Top 9 Reasons Men Stop Texting You After A Few Days

You’re dating a new guy, and things seem to be going well for both of you. You start to think that he might be the one this time. A few days pass and everything is fine. One day the guy stops texting you out of nowhere. You hold your breath and wait for it to respond at night. You start making silly excuses to justify their behavior. However, after several weeks and the man hasn’t responded, reality hits you hard; He’s disappeared, like the other boys! You keep wondering what’s wrong with you. Is there something you always do wrong? Don’t stress too much. If the guys stop texting you in a few days, it’s their loss. Also, you are adorable and charming. In case you’re wondering why men stop texting you in a few weeks or days,

1. Guys back off when they’re not serious.

When you’ve been with a guy for several weeks and things start to get hot, as a woman, you’ll start to wonder where this relationship is going. You will begin to try to clarify your intentions. Maybe when you hang out with guys, they are interested in you, but not enough to stick around for long. They are there to have fun. It’s a cruel thing to do, but that’s the nature of boys. If you start mentioning your intentions, you scare them away. Funny how guys take the funky way. They don’t know how to tell you because they feel bad. So they remove the shortcut and stop texting you. Don’t wallow in self-pity because all guys tend to disappear with you. The time will come when you will find the right person for you.

2. Guys stop texting when you’re a side girl

You probably thought you had found the right person this time. Unfortunately, you didn’t dig deep to find out if the guy is single or not. When things start to get serious between the two of you, he starts to back off and return texting becomes a problem. This could mean more than just being “busy.” Most of the time, kids don’t know how to multitask; That is why they are caught cheating easily. Guys can’t handle two girls at the same time without being wrong on one point. If he sees that his girlfriend will find out, he will stop being with you immediately. If you have had a series of breakups, then you should know that they are taking you for a walk. It hurts to hear this, but that’s second nature to most guys.

3. Guys stop texting when you get ahead of yourself

Are you the type of person who gets excited about a relationship? If you’ve only had two or three dates and are already planning to bring personal things to his house or if you’ve already called your parents to introduce him as your fiancé, it’s a complete detour. Most guys want to take it easy; They prefer to take their time to get to know their partner better. If you get too aggressive, most men will tend to back off slowly and stop texting you often. When they do, they get lazy. Eventually, they will stop texting you and there is nothing you can do about it. If you can help it, stop getting ahead of yourself and enjoy the happy times when you can.

4. You are too available

Guys like to chase women; That is its nature. If you make yourself too available to him, he will get bored easily. Men are strangely attracted to women who are not available. When a guy is texting you and you reply after 30 minutes or so, this will get you hooked on any guy. When you are too available, it means that you are waiting on your phone for your text messages. When you’re busy with your life and a new guy shows up, don’t make him the center of your universe. First of all, he was attracted to you because you are an interesting person with a complex and varied life. Guys get bored easily, and sometimes you may have no idea what caused their boredom.

5. You talk too much

Women love to talk; that’s what makes them special. However, when it comes to a first and a second date, you should minimize your words and enjoy the date. When you spill all the beans at once on your first date, you can be sure that anyone will stop texting you. Most guys talk less, so they need you to continue the conversation. Get involved in a way that doesn’t reveal too much about yourself. If you can, let me do the talking. If you’ve been dating a guy for a few days then the texting stops, you may be giving too much information over the phone or texting him too often. No man wants to read a novel about you in the text or receive a thousand texts in a second. You will probably forget what you have read after reading a few lines of the message. You can’t blame the boy for leaving you. Avoid texting too much, even though we live in a world where texting is used frequently.

6. You are not in the relationship

Some guys are naive when it comes to romance and texting. You can flirt with a person through text messages, and he may have no idea what you mean. Texting someone while flirting with them doesn’t send the right message correctly. Guys like to hear that flirty tone. Therefore, you better call when you suspect that your man has no idea that you are flirting with him through text messages. Some clueless guys may interpret texts as moody or cold, and thus stop texting you. No man would want to chase a woman who seems disinterested in romance. Let your man know your intentions before he stops texting you.

7. Guys stop texting when they’re afraid of commitment.

You’ve been enjoying dating. Things are working well for you. However, when you start asking about the relationship, the guy becomes lazy. He dodges any emotional text from you, and avoids answering any relationship-related questions you ask. You must stop the relationship immediately before you become more attached. If you don’t, this man will finally stop texting you. You don’t want to get involved with a man who is there for fun. Unfortunately, these men are very romantic and funny. However, they will never be good husbands or fathers. They will fade when things get uneven in the relationship. They have no decency or pity, and their way of saying goodbye is to stop texting you. Don’t wallow in self-pity.

8. You are too good for him

Sometimes men are intimidated by a woman who is out of their reach. This is fine, but it shows that he is not a confident man. No woman should be around a man who suffers from low self-esteem. You may have more money than him; Maybe you come from a wealthy background, and that’s why your self-esteem is suffering. The boy may also have deeper problems. So you shouldn’t stick around to find out. If you continue to cling to that man, don’t be surprised when one day he stops texting him. He will disappear from the face of the earth just to avoid it. Such men can be controlling or abusive in a relationship. If he stops texting you, don’t stress or try to reach him. You are better off without such a man.

9. is married

We live in a world full of wonder and mischief. Some men hook up with a woman and don’t say they are married. You will think that you have found the perfect man since he is well-groomed, knows his movements, makes you smile, and recovers you. Such men can live a double life. Most of them always conduct business far away. Therefore, they will require travel from time to time. These men are romantic, charming, and lovable. Things will be fine for a few days or so until it disappears and you stop texting. Once the texting stops, you won’t have a voice in the relationship. The good thing about this is that you don’t waste a lot of time with a person who doesn’t appreciate you. Don’t over-analyze the situation by talking to your close friends and trying to find a remedy. Get out of the situation before you end up spending a lot of time worrying about anything. If you keep texting a boy who has rescued you, it won’t help resolve the situation. With these few pointers, you now know that there is nothing wrong with you. Whether the guy is texting you vaguely or not, keep going, it’s his loss.