19 signs your ex girlfriend is not over you yet

The best feeling in this world is when you are in love with someone. However, problems always make their way into relationships and the two people who were in love end up breaking up. Most guys try to get their ex girlfriend back after a relationship ends. Some may be successful, but others fail. The important thing to find out is whether your ex still has an interest in you. You should look for signs that your ex still loves you. Noticing these signs is important, especially when you want to relive a relationship that ended. The signs will give you hope and encourage you to go after your ex girlfriend. However, if you are not interested in getting back together, these signs will help you avoid it. The signs can sometimes confuse you since you don’t know what they mean.

1. Your ex stays in touch

An important rule when a relationship ends is that there should be no contact. One of the main signs that your ex isn’t broke up with you is when he stays in touch. If your ex-girlfriend is in constant contact with you after a breakup, chances are she has an interest in you despite having other options. When he’s constantly texting, calling, or emailing you, it’s a sign that he’s hoping to rekindle your relationship. There are times he will call you for advice. She just wants to keep in touch with you because if that weren’t the case, she would have asked someone else for advice.

2. She wants to see you

One sign that your ex isn’t done with you is when he asks you to meet up. Meeting after a breakup can be awkward and awkward. When you find out that an ex-girlfriend wants to see you after the breakup, there is a reason behind it. It is obvious that contacting you is not enough for her. She wants to meet you so she can give you other signs that she hasn’t gotten over you. Some of the signs may include flirting using their eyes, constantly touching you, and getting close to you. These are signs that she wants you to realize and acknowledge that she hasn’t gotten over you and that she wants you to come back. If you are still interested, this should be to your advantage.

3. Your attitude changes suddenly

An ex will become distant and cold when you break up. She will pretend she’s busy, refuse to have contact with you, and use one word to answer you. These are signs that she is not interested in you. However, when she does the opposite after a breakup, it will confuse you. It is a sign that he is gaining interest in you again. Something in his life must have changed his vision of you. She wants you to know that she hasn’t gotten over you and that she wants you back in her life.

4. Your ex-girlfriend hints that you will go out again

Whenever your ex-girlfriend wants to get back together, she’ll hint at it to see your reaction. This is her way of letting her know that she hasn’t gotten over you. You can even joke around and say that it would be great if you got back together. She is giving you a sign, and she hopes you will reciprocate by getting back together.

5. She asks about your love life

When your ex starts asking about your love life, it’s a sign that they haven’t gotten over you. She still has feelings for you, which she hides very well. She doesn’t want you to date someone else, as she wants you alone. There’s a high chance that she doesn’t want you to come back right away, but she’s still not over you.

6. She makes signs of awkward eye contact

There are times when you feel like he is still looking at you the same way as when you were dating. You know that she hasn’t changed her point of view about you. When your ex looks at you, they have a gleam in their eyes. If you find that you can’t look at her without feeling uncomfortable, then chances are she still has feelings for you. When your ex also smiles at every ridiculous thing you do, this is a sure sign that they haven’t gotten over you.

7. She talks about you

When you find out from people close to you that your ex has been talking about you, it intrigues you to know what he has been saying. When you discover that everything she has said is just good things, you are relieved. Well, don’t relax just yet because it’s a sign that he’s not over you yet. You also learn that she has been posting love phrases on social media about you. This could make you confused, as you don’t know their intentions. He’s probably just giving you a hint that he still has feelings for you.

8. She asks for you

If you have the same friends as your ex and they are tired of hearing your name, it means that your ex girlfriend is talking about you. This is a sign that she hasn’t gotten over you. She may ask what you have been up to or how you are doing. If she has heard about one of your accomplishments, she might ask your friends about it. She still has an interest in your life and is not afraid to show it. This can make you tired if you have no interest in her. I just know that’s how relationships are most of the time.

9. She still has your gifts

You might find it awkward when you meet her and see that she is still wearing the necklace you gave her or one of your t-shirts that she loved. You might think that she is doing this because they were great gifts, but that is not the case. She still has your gifts because they remind her of you. This is a sign that she hasn’t gotten over you and still has feelings for you.

10. You have a gut Feeling that your ex has not gotten over you

A hunch can sometimes be misleading, and sometimes it can be correct. If you know her very well, your instincts will never fail you. You may feel like your ex hasn’t gotten over you yet and you could be right. Just take some time to see if she will send you a signal, then you’ll be safe.

11. She has outbursts of anger

Has your ex ever got mad when he flirted with someone who is interested in you? If the answer is yes, then she still has feelings for you. When he gets angry and sometimes hits you when you talk to another woman, it is a sign that he has not gotten over you.

12. She often bumps into you

If you meet your ex on rare occasions, it is likely a coincidence. However, when you find out that you constantly run into your ex, she does it on purpose. I could find out where you are from one of your friends and introduce you. This is a sign that she hasn’t gotten over you and is trying to get back into your life.

13. She is at your entire disposal

Isn’t it weird that your ex is there for you every time you call her? This is a sign that she hasn’t gotten over you. If she had surpassed you, she would not be available every time you want her help. Your ex will always be available, as he wants to get your heart back.

14. She always misses you

One of the obvious signs that your ex hasn’t gotten over you is when he confesses that he misses you. If she wants you back, she will make sure you know that she misses time together and wants the two of you to go out again.

15. She stalks you

When your ex starts to follow your every move and shows up in unexpected places, you must be scared as he is stalking you. Stalking is a sign that your ex is not over you. It can even stalk you through social media and even create fake accounts when you block it.

16. She avoids dating other people

When you find out that your ex is avoiding other men’s advances, it’s a sign that he hasn’t gotten over you. She secretly hopes you change your mind and get back with her.

17. Your Beau looks like you

Does your ex-girlfriend’s new boy look exactly like you? This is a sign that she hasn’t gotten over you. Your ex is in a recovery relationship with your doppelganger as he still has feelings for you and is trying to get over them or hopes to rekindle what you had with his new guy.

18. She tries to make you jealous

Your ex may try to make you jealous by hanging out with other people and making sure you are in the know. This is a sign that he hasn’t gotten over you and wants you to get jealous to the point where he comes back into your life.

19. She still talks to your family

It is very awkward when your ex is still talking to your family. You made it clear that it’s over between the two of you, but she’s trying to communicate with her family. This is a sign that he still has feelings for you and hopes you get the clue. After a breakup, it is a common rule to stay away from each other. Staying away from your ex can help you avoid awkward moments. Make sure your ex knows that you are totally above her and that your life will be a lot easier. Unless you still have feelings for her like she does, stop wasting your time and get back together. Life is too short to waste, so take a leap of faith and live to the fullest.