Advice from women on how to get a girlfriend

If each and every one of the tactics that you have been given to conquer women have failed you, you have come to the right place. I can assure you that all these tricks sound great in theory, but there is a reason why they do not work in practice: they were given to you by other men.

Some men, no matter how entertaining, intelligent, attractive, and financially stable they are, are still single, but not because of the fact that they want it in this way, it seems more like a kind of bad luck that prevents them from getting it despite each and every one of the councils.

Many times approaching a woman seems as difficult enough as quantum physics, but there are very simple ways to achieve it. How do we know? Due to the fact that the best way to achieve this is to get to the direct source: we bring you advice from women for men.

Who better to tell you what is going to conquer them than themselves? Money does not acquire authentic love and physical beauty is not enough to locate the partner you dream of.

Sometimes we need a bit of luck and a bit of help to take the right actions. Hence, we bring you a list of advice approved by them, your conquests.

1. Show her that you care

To win a girl you must prove that you care. Even if they are not yet an official couple, worrying about calling her on her anniversary or asking about her health, as well as offering her help when she has some complexity are details that do not go unnoticed and are appreciated by women.

With this, more than putting into practice a conquest strategy, you prove the man you are and your value as a person.

Do you want a case? We bring you the story of Laura, and how a fall caused her to persuade herself that her boyfriend was the man she was looking for:

“I am somewhat obsessive with cleaning, and my boyfriend used to assist me in certain household activities. That day I organized the house for my anniversary celebration, and I slipped from a ladder twisting my ankle, the pain prevented me from shouting or moving, there I continued for practically twenty minutes until the moment he returned and helped me get up».

It was not only the support at the moment but rather what her boyfriend did for her afterward: «Despite my pain, I was completely in love with his gesture since he not only carried me in his arms but for practically a couple For months he took care of everything related to the home so that my foot would heal completely ».

Affection is not only proven with messages or words, but rather with actions.

2. Dare to be different

Be yourself. That includes your best qualities, your flaws, and also those little peculiarities that make you be the way you are: silly jokes or great gestures of love, those things about your personality that make you leave the mold.

Do not be afraid to be different from the rest and take risks that others would not dare, that can give you all the benefits that you did not imagine. And if you don’t believe us, read Ruth’s story:

«My boyfriend was studying in another country and it was really difficult for him to accompany me for my anniversary, that had me downcast and we had had multiple fights from there. But a couple of days before that date, an envelope appeared on my desk, with an airplane ticket, it would wait for me at an intermediate point between the two countries ».

“It was not only beautiful but rather indelible, as he had to work overtime to save for my travel ticket. His sacrifice was worth it, for the fact that in our day we are husbands.

3. For a day, pretend to be someone else

Do not think that we are recommending you to be irrational, false, or a liar. It is not about stopping showing yourself as you really are, but rather about temporarily resorting to one or another trick to be able to get closer to that girl who catches your attention.

This is what Susi told us about the way in which her boy conquered her: «I worked as a party entertainer on weekends, with this I paid for my expenses, I remember that I was nineteen years old, and that day, in particular, there were more children than custom, they were literally freaking me out!

And when she believed that all was lost, “an unknown clown” who did not identify himself to her and who seemed commanded by the party company, began to assist her to encourage the little ones.

«The unknown clown approached after 2 hours, he took off all the clothes he was wearing, and to my surprise, it was one of my classmates. He handed me a note, and gave me a kiss on the cheek, in the letter he expressed his love to me, and that he had decided to assist me due to the fact that he could not bear to see me worried, from that moment we are a couple!

4. Be more sensitive

Every woman longs to have a man by her side who can care for and accompany her through her pain, worries, and joys.

They will always value a boy who does not hesitate to sacrifice his more manly side to hug her and mourn by her side if necessary, and even who assists her in activities that she would generally consider for women.

Mariana explained it to us with this unique story: «I loved a boy, and sometimes we would meet to study at his house, he had a little sister whom he took care of with some frequency. That day I arrived two hours earlier than agreed, and I did it with my face completely full of makeup ».

“They were playing princesses, and I quickly joined the show. The truth is that if you had the sensitivity to please your sister, you would also have it to be with me and support me in whatever was necessary, do not hesitate to be the one to declare yourself! ».

5. Simulate exactly the same interests

This goes along the exact same lines of pretending to be someone you are not to achieve your purpose. Certain women have quite particular tastes when it comes to food, clothing, or music. And the boys are quite uncomplicated in this regard.

If you want to reach their heart, it is never enough to try to familiarize yourself with their interests, they are the best way to start a good talk.

That was exactly what Rocío’s present husband did: “I liked trying alternative therapies to heal my body, I’ve practiced swimming at a professional level all my life, and training routines tend to be quite strenuous,” he said.

“One of the new pupils at the academy was nice and there was a certain spark of attraction between the two of them. One day he asked me what things I do in my free time and I talked to him about crystal and aroma therapies and, of course, yoga. He told me that he had always been interested in these things and in all circumstances and that he was really interested in acupuncture, “said Rocío.

Uncommon interests for a man, right? In fact, her current husband found out the hard way that sometimes faking tastes can be quickly discovered.

“I decided to invite him a couple of days later for crystal therapy and he was delighted to admit. What I did not know was that he had altered his mind at the last minute and made appointments for an acupuncture session, based on his words: “I am crazy about its benefits!”

“Upon arriving at the site, he practically collapsed, the truth was that he had never been to a holistic center, much less knew about acupuncture. But we could get to know each other better, and fall in love thanks to that move of his.

6. Make yourself difficult or mysterious enough

For each and every one of the women, even for the most difficult to conquer, there is an infallible strategy: jealousy. That is what happened to Carla more than ten years ago:

“I was a cheerleader, the girl with the most suitors at my school, and there was a boy who didn’t attract me at all, he wasn’t even similar to the men I used to go out with at that time. He left me love notes, chocolates, flowers, but I couldn’t bear it. Until the moment when one day he appeared with a girl considerably more attractive than me, “he says.

In conclusion

These strategies are easy, applicable, and approved by women. Don’t waste your time anymore and, to summarize, remember to be yourself, to be detailed, to care about her, and, sometimes, allow yourself certain white lies. They are worth it.