Why is my ex looking for me if he they me? You’ll be surprised

Days go by, you admit little by little the breakdown of your relationship and when you are beginning to overcome it, your ex appears! So, you ask yourself: “why is my ex looking for me if they left me?”

Mixed feelings are reborn in you: doubts invade you and you lose the ability to decipher their truth claims.

Calm down! Today we are going to explain what really happens.

Why is my ex looking for me if he left me?

As humans that we are, we seek love and understanding in relationships. We have that dream that they sowed us in movies and novels, of having an authentic and unique love forever.

But circumstances lead us to affectionate setbacks and painful breaks that destroy our hearts.

And it’s much worse when your ex knocks on the doors of your life again. With hatred or hope, you ask yourself: “for what reason did he return again?” “Do you still love me?” “is he sorry?

If your ex is looking for you, you did something right

It’s true: you loved him and you also did everything possible to please him.

He felt accompanied, understood, loved in a zone of comfort and shelter, he misses the words you affirmed to him, and, surely, he has not succeeded in making absolutely anyone feel like that. But this does not mean that I still love you.

Perhaps when he achieves a new love and feels the emotions of romance again, he will forget about you, since he is not looking for a partner, but rather a personal and often egotistical feeling. So stop asking yourself the silly question: “Why is my ex looking for me if he left me?”

My ex-boyfriend looks for me, but he doesn’t want to come back

When your ex comes back to procure you, but he does not want responsibilities with you or anything serious or official, perhaps he does it out of friendship. Remember how confident you are. Sometimes ex-partners return to have a “good time,” as they claim.

Even if your ex only wants to be your friend, it is best that you evaluate yourself and honestly answer yourself if this is a door that you want to reopen, due to the fact that from friendship to romance there is only one step, and these probabilities they increase in number when there was a previous fire.

Take care of your self-esteem and make time for yourself. Life is one and is full of many things to discover. There are many beautiful people out there who can be your friends, without needing to fall into the clutches of an ex-.

Signs your ex still loves you

If your ex is free for you when you need it, takes into account your beliefs, listens to you, treats you well in front of his friends and family, proves what he affirms you with facts, and does things just to make you happy, then it is possible that his heart still beats for you.

But if he does not show you that he really values ​​you for who you are and not with what he can get out of you, it is better to sharpen your instincts in order to determine if he is looking for you out of a frank interest or for something else.

Why is my ex-boyfriend looking for me?

We always and at all times seek security in the arms of those people who were unique in our lives. Hence it looks for you.

Perhaps he still has not been able to forget you, he looks for the romance or the love that he still cannot achieve in anyone.

Why is your ex looking for you – if he has a girlfriend?

If infidelity is like a walk for your ex-, run away from it. His narcissism will not let him value anyone who meets him. He does not love his current partner, much less you.

Remember the tears you shed for that person who decided to abandon you and who comes back to you telling you that they have a partner, but you don’t know how to react to this.

For this kind of ex-, the best thing is to totally disappear: no messages or calls. Block it from social media!

Despite your contrary feelings towards your ex-partner, you must first love yourself and try your well-being before continuing to give your heart to whoever hurt him once. If you let it, it will do considerably more.

Why is your ex looking for you after years?

Sometimes they ex- turn them like this, either because they are facing a rather difficult personal situation or because they have ended up in a relationship.

Perhaps your ex is feeling lonely, looking for a place on his planet where he feels accompanied again.

Be careful! He just wants to feel better about himself. A dose of your affection would be ideal to satisfy his ego and do not be surprised that then he leaves or confesses that he has a new love.

Why is my ex looking for me after so long?

The hope of returning with your ex- can make you think that he is sorry or looking to reinforce a relationship with you, but I am sorry to disappoint you by the fact that it is not this way.

Get rid of the wrong idea that you are not enough for your ex-partner, due to the fact that the truth is that these kinds of ex- are the worst and not each and every one of the people on the planet will be enough to satisfy them.

They only try to occupy with people what they themselves have not been able to solve in their psyches and feelings.

Why does my ex keep looking for me after years?

The crises of maturity lead us to examine and think about the relationships that we had and left behind over the years, not only in adolescence but rather in adulthood, finding sweet and bitter memories.

This leads to trying to reiterate feelings of affection and trust, even when they have already been through multiple relationships after ours.

Sometimes ex-partners appear trying to demand a territory that they feel belongs to them, they continue to feel like owners of some part of us, of our attention, and of our time.

They assure that with their tenderness and empathy they will elevate you to the clouds, but be careful! These relationships can become never-ending cycles in your loving life, getting you stuck in each and every area of ​​your life, especially your self-esteem and self-worth.

Avoid getting into a rebound relationship

A mature person is clear about his plans and goals. He does not look for his exes. Conversely, consider that each of them began to trace a different path when they separated and that his / her ex- seeks a life project without him/her.

So if he returns now, you can be clear that this person does not know what he wants and that those who affirm one thing and do another tend to break promises. They are not the most ideal for you to entrust your topics to them.

When your relationship did not work out, although you have done a thousand things to save it, you must understand that maybe I was not the person for you and coldly examine when you still ask yourself questions like: “why is my ex looking for me if he left me?”

Channel into your psyche each and every one of the positive and negative possibilities that this event carries with it.

Be realistic, go on with your life

Here we must put the emotions next, meditate that your peace is worth more than the torment of an insecure ex who comes and goes.

Never forget that, as painful as the wounds of a loving breakup may be, over time they become valuable lessons.