6 signs to know if you need relationship counseling

What is relationship counseling?

How is your relationship? Have you noticed any changes? Do you think you’ve hit a bad streak? If the answer to these 3 questions is yes, then you and your partner may need relationship counseling.

What exactly is couples counseling? Basically, it is therapy to help you improve your relationship. With the help of a professional counselor, psychologist, or therapist, you explore, acknowledge, and resolve conflicts or problems that may be plaguing your relationship and causing a lot of distress between you and him.

The problems you may need to solve may be specific, for example about a decision you must make as a couple (where to live, when to get married, when to have a baby). Or you need help with more important issues, such as discovering a past affair or constant fights, or different desires. Or you want to make a long-term commitment and need to understand yourself better.

6 Signs That Tell You If You Need To Sign Up For Relationship Counseling

It’s good to seek relationship advice, it could make a big difference and could save your relationship. If you’re not sure whether to seek relationship counseling, there are a few signs that could warn you. Read on to learn more than 6 of them.

1. You talk about the problems with everyone else except him

Your partner should be the first to know that things are not going well. If you spend your time texting or having dinner with your friends to talk about the problems you have with them, you are not doing something to fix those problems, you are only prolonging the problems.

Maybe you are afraid to talk to him because you don’t know how he will react or if he sees the same problems as you. If this is the case for you, you may need help learning how to work on your relationship and how to talk about important issues.

2. You speak Venusian and he is from Mars

Sometimes it feels like you speak different languages, your communication habits are totally out of place. What you think you said is not what your partner thought they heard and vice versa. You need to work on your natural communication styles, and that’s where relationship counseling can help.

It could help both of you understand the differences in the way you communicate, and it can teach each of you to adapt your communication style and work better together.

3. All bad things are your fault

You get a speeding ticket and somehow you manage to blame him for it, maniac, right? If this is what is happening, you are blaming him for everything! That is a sure sign that things are not going well and that you need help.

Blaming each other is not good for anyone, so go ahead and seek relationship advice, they might help you figure out why they resent him or vice versa.

4. Pretend that everything is good and elegant

Keeping it all inside is not going to work in the long run. If you are one of those couples who instead of talking about the important things that are happening (like the lack of spark), hide things under the rug, you are a good candidate for couples counseling.

During couples therapy, you are in a safe environment, so with the help of the therapist, you can learn to address those difficult issues in a safe and manageable way for both of you.

5. Both of you have suffered something traumatic recently

Have any of you experienced a great loss recently? The death of one of your parents or have you had a serious accident or were you fired? All of this affects their relationship. So something has to be done. Counseling is highly recommended, you will do better if, in addition to your individual counseling, you take couples counseling.

This could help you realize that you are not carrying the weight alone, it could bring good communication back between the two of you.

6. There is a big change on the horizon

Actually, this is not a bad sign that you need relationship counseling. If you are about to make a big change (moving together, getting married, moving to another country for work reasons) as a couple, it is a good idea to seek some kind of guidance.

Relationship counseling could help you anticipate what’s to come, prepare you for the changes to come, and work as a team so you can achieve your mutual goals.

Marriage counseling for couples

Are you married and have some problems that you don’t know how to solve? Sometimes married couples need help too, and you can get this help by seeking marriage relationship counseling. What is? It is a type of psychotherapy that helps married couples to recognize and resolve conflicts to improve their relationship. It can help couples make reasonable decisions: rebuild a marriage, strengthen it, or end it.

Is this something you would like to try? You should know that marriage counseling is hard work, it is good that you are willing to spend time trying to save your marriage, but there are no guarantees. It depends on how willing and motivated you and your husband are to work on your marital problems.

Experts say that for counseling to work, you shouldn’t wait too long if you find that things aren’t working. You want to keep your marriage (both of you), then get help.

Couples counseling for marriage can help you and your husband in many ways. If your relationship patterns are toxic and you can identify them early and come to terms with them, then during counseling the process of real change can begin.

It can give you a new perspective to explore your problems and learn new ways to recognize and solve them. Marriage counseling could also help you improve your communication, it can help you build trust for your interactions as a couple to improve.

It is a neutral territory where you and your husband can agree and work to solve those difficult problems with support.

Couples counseling on couple problems

Couples counseling may differ depending on what topic you need to work on, but there are five general principles that guide each couples therapy.

Relationship counseling aims to:

1. Change your point of view (yours and your SO’s) on the relationship

Perhaps you’ve lost sight of the big picture and are in a blind spot when it comes to the ways you contribute to relationship problems. Your whole focus is on what you are doing wrong.

A therapist during your counseling could help you look more objectively at the relationship in the big picture, as well as the specific issues you are facing. You will be encouraged to stop the blame pattern and begin working as a team.

2. Modify any behavior that is dysfunctional

A counselor would help them modify their mutual behaviors, especially harmful ones. They could help you in the process of recognizing, recognizing, and modifying them.

3. Decrease any emotional avoidance

In order for your relationship to prosper, you and he must share your feelings. Everyone has their own level of sharing that you are comfortable with but in order to have a healthy relationship some level of communication has to occur.

Relationship counseling can help you express those feelings that you fear sharing with him, and vice versa.

4. Improve your communication

Repairing and maintaining a good relationship depends on how constructively you communicate as a couple. During relationship counseling, the therapist may train you to improve your communication skills and those of your partner.

Your goal here is effective communication, where you are required to actively listen and identify yourself.

5. Promote your two strengths

Every relationship has strengths and weaknesses, good relationship counseling will celebrate and enhance these strengths and help you identify them so that both of you can decide what works best for your relationship.


Romantic relationships are incredible but also difficult to maintain, they require a lot of work and time. If yours is on the right track and things are going great congratulations! we hope it can grow and become a life together.

But if not, do not hesitate, seek help, we have given you the signs, now all you have to do is find the courage and seek couples counseling.

Good luck!