

2.-  Maintain good taste with your body

CAREFUL! Out-of-control piercings, tattoos all over the place, and rainbow hair are not the kinds of things that drive men crazy. An attractive woman maintains good taste with her body and respects it.

3.- Free economically

There is nothing more attractive than an independent woman, when men notice that you can continue to lead your lifestyle exactly the same with them or without them, it changes the way they see you.

When this happens it is evident that being with someone is because you like them, not because you need them and that in a way it does not affect you if their relationship does not work, which drives men crazy.

Now, if your income is higher than his for nothing in the world you think of blaming it in his face every time, since this would have an inverse effect and would cause your boy to enter into an “aggressive” competition with you or feel overshadowed by you, neither case is recommended.

4.- Female above all

No man expects you to behave like his best friend, there is nothing less attractive than seeing a girl “burp” shamelessly, saying nonsense all the time for no reason, dressing worse than her grandmother or walking like a boy.

It’s okay if you’re cold and ask for his coat, if the shoes have already tired you and ask him to take a taxi, you’re a girl and it’s okay to take advantage of that.

Use a rich perfume, clothes appropriate to your age and that allow you to see one or another physical attractiveness, it is important to leave a lot to the imagination and do not forget the lipstick of your choice.

5.-  Be smart

There is a typical saying “beauty and intelligence do not get along”. Have you heard it?

Much has to do with the responses that beauty queens make in the contest finals. But you and I know very well that there is no more false statement. One thing has nothing to do with another. Don’t be afraid to show your intelligence, knowledge or skills, being smart is very attractive.

6.-  Being single

Being single and childless definitely makes you more attractive, as many men are scared to raise another man’s child or think they take on an instant obligation when starting a relationship.

I’m not saying that if you already have a child all is lost, you have the other points on this list to be more attractive.

7.-  You must be willing to cook 2 or 3 times a week

The world of work, housework and the busy life that we lead has led us to cook from time to time, or simply not to cook and buy everything outside. The problem arises when it becomes a habit and we stop “spoiling” our partner.

Surely you have heard “man is conquered by the stomach”. Cook him something delicious, his favorite dish or call him from time to time to ask him what he would like for dinner.

8.-  Drop the phone

No matter if you are in a nice restaurant, if your food looks delicious or if the landscape is wonderful. Of course you are dying to share it on FB, TW or in your WhatsApp status, you can take a quick photo to capture that beautiful moment, but please keep your cell phone.

If he asked you out, it’s because he wants to be with you. There is nothing more boring than being ignored because your partner won’t drop the phone.

Suggest that you both turn off the phone for the next 30 min or leave the phone on the table without looking or touching it (unless it is an emergency). Sharing a photo can always wait.

9.-  Take care of your vocabulary

If you want to be treated like a lady, you must behave like one.

It’s okay to curse if your car was stolen or if your boss is a tyrant and you can’t stand it, but if you dropped a pen or it started to rain it’s clear that you shouldn’t start an endless list of nonsense for things that aren’t worth it. Men want women, not bricklayers.

10.-  Stay alert with the guys around you

It is very common that when you have a fight with your boyfriend / partner a friend comes to console you and tries to convince you that your boyfriend does not deserve you or that he is not good for you.

It may or may not be true that your boyfriend does not deserve you, but this is something you should say alone without influence of any kind and do not get carried away at the moment

Some guy who calls himself “your friend” may try to take advantage of the situation and end up telling you that “they have always been in love with you” and that he wants something with you. You have to be alert!

In conclusion

An attractive woman is always respected and is very intelligent, do not get carried away by those moments, which although they are not pleasant, must maintain sanity.

You can follow this list to the letter, but if you do not have confidence in yourself nothing will work, take into account that for someone else to love you you must first love yourself and that to be attractive to other people you must first like yourself. yourself.