How to be more attractive to women in 5 steps

If you think that an attractive man has each and every battle won against an ordinary boy, take some breath and let me tell you that you are absolutely right! An attractive man always and in all circumstances has more occasions with a girl than any other gender of the subject.

The essential thing is to clarify that you do not need to have a masculine lumberjack beard or chest hair to be a genuine alpha male with a Superman body, to be an extremely attractive boy.

Unfortunately, when men think about it, they are wrong to conclude that an attractive subject is only one who complies with each and every one of the traditional stereotypes, of a strong figure and an enviable profile when it really is absolutely the opposite. The image of an attractive man is far from the perception that men have on the subject.

If you want to transform yourself into an attractive boy read the appropriate article.

Society has been in charge of making us think that being attractive is the namesake of particular beauty and that the term is only reduced to physical appearance. However, women identify that there are many other physical aspects and qualities that make a man attractive.

According to testimonies from women, specialists qualified to talk about this topic, there are men who are very similar, handsome, and with broad features, who are not necessarily attractive. Based on this idea, it is then clear that you do not have to be on the list of the most sensual men on the planet to be attractive to a woman.

Differences between being handsome and being attractive

Being handsome is one thing and attractive another. To be an attractive man it is not essential to be handsome, but a good appearance helps a lot!

It’s no secret that a good-looking person makes a better impression and is treated more agreeably than an unattractive person. What matters is to be clear about what “good looks” means from a female point of view.

Women look favorably on a smelly boy, with an impeccable physical appearance, neat hair, and well dressed. A man with these peculiarities can be attractive to a woman without necessarily being someone with the physical features of a movie. Contrary to this, from a male point of view, a good-looking guy is one with defined biceps and pecs, a bather’s back, and even a deep voice.

In short, you can be handsome because you were born in this way but not attractive to a woman. They demand more than a pretty face.

Becoming an attractive man is easy, however, it requires commitment and dedication on your part.

Step 1:  Take care of your appearance

You should always make the most of your physical appearance at all times. Taking care of your appearance is a vitally important step and for this reason, it occupies number one on the list to transform yourself into an attractive boy.

Taking care of your appearance is not related to turning your physique or transforming yourself into someone you are not. It is simply about strengthening your attributes and going out to conquer with your tools, highlighting your qualities and physical strengths. Forget the idea of ​​the “handsome man” prototype.

First, take care of your personal hygiene.

Deodorizer and perfume are not a substitute for showering. The first of them is to avoid bad smells and the second is to smell good. Take a shower each and every day, use shampoo and a conditioner that leaves your hair smelling rich. To dry yourself off, use a clean towel, not one that has been damp and hidden under the bed for weeks. Also brush at least a couple of times a day, if you do it after every meal, the better.

The next step is to dispose of each and every ordinary product in your bathroom. Choose and buy a good deodorizer that truly protects you and meets your needs. You will find many brands and types, gel, spray, bar, liquid, with and without odors. Your personal products can transform into your opponents leaving you helpless – at least you expect it.

Essential! Do not share your hygiene items with your brothers, sisters or friends. That’s personal. Doing so could leave you in an awkward situation at the moment of conquest.

Let’s continue with your transformation into an attractive boy talking about the skin.

Many gentlemen readily admit to personal hygiene to improve their appearance, but when a bit more is demanded of them they tend to think that this will mean losing their masculinity, sending a message that they are not exactly the same men as before. Despite this and before continuing, answer this question:

For what reason would I not want to take care of my face and skin if it is the first thing that you see of me daily?

Taking care of your skin does not mean that from this moment you should go to the spa and ask for a complete exfoliation. She wants to say that if you want to progress your appearance to be more attractive to women, you must change behavior patterns and start using softening creams for men, not your mother’s, remove pimples and points from the face and avoid your skin look parched in the winter, among many other sweeties that you should make yourself.

I suggest you apply sunscreen because incessant and unprotected exposure to the Sun causes aging, in addition to this, it forms a danger of skin cancer. Use an exfoliator at least once a week or every two weeks to remove dead skin. With this, you will see how your skin will look more alive than ever.

Another essential aspect is getting rid of unwanted hair.

How inopportune and not at all sensual are those hairs that stick out from the nostrils and ears. If your eyebrows are very bushy, keep them under control by cutting the longest hairs with scissors, which make your face dislodge. Avoid shaving with a razor or wax since you are going to lose the touch of naturalness and this, my friend, is not attractive for many women.

Lastly, take care of your hands.

Try to use a bit of smoothing cream on your hands and, above all, keep your nails clean and trimmed at all times and in all circumstances. Please avoid leaving a single long nail, apart from looking bad, it can be repulsive.

Step 2: Have  a good haircut

Most men don’t have the slightest idea what to do with their hair. Generally, they go to the barbershop or to the hairdresser and always and in all circumstances request exactly the same cut or they restrict themselves to the usual one, “cut a little from this part, lower a little from this other and fix the sideburns”, something of the simpler and that on a regular basis ends up being an adjustment that makes them look practically the same as how they arrived.

A convenient haircut can totally turn your face, make it look finer and even more manly.

For a convenient haircut you need:

  • Find a good stylist. It does not matter their age or gender, what should interest you is that they know what they do, that they are passionate about their work, and be able to guide you on how you should wear your hair with respect to the gender of your face. To find a professional in this way, do not rule out investing a bit more money, but the end result will be one step further in the transformation of that attractive man that we want from you.
  • Have with you a photograph of the cut you want. Remember, no matter how well you try to explain the cut, the stylist is not going to be able to read your psyche. You have to be open to the barber’s suggestions since he is the specialist. Not each and every one of the hair genres and cuts will be compatible with your hair genre, so you should see an associate in the stylist who will want to see you leave the beauty salon happy. Of course, do not do anything that is not to your total liking.
  • Use specialized products. Most likely, the stylist will advise you on certain of them. Do not make the mistake of thinking that a haircut will do all the magic you need to change your look, you must hold the cut and adapt it so that it looks the same every morning. For this, you can use a bit of wax, mouse, hair jelly, or another recommended beauty product.

This is everything you need to know to care for and repair your hair. Add to that having a psyche open to change.

Another aspect to work on your face is the beard.

I know. The lumberjack beard is in trend, similar to that of Messi, an overflowing beard rather shaved and with a defined shape. However, if your genetics are more oriented to a few hairs on the mustache, others under the chin, and some lost on the cheeks, please, do not let those 3 hairs grow. Better shave completely.

A well-shaved boy will always and in all circumstances have more occasions with a girl than trying to achieve a beard with those 3 hairs. Do not forget, a clean and clean man always and at all times is irrepressible for any woman.

Step 3: Take care of how you wear and the condition of your clothes

Clothing plays an essential role at the moment of your presentation. Before continuing, you should know that you should not completely change your wardrobe, you just have to keep it clean, ironed and, if possible, very fragrant with the use of a fabric softener. Clean sportswear is enough.

Never use dirty clothes again, especially if you are going to see a girl! Women appreciate the moment a garment has not been washed, the moment a collar is practically clean and at the same time practically dirty, and they realize the moment a shirt is sweaty. Don’t do it, friend, don’t do it.

Fashion, what fits you.

If you are thick, avoid tube pants or very large garments. Define your comfort point. Choose from each trend clothing only those models with which you feel comfortable and those that make you look better.

Insist that a friend accompany you when you do your shopping at the mall, someone you trust and preferably without ties or sentimental interests, in order to be your qualifier and give beliefs. Once the model has been chosen, you must adjust it to your body, that is, make the relevant arrangements such as hem if necessary or change a situation button.

As for modifications in clothing, there are many that are evident due to comfort issues, but if you want to show off and be one hundred percent with your outfit, you must take into account the following:

  • Denim pants adjust to your body over time, so try to choose ones that fit just above the waist but are not tight. Denim stretches somewhat with the passing of weeks and employment. Make sure to choose the right size to avoid the appearance that you lost weight or that your pants were given to you.
  • The bottom of the pants must have its right rest in the shoes. The final seam should not exceed the sole of your footwear for 2 reasons: a matter of etiquette and the fact that otherwise your pants will begin to tear and this will completely ruin many of your sacrifices.
  • The shoulder seam on a shirt should sit on the shoulder joint. If it goes further, it will want to say that it is too large for you and if it is stuck in the direction of the neck, you must request a larger size. Dress shirt cuffs should not reach below the wrist.
  • The collar of the dress shirt must be sufficiently loose. The perfect measure is that you can put 2 fingers in the neck without care. This will prevent you from feeling choked.
  • Jackets, sports coats, and jackets follow the same principle as shoulder seams. This is essential due to the fact that clothing helps you to give your body more shape, slim and very elegant.

The simple fact of changing to shirts and pants that perfectly fit your body, style, and personality, will change the way the girls around you will look at you and practically without care, except to be careful when choosing your new wardrobe.

Step 4:  your posture

The posture speaks through the elbows about a person. A man with an upright posture is someone who projects self-confidence and a subject in this way attracts more girls than you can imagine.

Being upright will make you look taller and in addition to this, your back problems will be previously. Proper posture must be taken care of at all times, both when walking, standing, or sitting.

Step 5:  Watch what you eat

Our pace of life does not allow us to eat as healthy as we would like. Sadly, our diet is based on flour, pasta, caffeine, sugars, and too much salt that makes us retain fluids. This highly calorific consumption model leads us to increase the levels of fat in our body and consequently to gain weight and be less and less attractive.

Taking care of what you eat is easier than it seems. It does not imply that you will abandon your favorite food and that you will only eat salmon and asparagus for the rest of your life, the ideal thing is that you learn to eat balanced day after day, increasing proteins and reducing carbohydrates and sugars.

Avoid eating whitebait food and packaged groceries as much as possible and add more vegetables and natural juices to your diet. In a short time, you will see how your body has positive changes and you will feel much better with yourself.

You just need to drink more water little by little so that you can appreciate a change in your life. Avoid sodas, if possible, stop consuming them entirely. If you drink juices, try to make them freshly prepared and with one hundred percent natural fruit, accompany your edibles with dressings of your choice, in this way you will enjoy eating healthy and it will not be a sacrifice but rather a choice, a wise choice.

Each of the preceding points requires your commitment. None of them are impossible to undertake, on the other hand, their benefits are going to be practically impossible to comment on.

Women place great value on neatness in a man. His fragrance, his personal care, his style and his security when expressing himself and walking. This makes them fall in love without you even saying hello.

As the fact of being attractive is not based only on the physical, there are other points that go beyond clothing or personal care. If you are determined to be the most attractive man in the city, you should pay attention to the next guidelines.

  • Self-confidence

The planet and the cosmos conspire in your favor so that everything goes as planned when you act confident. A confident man is not one who knows that he is capable of doing anything, that he is the best at work, or that he has never been wrong, a confident man is one who knows that being confused is human, he knows that he is perfect just as it is and that it will continue to be equally valuable even if it gets confused.

  • Leadership

Girls are attracted to leaders by the fact that they like men who demonstrate self-confidence and who are capable of leading a team or handling a situation. This quality makes them feel protected and is extremely attractive to a boy.

  • Sense of humor

Undoubtedly one of the main requirements is to be attractive to any woman, since girls love to laugh. A company with a good sense of humor “kills” them.

  • Sensitive stability

A man who does not allow his mood to be disturbed by any irrelevant subject and who is emotionally strong is attractive to any woman.

If you manage to gather each and every one of the preceding peculiarities, I guarantee you a resounding success with women. You will be irrepressible to them.