I feel lonely: 20 secrets to overcome loneliness

Did you know that in Korea there are people who pay to see the recording of other people having dinner?

It is paradoxical, if we consider that technology has never brought us so close to each other, and that cities have never been so big or so full of people.

In accordance with research published in the Official Psychology Brochure in 2013, the non-virtual social network of friends and colleagues of the average adult has been degenerating for the last 3 decades.

Feeling lonely, however, is not always and in all circumstances a direct cause of being physically alone. One can feel very lonely in the middle of a crowd.

The feeling of loneliness, really, is more dangerous than it is real isolation due to the fact that it increases the risk of mortality for people, according to multiple studies.

Having a sense of belonging and feeling connected to a network of people who matter to us and who care about us is necessary in order to be healthy on a sensitive level.

If you feel lonely and do not know what to do in this regard, here we show you twenty-five very effective strategies that can help you feel integrated with society again, and a part of other people.

1.- Get closer to others

Familiarity nurtures attraction. Research published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that strangers of the same gender tend to feel an increased affinity for each other after every talk they have.

The same goes for virtual conversations in chats. Don’t hesitate to reach out to talk to people, even if you feel strange or don’t like them at first.

If he teaches you genuinely interested or curious about the rest, these will tend to be reciprocal.

2.- Go out on a date with you

One of the main drawbacks with group dates and outings is that people have to settle down to decide where to go, what movie to watch, or where to dine.

Well, if you go out on a date with you, each and every resolution is yours. In addition to this, you will probably meet some other lonely person looking for company.

3.- Understand the difference between loneliness and isolation

Loneliness is an emotion that practically always and at all times is triggered from a sad memory.

Unfortunately, the brain loves to over examine things, hence occasional moments of loneliness can escalate to a conviction that we are totally alone on the planet, and that we are losers and absolutely nobody loves us.

When you feel lonely, rationalize that it is only a momentary emotion, not an immovable reality.

4.- Attend meetings

Did you know that there are pages on the net that organize assemblies for groups with similar interests? There are tons of options for you to sign up and have the chance to meet new people who have similar tastes to yours.

Most of the people who attend these ensembles are open to making more friends, so they are a great way to create new knots.

5.- Go to the movies

Go see a movie on your own, or invite certain friends to join you, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you can get involved with an interesting story that can make your thoughts of loneliness disappear.

It can be of any genre: romantic, science fiction or humor, as long as it is not a drama. Don’t forget to bring candy and popcorn.

6.- Volunteer

Focusing on the needs of other people lets you hold your psyche away from sad thoughts. It is impossible to feel lonely when you are sharing your time with other people who are pursuing a common good.

When you nurture the homeless, or read to the little ones in an orphanage, or learn to dance danzón with the grandmothers of the asylum, you realize that gratitude is a feeling that is directly antagonistic to loneliness.

7.- Adopt a pet

You may feel lonely, but do you know that there are thousands and thousands of animals on the streets or waiting for a home in an asylum? Pets are proven to make people happier and last longer, so consider adopting a furry companion.

Remember that the best way to find a grateful friend for life and to help minimize an inconvenience is to go to the adoption shelter, not to the pet store.

8.- Identify the cause of your loneliness

Thousands of people on the planet google the sentence “what to do if you feel lonely” every day, which is quite worrying, since that is not the question we should be asking ourselves. Rather we should ask ourselves why we feel alone.

Instead of dealing with possible random solutions, you could try to discover what is the cause of your loneliness and try to fight it at its roots. If you were happy with yourself before, what could be causing you to no longer feel whole?

The cause of your loneliness is the most essential clue to find the right solution.

9.- Read fiction

Instead of choosing a self-improvement book so you don’t feel lonely, try an interesting fictional story. This genre is particularly immersive and will make you feel like a part of a fantastic adventure for every new book you open.

Losing yourself to a good story or identifying with a powerful character can build your confidence so that you can become a considerably more outgoing person.

10.- Take a bath

Where do many of the good ideas appear? In the shower! So take a nice, long, relaxing shower or, better yet, a good bath, instead of throwing yourself into self-pity.

11.-Take a bus, a train or an airplane to any place

Believe it or not, a great adventure in real life can begin if you resolve to arrive hopelessly at the airport when your vacation begins. Always and in all circumstances there are flights and tours with cancellations that are really cheap.

Let the magic of not knowing what awaits you surround you for a few days, and do not be afraid to approach to chat with people, most of them are very ready to assist foreigners.

12.- Dance

Sometimes we feel lonely because we are effectively and physically alone. But this is a great opportunity to do things that as a general rule we would not do in the presence of other people.

You know what we mean. Turn on the radio or put on your favorite music, take off your underpants and dance in underwear all over the room. It is really rewarding.

13.- Go for a run

It’s scientifically proven that running, and exercising in general, makes you happier. Even thirty minutes of hiking a day can make you feel much better immediately.

14.- Do a series marathon

Nothing like laying on the couch with a blanket, hot chocolate, and a Netflix account. Choose a story that catches your eye and give yourself permission to watch the entire first season at once, or until the moment the dream wins you over.

15.- Go out for a coffee

Have you noticed how cafes tend to be full of people socializing? You have no reason to be the exception. Go for your favorite latte and carry a good book under your arm. While you are immersed in the story someone might come up to ask you what you read.

This is how many good friendships have started, and even love stories.

16.- Forget about social networks

Sometimes loneliness can be an indirect cause that we spend more time watching virtual social networks than we do in real life. Why don’t you join the challenge of living two days without social networks?

You will realize that there are hundreds and hundreds of real people around you who are more than willing to socialize with you.

17.- make the bed

Surely you wonder how the hell that can help you not feel so lonely, but everything has a scientific explanation.

The order of our environment immediately predisposes us to be in a better mood and to be more productive. Believe it or not, making your bed each and every day is one of the primary habits of happy people.

18.- Look at old photographs

Prepare certain snacks and your favorite flavor of tea and spend an entire afternoon looking at old photographs and letters and letting fond memories come to you.

19.- Practice photography

The planet is a different place when we look at it through the lens of a camera. In truth, if you like to portray singular moments, a camera can be the best friend that always and always accompanies you.

Taking artistic photos of other people is also a great way to get closer to them.

20.- Sign up for a class

You decide if you want to learn yoga, prepare Thai or Russian food or play golf. The point is that you sign up for an activity that you like and let you have a good time, like meeting people with similar interests.