10 Real Relationship Tips For Men You Should Follow

Top 10 dating rules for men in a new relationship

The well-known fact of men’s real inability to understand women is real and palpable without a doubt. For them, it is quite difficult to imagine women as they are, but imagine how difficult it can be when it comes to dating or relationships! Everything becomes a nightmare for them, but they are not to blame. Left wondering what to do is one of those constant struggles of a guy and if you ask any of them they will definitely confirm it.

The truth is that there is no school to understand women and that is a shame for men. So the only thing left for them is to fight whenever they don’t get what their partner wants. The result? An endless cycle of fights, misunderstandings, and problems that can or eventually lead to nasty breakups. This may be harsh, but it is the absolute truth!

Fortunately, men should be relieved to know that there are certain ways that you can come to understand your partner much better. This real relationship advice for men can change your outlook on life, and if this happens, you’re on your way to becoming a better version of yourself.

No one said that creating the foundation for a strong relationship that can last a lifetime is easy. Remember that nothing worth having is easy! Do you want to know exactly how to do that? Read and follow these tips that every man must follow if he wants a happy and healthy relationship.

1. Communication is key

Sounds easy enough, right? Well, you might be surprised to find that simply talking openly about your relationship issues and finding answers can be the hardest thing. In fact, most couples don’t, which is why so many relationships end so abruptly. Also, communication is the sure way to avoid being with someone and hiding so many things. So, as difficult as it may seem, try to find a way to talk to each other from time to time. It is also important not to let this discussion turn into a fight! Stay calm and try to find solutions to your problems!

2. Appreciate what you have

You may know that you love your partner, but the question is, does she know it too? Most men have a hard time revealing their feelings for their loved one, which is definitely a mistake. So from time to time, try to put into words how you really feel about her and she will surely appreciate it more than you think.

3. Avoid taking your partner for granted

Again, this is a very big mistake that many men make without even realizing it, which is the worst part. They think that their partner is there only to satisfy their wants and needs, no matter how they feel or what they think. Well, if you want a healthy relationship, you must completely erase this thought from your mind! No one has to do anything just because the other thinks they should! Keep that in mind!

4. Involve her in your decisions

Again, a common mistake men make in long-term relationships! Never “forget” to involve your partner in your decisions. If you are a couple, that means she will definitely be interested in it too and should know about your plans. Also, avoid deciding on behalf of your wife/girlfriend. A man can bring financial stability to a relationship (although this is not always the case), but he also does not own his partner.

5. Make good surprises

Go back a bit in the sands of time and remember how much you loved seeing the happiness on your girlfriend’s face when you gave her all those nice surprises at the beginning of your relationship. You probably stopped now, which is really a shame. So an important tip here is to always make good surprises for her every now and then so that she remembers how she felt and to remind her that you still love to woo her. She will feel wanted and loved and their relationship will be much better.

6. Always be honest

Any woman loves her man to be honest! However, if you’re the type of guy who doesn’t really have a filter, your partner may feel hurt at times. So the key here is to avoid lying to her (she will figure it out anyway) but also to pay attention to how you are going to tell her that the red dress is not for her.

7. Have ambitious goals

Let’s be honest! Nobody likes a couch potato who doesn’t really have goals for the future. So in order to have a healthy relationship, you should always show your girl that you have big dreams and that you are working towards achieving them one day. This will offer him stability and he will love you even more!

8. Physical chemistry is very important

Physical intimacy plays a very important role in any relationship and the man also has to do something to keep that flame alive. So, don’t ignore this part and always look for ways to spice up your life. This also includes exercising, taking care of yourself, and being who you dream of at night. Who needs George Clooney when they have a real man in the here and now?

9. Be respectful to your friends

A real man knows that to keep his lady happy, he must also behave well in public and be respectful to his friends. So don’t hesitate to be a gentleman to her girlfriends too because it won’t make her jealous, but it will make everyone believe that you are the perfect match. Extra points for you!

10. Don’t ignore your partner

Rule number one for a happy relationship is to never ignore your partner no matter how busy you are. Also, be careful to place it before anyone else, regardless of whether you are in public or in the comfort of your own crib.

10 dating tips for men in a new relationship

As much as they may not like to admit it, men are also difficult beings to understand, especially in relationships. However, seeing that most of them have no idea how to make their partner happy or how to approach dating, certain tips may be needed. Here are some dating tips that men in a new relationship may find very helpful!

1. Put yourself in your partner’s shoes

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that men and women do not always have the same way of expressing what they feel or think. So, as a man, you should try to put yourself in your partner’s shoes and see things the way she sees them. You will be able to communicate more easily if you learn this useful little trick.

2. Your partner should always be your no. 1

Never, and we mean never, put your friends, habits, or addictions above your partner. Nobody says that a night out with the guys is strictly forbidden, but it shouldn’t be a common thing in your relationship. This is truly one of the biggest mistakes a man can make!

3. Always encourage your partner

In today’s modern world, many men feel threatened by their wives’ status at work and financial stability. These are the clothes of an insecure man who doesn’t really love his partner. If you love her, you will encourage her to follow her dreams, even if it means being more successful than you. And that? Behind every strong woman, there is a strong man who has always supported her!

4. Always protect and help your partner

Your woman may be strong, but remember that, as a man, you have a responsibility to be there for her and protect her when she needs it. Therefore, whenever she is in trouble, you should be the first person she calls to help her! If you prefer to go with your friends or parents, you may be doing something wrong.

5. Cherish your memories together

Your memories are proof that your relationship has always been a beautiful part of your life. Keep it that way and cherish those moments forever. Even if things didn’t work out in the end, what you had was special. Remember that!

6. Be perfect gentlemen

Being a gentleman is something you learn at your parents’ house most of the time, but you can always adapt. No matter the case, always remember that chivalry is not dead and your partner wants to be treated with respect no matter what. Times have changed, but being an educated and generous human being will never go out of style.

7. Never cheat on your partner

This is self-explanatory, but no matter what you do, never cheat on her. If things don’t work anymore, tell him and separate. There is no excuse for a man cheating on his partner, no matter the reason!

8. Be proud of your partner

Being proud of your partner’s accomplishments is necessary for a healthy relationship. Also, if you are really proud of her, tell her, she will care a lot and it will increase her confidence level.

9. Talk about your goals and expectations

If you don’t understand it yet, communication is the foundation of any relationship. So, talk, talk, and talk some more. About your goals, dreams, and mutual expectations. Make things clear from the beginning and you won’t have to worry for a second.

10. If things don’t work out …

… Then it’s because of the two of you and you better acknowledge it! Take some of the blame and don’t tell her the relationship didn’t continue because of her. Try to change things for the better and if it still doesn’t work, leave as friends. This is always the best solution!


All in all, it’s worth mentioning that these relationship tips for men are real and effective because they are based on honest experiences. Everyone goes through your problems at some point, so don’t worry! The world will see many more relationships and breakups, similar or different from yours. However, it is always good to try to learn from your mistakes and not make them again. So, follow this advice and everything will be fine between you and your partner.