Why does a man with a girlfriend look for another woman?

It is common to hear that there are seven and a half women for every man, but apparently, they took it very seriously. For what reason does a man with a girlfriend look for another woman? Maybe it’s going to be something in your genes or your nature?

If you have this doubt, review with me everything that theoretically happens with your romantic relationships.

For what reason does a man with a girlfriend look for another woman? 

If science doesn’t give you an explanation, we can go to the biological level; yes, to your body. Very often it is not a choice for them to be attracted to other women, it is simply their instinct.

Just as in the animal kingdom the largest wants to eat the smallest, man reacts to external stimuli (in such a case, women) in a way that years of evolution have taught him.

But not everything is their fault. Very often the different media objectifies women. Every day they are bombarded by women with statuesque bodies that sell anything from perfume to a sports car.

Why does a man with a girlfriend notice another woman?

For a man the sensible may not represent the most important thing; conversely, physical attraction occupies a larger place in your brain.

On the one hand, he may be absolutely fond of his girlfriend, but it doesn’t inhibit him from feeling physically attracted to other women. Understand, girls, react to visual stimuli in a very different way than we do.

They are capable of being physically attracted to a woman without needing to estimate spending their entire lives by her side. They don’t believe much in princess tales.

But … what makes them act that way? Science has tried to explain it. Indeed, research in 2013 found that men and women are attracted to their potential partners in very different ways.

For example, for a woman the chivalry they see in a man is more essential, it also happens that they are attracted to boys similar to the one they have.

Men, on the other hand, are more attracted to the new, something that represents emotion and risk. Any gender of woman is targeted for attraction.

A man with a girlfriend can fall in love with another

Now it seems normal for a man to devote his glances to another woman, beyond leaving his current relationship there are a number of things that can happen.

In every relationship there is a connection, there are limits and things that can or cannot be done.

Spending a quick look at a sensual chick who walks by is one thing, beyond that, staying like a zombie for a long time already becomes embarrassing and even offensive.

If a man is mature and takes the relationship he is in for real, he will not let a mere woman passing by be the reason for a breakdown.

By natural instinct, she will give you a quick look and will also immediately return with the one who is the love of her life.

But, since not everything is perfect, it can happen that you are with a completely immature boy and that, instead of just one look, he starts flirting, saying compliments, absolutely losing control. Let’s affirm that there is a possibility that he will fall in love with another.

Why do men with girlfriends seek lovers?

One of the main reasons is that mistresses offer better style in bed. A lover has no limits when it comes to trying new things. He breaks with the routine and lets himself do different things with a different person.

In certain cases, men seek lovers when they feel they lack attention or affection. As a general rule, lovers are attentive, super affectionate, and honeyed.

Also, the natural factor comes into play. For a man, it is inescapable not to be attracted to the forbidden. Dangerous relationships are more exciting.

There is a possibility that the lover they seek is younger and more groomed. If we have learned something from television novels, it is that lovers are surprising and with perfect bodies.

Brides are always and at all times more difficult. Regardless of the way they feel, lovers always and in all circumstances try to please without major inconvenience or reproach. They only settle for what they offer them.

He’s going to feel more like a man with multiple women

It is essential to note that having many women increases the super-macho ego of the man.

It is certain that in assemblies with your friends you will want to talk about that blonde you see hidden. The more women he’s able to please, the more he’s going to be seen as the alpha male of the pack.

How does a man with a girlfriend act when he likes another woman?

There are multiple signs that let you discover that a man likes another woman. Sometimes they can become distant and create a barrier where you don’t seem to be included. He is not interested in you or your things.

His attitude also changes. He is no longer exactly the same person as you, stop being detail-oriented and chivalrous. He’s even starting to tell you a lot about another person.

His character changes drastically. He is no longer patient, he argues about everything and always and at all times shows a bad character. It can become a total ogre.

It disappears continuously, you no longer know where it is spent or with whom. Most of the time he will want to be alone and will start to apologize for not seeing you.

The highest risk sign is when things start to go wrong in bed. If the nights are no longer indelible and satisfying, you can ensure that his psyche is focused on another.

The 2 sides of the coin

Now, at this point, 2 things can happen: the first is that a boy with a girlfriend fixes his eye on you; If not, your kid may be interested in someone else.

What to do when a man with a girlfriend is looking for you?

Getting into a loving triangle is tricky and occasionally painful. These relationships lead to breakups or to become a man’s second choice.

If there is a man who really shows interest in you, but already has a girlfriend, you must make sure what his true claims are. It is very simple to appreciate when someone truly loves us.

What if he really loves me, is it me?

If he really likes you, he should review his current romance. It is not the same that you have been with your partner for more than a couple of years in a relationship that is just beginning.

Maybe the love between them isn’t really strong. The unpleasant thing is going to be that you are going to have to enter the middle of an existing relationship. Absolutely no one is comfortable being cuckolded. Don’t become the “lover.”

The best resolution is that you discuss with him how he really feels about you. He should be the one who decides if he continues with his girlfriend or if you are the one who really takes away his sleep.

Do not let him start a relationship with you if he does not end with his girlfriend. If you transform into the other, they must be seen hidden, and additionally, you will feel jealous of your other partner.

Why are you looking for me if you have a girlfriend?

Your initimate life may not live up to your hopes. Perhaps you have activated their lowest instincts and want to live their most intimate desires with you.

Sometimes certain guys seek another person, due to the fact that they are going through a crisis in their current relationship. A little crisis is a reason enough to fixate on another chick.

Occasionally, it may happen that the person involved is your best friend and that now that he has a girlfriend he has discovered that he has feelings for you. These relationships are usually difficult since you do not really know how he sees you.

Sometimes it is possible that he sees you like a sensual bombshell and you are the most attractive woman on the planet, only that you arrived after his current girlfriend and now he does not know how to act.

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Am I going to be confusing things?

Do not rule out that everything is a fantasy of yours and you distort the signals that it sends you. Do not think that always and in all circumstances, it is their fault: the psyche sometimes plays a trick on us.

It may also happen that he feels comfortable with you, that his personality feels complimented by yours: he sees in you an interesting and pleasant person.

I think my boyfriend likes someone else

If you have appreciated that your boyfriend is attracted to other people, what should you do? You may wonder: “why didn’t I realize if she was in front of her?”

For what reason did you not appreciate him, if it was evident that he was dating someone else?

A simple glance is not an inconvenience in the first pages of a relationship. It is common to perceive that the first year of a couple is magical and neither of the two achieves defects.

And how could we not want that first year, if everything we do is perfect! Our bodies tell us that we are for each other. How to imagine that she will procure another if I offer her everything she needs!

It is normal to notice other women

It is common for men to notice other women. Besides this, what can be serious about a simple look? Your psyche will not let you meditate badly on it.

Once the magic fence of the first year is broken, many things will change. He no longer feels the same when they are together and his way of acting is strange.

He will activate his instincts and he will feel exactly the same attraction for another woman as he was before he met you. You begin to appreciate how his eyes continually wander towards the statuesque girls passing by.

And you can no longer ignore it: if you were deceived before, you will feel insecure and you will remember old stories of disappointment and disappointment. It is no small feat to forget what hurts you.

Making a relationship exceed these setbacks is a real challenge. You have to make resolutions, establish stronger communication, remember what made the relationship precious in the beginning, and make it last.

In what way to confront your partner, if you discover that he is attracted to another?

Let him know what your feelings are. Let him know that you don’t feel comfortable when he looks so insistently at other women. Don’t make him feel guilty. Address the issue peacefully and smoothly. Be frank with him.

Talk about the extent to which a look is tolerated and that this does not become an inconvenience for you, or make you feel less of a woman or not very attractive. It seems silly, but you can discuss the time and the way he looks at other women.

He should give you your place and make you feel wanted and wanted. Having details with you that make you feel that, although he sometimes looks at other girls, you are the center of his cosmos and he loves you enormously.

You must accept that man has needs, we already talked about it, they are natural and biological instincts. Let’s be frank, today there are super beautiful women: how to fight against the current?

Mentally establish that this is normal, you just have to be attentive to the signs. Let it be just one look, not two; although ninety percent of the time it is only a quick glance and that’s it.

Love and its doubts

One of the most exciting things on the planet is achieving your better half. However, always and in all circumstances, you will ask yourself: why does a man with a girlfriend look for another woman?

It is essential to define which side we are on: if we are the girl chased by a man with a girlfriend or if we are the one who believes that our horns are huge.

Sometimes it is customary to misrepresent men. We think they are machines without feelings. Many of them are sensitive, they need love and sentimental attachment from their partner.

Don’t be hard on yourself if you find that your man is watching someone else. Don’t instantly define what is going to move you. Know that he loves you, wants a life with you and is attracted to you in considerably more ways.