Fear of compromise? 24 signs you want a relationship but are afraid

Signs that you are afraid of a relationship

If you are a woman who is ready for a serious relationship and wants to calm down with a man, you need to know which man is willing to enter into an emotional relationship with you. It wouldn’t be a problem if men weren’t afraid of long-term relationships. Such an attitude is difficult to change, and therefore you need to know the characteristics of the behavior of such men so that you can immediately know what you are dealing with. There are two types of men: those who want to enter into serious long-term relationships and those who are afraid of having serious relationships, that is, they are afraid of commitment. While it is sometimes obvious that you specify which of these two categories the man you recently met falls into, sometimes your emotions can prevent you from seeing him in the proper light. Well,

# 1 All the previous relationships you had were short-term

Perhaps one of the most important signs: your list of intensive, short-term relationships is quite long, and you have the answer to the question “why?” Always ready. You’ve probably heard one of these responses: “I didn’t find the right one,” “because of work,” “I wasn’t ready for a serious relationship,” etc.

# 2 Don’t give up

This type of man won’t calm down until he catches you. You may not be interested, but their persistence will make you think. This is one of the first signs that you are dealing with a man who is afraid of relationships so he just likes hunting until he catches you and then his fear of commitment comes to the surface. This does not always need to be true. However, be careful not to injure yourself.

# 3 He sends you mixed signs on a daily basis

Also, one of the most important signs that he is afraid of relationships is that he is giving you signs of hot and cold. Sometimes he likes you, again it seems that he is not aware of your existence. He may not want to act overly enthusiastic about you, or he may be too busy, but he may be sending you mixed signals that he is simply not ready enough for relationships. It would be best if you don’t take those signs too personally, because, after months or years of dating, she certainly learned to show you some signs of interest to keep you by her side.


# 4 Go from hot to cold faster than your morning coffee

The fact is, he likes you, and therefore he occasionally unwittingly behaves in a way that serious boyfriends are supposed to behave. But then the fear of commitment comes to the surface, and so you decide to ignore it for a few days to distance yourself from it. One thing is for sure, rejection is not what he wants you to feel.

# 5 All your dates are agreed at the last minute

If he reminds you of 10 o’clock on Friday night, it’s not because his best plans have failed. Maybe those things are signs that she’s just afraid to act like a ‘serious boyfriend in relationships’.


# 6 Most of your dates are in their home

It takes a lot of effort and attention to get you on a real date, so it keeps you in familiar territory. Going out in public is too much trouble for a person who is afraid of relationships and not ready for a serious commitment in relationships. These signs are familiar to you if your partner’s room is the most visited place when you hang out together. These signs are not indicative that your partner does not like you or wants to keep it a secret, it is that you do not know how to act because you are afraid of relationships.


# 7 He wants the people in his life to get to know you

When men want to be with a woman, they want to share their feelings with everyone. That is why your partner talks to you about his friends and family and mentions in your conversations that he wants to introduce you to his friends and show them why he likes you, but that never happens because he does not have the courage to face those situations. You will have to detect these signs indirectly because you are not going to tell them directly.

# 8 The word “relationships” is not in your vocabulary

Don’t make any effort to ask what is guiding your relationship, because it will most likely get you out of your way. If you’re wondering why she hasn’t started this conversation yet, it’s because she’s avoiding it, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to be with you.


# 9 Fear of commitment

Pay attention to the signs of their dedication. The more he dedicates himself to you and your needs, the greater the chances of having a serious relationship with this man. When they do get engaged, men are caught in panic as they are simply not prepared for such seriousness. It takes a man time to get to know the girl he’s dating and feel like she’s good for him before there are any signs that things are getting serious.


# 10 He’s scared due to a bad experience in his past

If he was hurt by his previous love, he would be afraid to repeat that. It is normal for you to be afraid of building a serious relationship too soon. It will take time for you to trust relationships again.

# 11 Not sure

This reason is really stupid because he is telling you that he likes you and that he is comfortable with you, but when it comes to serious conversations about the future of your relationship, he is dismissing the topic with his excuses: “he does not want to talk about relationships at this moment “,” the moment is not right “,” you are not sure what you want “, etc. All of these excuses are signs that he likes you but is still afraid of commitment.


# 12 He doesn’t want to talk

When you want to talk about your relationship, he will try to avoid the conversation and, with a decent excuse, tell you that he doesn’t need this type of conversation yet.


# 13 Commitment? What’s that?

You like your life the way it is right now, and we all know that the key to healthy love relationships is being open to compromise. It is obvious that he likes his routine, even if you are the person who is so cute, kind to him, and is making him happy, he still does not want to change anything in his routine.

# 14 He behaves weird

They all have habits that you are not aware of. Well, if your partner starts behaving strangely, you have to ask yourself why. See if there are any signs that something is wrong with it. Are you facing any problems? Are you angry or disappointed? Did something happen that took you off the track? Are you going through a difficult period? Or maybe he just wants to talk to you and is too afraid to open up in front of you.


# 15 He doesn’t rush

If he only wants you like an adventure, he will immediately ask for more and more. But if he goes slowly, step by step, it means he wants to get to know you better because he doesn’t want to get hurt. Men who are afraid of commitment will carefully examine each step of their partner. Also, this type of man will never want to rush because he doesn’t know how to move to the next level of the relationship, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you and doesn’t want a relationship.

# 16 He talks about future plans but does nothing about it

He talks about a common future, for more serious steps in the relationship, but he does nothing in practice about those plans, and they are left only in words.

# 17 Establish rules of conduct in the relationship

You set rules, but you don’t respect them. Relationships are about society, not about a dictatorship. No one should tell you what not to do and what to do.


# 18 He knows how to be kind and warm

Even men who are afraid of commitment and relationships have their loving moments when they are in some kind of relationship. If he really wants a relationship with you, you will notice that if he increases physical gestures like hugging and kissing, he will also become more attentive to you in public.


# 19 He often tells you that he is thinking of you

Very simple, if your partner tells you often that he thinks of you, that means that he sees you as a big part of his life. If you manage to enter his head, this means that you are very close to his heart. The problem is that you may be afraid that you will get hurt in the commitment process or maybe that you will reject him and because of that, you do not want to tell him directly that he wants a relationship with you.

# 20 withdraws from serious conversations

He often claims that long-term relationships are not his thing because he would not make a good boyfriend. Your goal is to use your fear of failure as an excuse to escape.

# 21 Unrealistic expectations

When his partner does not meet all of his expectations, a man who is afraid of relationships becomes disappointed and obsessed with focusing on the negative characteristics of his partner.


# 22 He is generous with food

If he gives you the last piece of his favorite dessert or if he changes his food with yours, it is because he knows that you prefer his food and with this gesture, he is telling you that he cares about you. No one would give up their favorite food except those for whom their feelings were exploited for reason.

# 23 He doesn’t know how to comfort you

You expect a certain reaction and want a specific form of support and comfort from your partner. But he doesn’t know how to comfort you. Because you are afraid of commitment, your partner faces different situations where others need comfort, and when you need to comfort him, he is more likely to use a sarcastic comment or joke instead of compassionate words. Totally inappropriate for the situation, but not yet intentional.

# 24 He feels like you are constantly mad at him for something

He is always the problem, and you are always angry. His reduced emotionality means that he does not worry about every little thing and thinks that nothing is important enough to start a fight. And this is the result of your refusal to accept that you are afraid to take responsibility and act more openly in the relationship.

Final word

There are two types of people in relationships: those who get involved in their relationships and those who are afraid of commitment. The first group of people interfere with emotions and act more openly in their relationships, while the people in the second group are fearful when it comes to expressing feelings because they often don’t know how to do it and because they are afraid of hurting themselves in the process. Any combination of these two types of people, when it comes to dating, is quite annoying and challenging. Often due to this conflict of emotional weight, couples encounter problems such as mutual misunderstandings, which only complicate even the complicated situation. But if it’s not complicated, it’s not interesting, right?