This is the only way to know what a man wants from you

We have all wondered if the boy who approached us wants us for a while or if we really caught your attention. It’s the million-dollar question: how do you know what a man wants from you?

There are ways to filter out models who just want to play with you to get the right men. But first, you must identify them. If you want to know how to get it, read on.

How do you know what a man wants from you?

Sometimes you can be in a very confusing stage with a man because it is not clear to you what he wants with you. To know this, you must know certain basic behavior patterns. See if it does the following:

1. He contacts you only at night and always and in all circumstances touches on an intimate issue

This is somewhat obvious, but it is worth mentioning. If you are dealing with a male vampire who seems to only come alive at night and talk about intimate topics or activities, he is probably not interested in just what he claims.

Simple, more true: a man who is romantically interested in you looks for you to see if you are well, invites you to eat, or talks to you throughout the day.

Men who just want are mostly night prowlers. They tend not to be free for you throughout the weekend, not only throughout the day but rather at night as well. Bluntly, they are sure with someone else.

2. Seek to talk to you about interesting things

A man who is interested in you wants to talk to you, wants to learn more about you, and open space in your psyche.

When a boy is only interested in the physical intercourse, he pressures you to see you, but he does not worry about your life, your interests, or tastes. Nor will they try to start interesting conversations or ask you by phone or messages how your day is going.

If you want to confirm a boy’s interest, you can ask him something that requires a minimum of time and thought. A simple “How was your day?” It will surely intimidate those who only want to be physical since they do not tend to share information about themselves.

A man truly interested in you will make time to chat with you on a huge variety of topics.

3. If he is interested, he will try to be free for you

If a man is interested in you, no matter how busy he is, he will find space to spend time with you or even just chat.

Men who just want physical relantonship don’t have time for serious dating. Have you ever heard of waiting until your third date to have an intercourse with someone? Must do with this. It is not written in stone, but it is useful to discard those who only love you for a little while.

It is true that successful men are practically always and at all times busy, but you would be surprised to see the speed with which they can readjust their schedule in order to get to know more about the woman that is of interest to them.

Someone who truly likes you is going to go all the way, but you will appreciate how much he enjoys spending time with you and wants to meet you.

4. A man who really likes you is proud to be seen with you

If a man is comfortable with you and feels that you fit in as a couple, he will not be ashamed to show you to the planet as his partner. Conversely, he will be proud that you are with him. This proves that he wants you for a serious relationship.

He will not care if they cross paths with his family or friends, since the mere fact of meditating on you and him together is pleasant for him.

A man who only wants to have physical intercourse will not want to be related to you outside of a bar or a dive. You will always and at all times try the usual “Netflix and Chill”. They will see each other always and in all circumstances in a secluded way, with the ideal conditions to be intimate.

Be careful with this. Intimacy is a part of a relationship, and yes, even if you date the most chivalrous and respectful man, he will physically desire you. But if it is the only interest that tests, perhaps you should look for someone who does want a connection with you beyond the physical.