Why does a man speak ill of a woman?

Have you heard lately that a man speaks ill of you and you don’t understand why he does it? Here we bring you an article where we explain why a man speaks badly of a woman.

In addition, we will advise you on what to do if you find yourself in a situation that a man is speaking ill of you.

For what reason does a man speak ill of a woman?

Although “hallway comments” tend to be more common among women, there are men who like to talk too much and in a bad way. But… it is not for the simple interest of gossiping; most of the time they do it for very different reasons than the girls.

Let’s look at the nine most common reasons why a man speaks ill of a woman:

1. He doesn’t get what he wants from her

It is one of the most frequent causes, insofar as they are used to getting what they want and when they want it, but the moment you refuse, they will start talking badly about you.

He will seek to discredit you in any way. The essential thing is not to get carried away by the comments, not to give in to their pressure, and to clarify the limits.

2. He has an unresolved situation from your past

Many men have suffered from child abuse by women, so when they reach adulthood they try to get revenge by making you feel inferior.

He may not physically abuse you, but the verbal and psychological abuse is such that it makes any woman around him feel bad.

This gender of men seems captivating at first, but the moment they trust you, you will appreciate how he speaks ill of each and every woman in his life. It is a pattern that is really difficult to change since they are traumas from your past that require a lot of therapy.

3. They did not form it at home

Although it seems obvious, it is a more common reason than you think: those who took care of his upbringing never taught him that he should not talk badly about absolutely anyone, so it is a behavior that goes beyond trauma, ego.

He speaks ill of women, men, and anyone who causes discomfort in his life. He does not care to say intimacies nor does he respect to age or the place where he is speaking.

4. Has open childhood wounds

If you had a difficult enough childhood with exaggerated parents — or the absence of a mother figure — you probably speak ill of a woman as a way to release your emotions and, in unison, shelter yourself from the outer planet.

If you want to assist a man with this kind of inconvenience, the main thing is to make him understand that he needs psychological help to heal the wounds and to be able to move forward towards a future full of healthy relationships where there is mutual respect.

5. He is in an unhappy relationship

This especially happens if he only speaks ill of his wife. In addition to this, you probably seek to have extramarital affairs, whether it is only with the pretense of being intimidated or simply someone with whom to vent.

Regardless of whether he is right or wrong, it is essential that you do not let him talk badly to you about any woman. If you have problems with someone in particular, you should seek to solve the confrontations with that person, not with third parties, much less discredit their reputation.

6. He thinks he is doing the “right thing”

It will sound strange, but it is one of the reasons why —both men and women— tend to talk badly about a woman. Although the reasons that drive them are different, the reason is the same: they think that they do good to society by discrediting a woman.

For what reason do you think you are doing the right thing? Since they consider that in this way they warn that he does not have a healthy or adequate behavior. You may not play a good role as a wife, lover, mother, sister, friend, or daughter.

7. Is envious

Yes, as you read it! Men also suffer from envy and one way to express it is by badmouthing a woman who has achieved all the success they wish they had.

It is common when they focus on chatting all the time about the same woman and try to see every detail to criticize him: from his clothes, hair, way of walking or chatting, and even his way of acting in front of other people.

8. He is in love with you

Believe it or not, if a man speaks ill of you and you have found that it is not any of the preceding reasons, it is very possible that he is completely in love with you, he still does not admit his feelings and does not know how to express it.

How to review it? Simple: apart from chatting badly about you, he plays nasty tricks on you, treats you badly in front of the rest, and, when they are alone, treats you well or the other way around.

How can you make yourself respected if a man speaks ill of you? 

The first thing is to stay calm. There is no worse way to attack this situation than through fighting, shouting, defamation, humiliating, derogatory, or rude words.

Depending on the relationship you have with that man, there are multiple ways to act:

1. If it is your partner

Ask him why he talks about you in this way with other people or even with you. Tell him that it is not the way or the way to solve things and that he must change his behavior.

If he is truly committed and seeks the necessary help to move, he is a man who is worth it; but if he gets angry or worsens the situation, it is time for you to think about ending the relationship.

There are many cases that go from verbal violence to physical violence. We know that it is a very difficult situation and more so if there are children in the way, but you must keep in mind that your calm, peace of mind, and happiness are worth more than any relationship.

2. If it is a friend or a co-worker

The first thing is to distance yourself from the situation so as not to get wrapped up in the emotions of the moment and make a mistake. So, cut off the relationship with that person. If you can’t completely stop talking to him, try to be just the right thing.

In the event that his words affect you in any way (they bring you inconvenience at work, with your family, other friends, or your partner), you must approach it calmly, affirmatively, and with the goal in mind of discovering what it is. the cause of why he speaks ill of you.

Once the cause is found, try to solve it: if it is due to the fact that he does not get what he wants from you, clarify that the relationship between has limits that should not be broken; If they are physical or sensitive issues, suggest that she find a therapist.

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