25 relationship red flags to watch out for

How can I detect red flags?

Red flags can go unnoticed because most of them can be easily explained if you are wearing pink glasses. So to help you point them out, here is a list of 25 red flags to watch out for. This list will help you realize whether your current relationship is worth maintaining. If your partner shows any of these signs, they are abusive towards you and you should leave.

1. He or she no longer declares their love for you

He or she no longer declares his love for you, whether in public or in private. This is a difficult part of a relationship. It is always difficult when someone falls in love with you. But it happens, and you should move on.


2. They use conditions to get something from you

Using conditions to get what they want from you is one of the most obvious warning signs to watch out for. Before, he or she did things for you without asking questions, but now things are different between the two of you and nothing happens without an argument. It’s time to move on because these are some obvious red flags that the relationship is not right.

3. They hardly reply to your text messages

When they suddenly stop responding to your text messages, it’s one of the first warning signs that trouble is coming. You need to end the relationship as soon as possible before things start to go downhill.

4. You don’t care about their friends

When your relationship reaches this point, it is one of the clearest warning signs that things are not working out between the two of you. After all, the company that a person maintains says a lot about who they are. You should stop dating this person. If your partner is surrounded by people you don’t like, the two of you don’t belong together.

5. They no longer spend time with you

They no longer spend time with you, including dating. If they don’t spend time with you anymore, then you should go. If at first, they couldn’t wait to be with you and now they are disappearing, this is a warning sign that things are not working out for the two of you. If he or she is not with you, then they are spending time with someone else.

6. You two are always arguing: one of the biggest red flags

Arguing a lot on its own is not healthy, and when you add it to your relationship, it is ten times worse. You should separate if you are arguing all the time. Not only is it not good for your relationship, but it can also be a bit abusive if your partner constantly fights with you. You should pay close attention to these signs because they are red flags about your relationship.

7. One of you is trying to change the other

Change is a natural part of life. However, if you or your partner are always trying to change the other person, it won’t work either. You should never try to change anyone drastically. If you don’t like the person he is, then don’t get involved with him. Changing people never works, so keep looking because they are clearly not what you are looking for.

8. Blaming the other for your problems in your relationship

It is not good to blame others for your problems. If you have a relationship problem, try to resolve it. Don’t use it immediately as a way to break up with someone. This is one of the most obvious red flags that you should pay attention to.

9. You two don’t have any chemistry

If you don’t have more chemistry in your relationship, move on. This noticeable lack of chemistry is a warning sign, and you should go ahead and meet someone with who you really have chemistry.

10. Don’t touch each other anymore

Now if your relationship reaches this point, then there is no hope, and you just have to move on. Normally, a man loves to be touched and a woman loves to be touched, but now they can’t stand each other. These are red flags and you should pay close attention to them.

11. Refusing to commit

Commitment is a big problem in all relationships. Once you see this red flag, it is time to quit smoking because this behavior is unhealthy and mentally abusive.

12. They only go out with you because they feel compelled to do so

This is beyond a warning sign, and you should notice this red flag quickly. When a man you are involved with is doing things with you because he feels compelled to do so, it is a huge sign that the relationship is failing. When someone no longer wants to be with you, you should end it immediately because things will only get worse.


13. You have nothing to talk about

When your conversations are empty, you head for a breakup because you have nothing to talk about. This also means that you no longer want to share what is happening in your life. At first, perhaps you couldn’t wait to share your day with them. But now that it’s quiet, this is a warning sign for sure.

14. Everything your partner does makes you annoyed

This is another one of the more serious red flags that you should be aware of. Once upon a time, the little things you used to do were cute to them, but now it’s annoying. This is a great warning sign to heed because things will be over soon.

15. You don’t trust each other anymore

This is one of the last red flags of a failed relationship. At first, the trust was there, but now it’s gone. Once the trust is gone, the relationship is over. You can’t be with someone you can’t trust. Therefore, no trust = no relationship.

16. They don’t care about your family

If the person you are with suddenly stops liking your family, this is a big red flag saying you should move on. When your man or woman begins to dislike your family, they begin to lose interest in you. So go ahead and find someone else, because the end of your relationship is near and it’s not healthy to keep things going.


17. They are being selfish

When your partner starts taking care of themselves, it’s time to go. If they are selfish towards other people, it is only a matter of time before they start to be selfish towards you. Take this red flag seriously because it is a warning sign that your relationship will not survive for long.

18. They start to lie a lot

Once they start to lie a lot, it’s a big red flag that you have to watch carefully. Once the man or woman you’re with becomes a liar, it’s time to cross them off your list. They are no longer true, and it’s time to move on to the next person on your list if you have one.

19. They are deleting your text messages

If you’re with someone who texts you whenever they get a chance, and suddenly their text messages are gone, they are hiding something from you. At the beginning of your relationship, they always showed you their messages, but if now all of a sudden their messages are deleted, they are definitely hiding something from you. So pay attention to this red flag because the end of your relationship is near.

20. They start screaming and yelling a lot

You know things are coming to an end when you worry, yell, and yell a lot. For one thing, this is unhealthy, and it’s a big red flag. So the best thing to do is leave because, like it or not, things are going that way.

21. They don’t comfort you when you need it

At first, they couldn’t tell you enough, and now they ignore everything you say and how you feel. You just need to go ahead and find someone to comfort you. Because when your partner stops comforting you, they are preparing to leave you. Do yourself a favor and move on because your relationship is over.

22. They no longer congratulate you

At first, they flattered you a lot, and now they barely say, hey? This is a big red flag that you should definitely pay attention to. The end of your relationship is near, and you must go ahead and find someone who is worth your time. Your partner is leaving your life if you are no longer with someone else.

23. They are cunning and reserved

At first, they told you everything. But if they suddenly don’t tell you anything, they are dating. Once you start to get stealthy and sneaky, it’s time to quit your relationship because things are about to end. Here are some warning signs that you should start to pay attention to.

24. They put passwords on everything

At the beginning of your relationship, he or she let you in on everything they owned. But now they use passwords for everything they own. This is a big red flag, and you need to pay close attention to this red flag because it is a clear sign that things are about to end. So get ready to move on because the end of your relationship is near.



Red flags are hard to see in a relationship if you really want things to work out with the person you are dating. It is very easy to miss certain signs because people see what they want to see. People also stay in a relationship where they are being abused because they may not understand what is happening. So if they are still in an abusive relationship, they are definitely going to ignore the signs that their partners are mentally abusive. A relationship can show you the best in people, and it can also show you the worst in people. So pay attention to the person you are in a relationship with and watch out for red flags while dating. Your happiness depends on it.