The best tip to conquer: show a strong identity

In any conversation with a woman, it is natural for her to ask what you do and exactly what you work on. Next, you reply that you study or work as an accountant, salesperson, etc., and you don’t impress her.

It will be quite difficult for you to do so unless you are an executive, a company owner, a renowned actor, or an extreme athlete. However, the truth is that you do not need any of that.

Here we give you the best advice to conquer a woman: what you need is to communicate your identity in a powerful and attractive way.

So how can you communicate much better who you are? How can you communicate a strong and compelling identity?

  • Live your dream. Or at least try. Human life is too short not to have the strength of character to live it as we wish. You can succeed or fail, but it is better to know that you gave your best effort to live with the doubts of what would have happened if you had done what you truly wanted to do with your life.
  • Tell a story. If you are an engineer, scientist, or painter, transform what you are today into a story. You can start counting in an enthusiastic and relaxed way in which way from the moment you were little or adolescent you liked science or art very much.
  • Connect your story with them. Another tip to conquer. Remember that women base many of their life resolutions on their emotions. Talk to them about how you felt when you made the resolutions that transformed you into the person you are today. If you don’t do this, girls are not going to feel like they have something in common with you.
  • Watch your body language. When communicating your identity, use accented anatomical language. Do not use palm-up gestures as they suggest that you want your listener to believe what you are saying. Rather, make gestures with your palms facing down, for the fact that these suggest that your ideas are firm and stand on their own even if your listeners are not happy with you.