Why does he look for you if he does not want anything with you: 8 ways to read his mixed messages

It is the question of the century, and the first answer that passes through our psyche is that he is an idiot who only wants to play with you, however not always and in all circumstances it is this way. In this article I will reveal one of the biggest male secrets.

Why are you looking for me if you don’t want anything with me? Many men were told of a seduction technique consisting of holding an intrigued woman, changing the level of attention they pay us.

This technique is best known as mixed signals, whose function is to arouse our interest and curiosity. The idea is to produce an intrigue by his behavior, while sometimes he is extremely interested and other times he treats you like any friend, this is the idea.

Despite the fact that many men have not perfected the technique and it is at that moment when he makes you meditate that he does not want anything with you.

I’m sure that now everything begins to make sense for you, since on more than one occasion you will have sent signals to a boy and then try to make you interesting by ignoring him, the same they try to do.

We can take mixed signals as a very pleasant game of seduction, which is considerably more interesting if the two are participants.

Since then, before becoming player # 2, you have to be ten percent sure that you want to participate, while if you want to, it is to start a serious relationship and you are not so patient, this strategy could overwhelm you.

Sometimes mixed signals can be really frustrating if you do not know the active one, despite this, if you can predict the patterns, you will make the game turn in your favor and the doubts will disappear from your psyche.

It is essential to clarify that this is not a cheating game or a kind of gender competition, the goal here is to have fun for a while, flirt and light the spark between.

Once you have understood that he is not looking for you due to the fact that he does not want anything with you, you realize that understanding these signals is very simple, however this flirting is more insecure and also unstable than the normal courtship to which you are used. In this game the rules change.

If you agree to participate, keep the following in mind:

1.  Play

Don’t be overwhelmed, let yourself go and watch the way he tries to captivate you. This first moment is key to start putting the game in your favor.

2.  Focus

Try to keep the psyche clear and don’t take anything for granted. Ask yourself regularly if you are interpreting the signals appropriately, if he actually sends them or if they are only your assumptions as well as you want the feeling to be reciprocated, do not let the emotions cloud your psyche.

On many occasions we misinterpret the verbal and paraverbal messages that society sends us as a general rule, that is, if a girl is friendly and polite with another boy, he may interpret that her only claim is to sleep with him, at the same time we are.

If a boy is attentive and talks to us sweetly, we interpret his behavior as a wish from his part of starting a serious relationship, it is for this reason the relevance of using auxiliary resources to discover if he really likes you, including your intuition.

3.  Challenge their rules

Remember that this is a game of 2, and that the two set and remove rules without consulting the other. So far you have followed their rules and they only flirt when they decide to do so. To add flavor, he changes the role that he had followed so far.

When I flirt with you, ignore it! This will make him try at least a couple of immediate occasions to what you can correspond and in this way little by little take control of the game.

4.  Don’t despair

Try to be patient and understand that this is a game, do not face it trying to get an answer specifically about his true claims with you, by forcing an answer on this topic you will end up losing any possibility of a future relationship with him. Relax and enjoy the flirtation.

5.  Don’t fall in love

Avoid putting your feelings at risk, do not give your heart to someone who is not clear why they are looking for you, the exchange of mixed signals can be a very enjoyable game, if you take it as such, but if you fall in love it can transform into your headache.

Since you’re not even sure if he just wants to have fun with you or if he wants something more there than just flirting from time to time.

6.  Try to keep these signals secret.

One of the most exciting parts of this exchange of signals is that they are carried out between only those involved without the rest of your friends noticing.

It is looking for that casual look, smiling and giving the impression of something natural when you only know what is really going on.

If you tell your friends or friends about him, this magic will fade, and he may be uncomfortable to air what they had 2 with the rest of society.

Although it is not intentionally, you would be forcing him to make a resolution if he goes out with you formally or not, this is something that he surely has not even decided and hence they were sustained by mixed signals.

It’s better that you just enjoy the flirting leisurely without getting too involved.

7.  Make a resolution

Obviously you can’t spend a year sending mixed signals to a friend and even worse if you have already given this person exclusivity and stopped dating other people or have rejected multiple guys because you think you have something with him.

There is no specific or ideal time range to propose the situation, this is determined by your degree of patience and the tone that the relationship with him is taking.

You have to decide if you really like him and you want something with him that goes beyond just confusing signals, you must transform these into romance or if all you want is to continue having fun and continue having this genre of romp without any commitment, you can do it .

But in the latter case you must continue with your life and not give it exclusivity, because until the moment you do not know if it only flirts with you or even if it already has a formal relationship with another person.

8.  The final confrontation

This will take place following the resolution you have taken, that is, if you decided that you really do not like him so much to have a relationship with him, but flirting seems good to you and you want to take it to another level.

This is then where you can chat with him and propose a relationship of friends with rights and in this way increase the entertainment, it is a fact that he would admit! Well, what man could refuse a proposal like this? More in your favor if there is already a previous history of flirting between.

The other possible resolution that you could have made is that you actually like him and you are bored of just playing without having anything clear, with no sign of progress for a relationship, and this is where you decide to chat with him and question him about his true claims with you .

You can only question him about what he wants but not sue him for the flirtation between the two, as long as you also played the game and in such a case there is nothing to sue.

Usually confrontations of this genre do not end well, while if he has not led these signals to something else, it is simply due to the fact that he did not want to, you should not justify it by thinking that perhaps he is a shy boy and does not dare to talk to you Sure.

Let’s face it: a shy boy doesn’t flirt or send mixed signals with a passionate tone.

The reasons why he does not want to get into a relationship can be many: he is in a relationship and he does not want you to know, that he does not like you enough or maybe that during the game you stopped liking him, whatever the reason you should continue Go ahead and make the best of every experience.