Your only guide to the different types of relationships in love

Types of relationships between couples

Relationships that are built around a shared future

Couples in this type of relationship have similar goals and values, which is why they are attracted to each other, these relationships can last a long time as the couple gets along. It has also been established that couples who are happy together are those who share more analogous personalities.

Relationships that are built around intimacy

They are relationships in which couples have a very active and surprising intimate life. For any romantic relationship, intimacy plays a huge role as it helps nurture the relationship. The more intimate a couple is, the more they connect and the opposite is true, the less they are intimate, the less connection they have as a couple.

Relationships that are built around adventure

These types of relationships involve the partner constantly engaging in new, more exciting, and challenging activities on a regular basis. This helps the couple form a stronger bond as new activities awaken, helping to keep the spark alive.

There are also other types of relationships that are determined by the nature of the relationship and the way the couple treats each other. These include;

Controling relationships

These are types of relationships in which one partner dictates what the other should or should not do. A partner controls whether they do things like criticize you all the time, isolate you from your family and friends, be hyperactive, and presume you are guilty until proven innocent.

Abusive relationships

In this type of relationship, one or both partners emotionally or verbally abuse each other. One way to know if you are in a relationship of this type is if your partner threatens to hurt you, demands to know about your location at all times, is excessively jealous and angry when you are not together.

Open relationships

This type of relationship implies that both partners have the freedom to be with other people outside of their relationship. This means that couples can have other relationships with other people while in a romantic relationship. People who have this type of relationship are due to their desire and for fun.

Long-distance relationships

This is where the couple lives apart. This is a type of romantic relationship where the couple is intimate but they live far from each other. Long-distance relationship is very challenging and requires the couple to have a lot of trust in each other to make it work.

In this article, however, I will focus on other types of relationships that involve stronger commitments such as marriage, dating, commitment, and long-term relationships.

Long-term relationships

A long-term relationship is a romantic relationship that has existed for a long period of time and may or may not necessarily lead to marriage. It is not a civil union nor is it a marriage, although it sometimes leads to either one. Some of the benefits of long-term relationships include;

  • They provide a sense of security and emotional stability. When you are in a long-term relationship, you know that your partner is there for you no matter what. This gives couples some peace of mind.
  • They help couples to be happier and also rounder. There is a great feeling of happiness and joy that comes naturally from knowing that you are not facing this life alone.
  • Couples in a long-term romantic relationship can motivate and help each other stay mentally and physically healthy at all times.Each type of relationship has its challenges and this type of relationship is no different. Some of the challenges faced by people who are in long-term relationships include:
    • Temptations Just because you are in a long-term relationship does not mean that you will not be attracted to other people, as every once in a while you will fall in love, which is totally normal. However, you must put your guard up and fight those feelings and they will disappear.
    • Boredom. This is totally normal and happens when you spend too much time with one person. Luckily for you, there are a million ways to turn a super boring relationship into a lively one.

    For a long-term relationship to work, you’ll need to make sure that you appreciate and respect each other, that you have good communication, and that your goals are aligned.


    Marriage is defined as the equal partnership and the intimate union of two people who love each other. Different cultures and religions approach marriage differently; some cultures, for example, insist that people cannot be intimate before marriage. It doesn’t matter how you marry, as long as you love each other and are willing to do whatever it takes to keep your union alive until death does you part.

    The following are some of the reasons marriage is so important:

    • Intimacy. This is very important in all marriages. The only time you can enjoy mind-blowing guilt-free intimacy; is whenever you feel like it is after you get married. So when you get married, prepare to move on!
    • They lead to the creation of families. Marriages are the beginning of families, as we are naturally made to procreate. The reason why you should wait until they are married before having children is so that you can start a family with a person who is committed to being a single mother is very difficult.
    • Promote unity. This is because it creates a very strong bond between you and your partner. Once you get married, you stop being two people and you become one and you go on to face all the challenges and happiness that life has to offer as one.Marriages, like all other types of relationships, are not perfect and you will face your fair share of challenges, but how you and your partner respond to these challenges makes all the difference. To make sure your marriage can stand the test of time, make sure your communication is good, honest, and respectful of each other at all times.


      An engagement is known as a promise of marriage. When a person is engaged, it means that marriage is around the corner and it is only a matter of time. After getting engaged, the future bride is referred to as a fiancee and the groom is called a fiancé. So why compromise? Why not get married right away?

      Some of the reasons you need to compromise before walking down the aisle include the following:

      • The engagement gives you time to plan the wedding. Wedding planning is a difficult and time-consuming process as there are so many people involved.
      • It gives them time to get to know each other better. You don’t want surprises after you get married. Before saying yes, you need to know your partner from the inside out; An engagement will give you enough time to find out if this person is right for you.
      • This period also gives you time to talk about important topics such as your faith, the number of children you will have, your careers, and how you will manage your finances, among many others.

      So how long should your engagement last? The participation period is flexible, which means it can be as long or as short as you like. This period may depend on how quickly you can discuss essential topics with your partner and also how quickly you can plan your wedding.


      Dating is the period of time when two people who like each other spend time together to see if they are a good fit for each other. If they find that they do, in fact, like to be together most of the time, the next step is for the two lovebirds to get into a relationship.

      The following are some of the differences between dating and relationships:

      • Dating is not exclusive like being in a relationship is. You may see another person while dating someone else, which is not the case in relationships as it would be considered cheating.
      • During dating, communication is not as good as in a relationship as they do not know each other well yet therefore they are cautious about what they are sharing.
      • Intimacy is also different between dates and in a relationship. When dating, people have less intimacy with each other even though they have more fun during this period, while during relationships, physical intimacy is out of this world.
      • When people are dating, their expectations for each other are always low as they don’t know each other well, but when people are in a relationship, expectations skyrocket.


      Relationships are part of who we are and who we are. It doesn’t matter what kind of relationship you are in; Relationships allow us to grow emotionally, physically, and socially. The common thing among all types of romantic relationships is that they have friendship as a base. The success of any type of relationship depends on the willingness of the couple to be humble, respect each other, communicate effectively, and trust each other.