What women want in a man: 15 things every man needs to know

Every woman dreams of finding the perfect man one day. However, there are rare qualities that every woman looks for in a man. These qualities are rare to find in a man and that is why the perfect man is hard to find. We all know that no one is perfect, including women, but with these rare qualities, any man can adapt if he is willing to. However, most men lack at least a quarter of these qualities. Women do not ask too much of a man, but if her man or her husband is sufficient in all the qualities he seeks, this will make any woman happy for life. That’s all women want. Here is a general list of what women want from a man. Nevertheless,

1. Women want a man with integrity

In a relationship, women want honesty in a man. However, too much honesty can ruin a relationship. Since they are in love with each other, they should be able to trust each other. Let him know what is happening in your life and do not hide important things in your relationship. Let him know about your past, your fun experiences, and don’t forget to share some bad decisions you’ve made in the past. She will know that her man has integrity. However, don’t be brutally honest about everything and if you can, lie a bit. Sometimes women must be lied to, especially when it comes to appearances. We all know all of her good days, and even her bad days, and sometimes a woman can even put on a few pounds. However, she still wants to be told that she looks beautiful,

2. Goodness in a man is a virtue

Women want a man who can love her for who she is. A woman doesn’t want to feel the need to lie. She wants to know that her man knows her from the inside out and that she can feel comfortable with herself. No one is perfect and if your wife has accepted all of your flaws, you should be willing to accept hers as well. Most women tend to fall in love with a man who shows compassion for life. Growing up, most men were taught that they had to be tough, therefore toughness should be bad for people, but this is not the case. A kind man attracts a woman from afar. Women want to be close to a man who portrays kindness in everything. Therefore, kindness should be at the top of the checklist.

3. Women want a romantic man

When they go out, men tend to be romantic until they get engaged and the boys join the family. Things change slowly because the mother is too busy for everyone and the husband is busy to make a living. The romance is forgotten, and at the end of the day, the couple are tired and want to rest. When the romance ends in a relationship, the relationship begins to have problems. As a man, you must keep the fire burning. Light some candles to surprise your wife from time to time. Plan an escape trip just for the two of you. Be romantic despite being a family man. Women want to be treated like girlfriends even after they become wives and mothers.

4. A financially independent man

Women want a financially stable man to meet their needs. We all know that not all men are financially stable, but you should at least be able to contribute to a relationship. An independent man is one you can trust. Even if you have a family, you know that you will be able to provide. He is financially stable and that means he makes his own decisions. No woman wants a mother’s child. A man who depends on his parents for financial help cannot and will not attract a woman.

5. Women want a reliable man

A trustworthy man is a person you can depend on. Women want to feel like they can trust the man in their lives. A trustworthy man will be there for you through thick and thin and you know that you should be able to depend on him at all times. He will go out of his way to make sure you feel safe with him no matter what. There are men who don’t know how to stay when things get uneven. A man who can stay to the end is a man worth keeping. This trait is rare to find as most men fear that commitment. If you find such a man, you are satisfied with life.

6. Women want a man who can communicate

For every relationship to work, there must be communication between both spouses. Most men do not know how to communicate physically and verbally. Therefore, they communicate better during their moment. It is unusual to find a man who discovers his soul in the open. However, it is a woman’s nature to communicate. She wants you to listen and sympathize with her situation. She wants to feel that you care and if you can offer her good advice. A husband must learn to communicate with his wife, as this will strengthen the relationship. Communication is the key to a better relationship. A man who knows how to talk to his spouse is a good man.

7. Intelligence and physical strength

If your husband or man is physically weak, he should at least have mental strength. A woman needs to feel safe when she is with a man who can protect her from harm. Women are attracted to a man whose strongest point is his mind. They want to feel safe, cared for, and loved at the same time. If you are in a relationship and your husband continues to expand his knowledge on certain matters, he will never leave that man. It can be physically challenged, but make sure you are smart. Therefore, as a man, you are able to adapt if with physical force and then with mental force. Every woman wants a man with whom she feels safe.

8. A man who offers his loyalty

It is natural for women to be competitive with other women. If you are married, you want your husband to love and value you always. She wants to know that you only think about her and that you can’t see the future without her. It would be heartbreaking if you found out that your husband has his eyes on another woman but that he is with you. Therefore, women look for a man who will give them blind loyalty. We all know that this is a rare trait to find in a man and it is the way a man goes. However, if you can master blind loyalty to your girl, you are ready for life. A woman wants a man who will never cheat on her.

9. A loving man

Women want a man who will take care of them both in good times and in bad. She will want to feel loved, cared for, and that you can share her problems with her. She wants to feel like you will always be there for her, no matter what. We are all human beings and, at one point in life, we will need someone to take care of us. However, if you manage to be affectionate, you will be among the good men who are rare to find. If you care about your girl, then she will reciprocate the feeling. You can count on her when you are at your lowest point in life. A woman wants a loving man.

10. A confident man

When a man is confident, his body language portrays that he is confident in his own skin. Women tend to be attracted to a confident man. She wants a man who she can trust with his life, and one who wants to be around you all the time. People easily trust a confident man. As a man, you don’t have to talk much. Just be confident. All women want is a confident man as their spouse.

11. An enterprising man

When true love hits, you have no idea where it will land. When you fall in love with a man, you just hope that he is ambitious. A man, who knows how to set goals in life and does his best to achieve them, enters the league of the best men, which are rare to find. This man knows what he wants in life. This is the type of man that all women will feel safe with and will want to depend on you when it comes to settling down. As a man, you have to be an entrepreneur. Every woman wants to settle for a winner.

12. Sense of madness

It is worth having a man who makes you laugh. Laughter reduces tension and improves mood in a relationship. A man who makes his spouse smile or laugh all day will have a wife. A woman will want to be by your side every day, as you will always improve her day. She will be counting on you to keep her smiling for the rest of their lives. Every woman wants a man with a sense of humor to be part of her life.

13. A passionate man

A man who has a passion for what he does is a man who knows what he wants. Women are attracted to such a man. Some women are physically attracted to a man regardless of his features. This should not be the case, so please be a passionate man and you will find a wife very fast.

14. An attentive man

A woman wants a man who knows when to speak up and when to contribute to the relationship. Some men don’t know how to handle such a situation. Some want to dominate in a conversation while others care less. Women want attentive men, a man who will listen to them and speak up when necessary. This is an important trait to acquire in life. It will apply to all aspects of your life. A woman wants a caring person as a spouse.

15. To get groomed for her

Women are different. some want robust men while others want well-groomed men. Preparation for men is not their best point in life. However, a woman would appreciate it if he makes any meaningful preparation. That is all you need to make her happy. Different women have different qualities that they look for in men. The above is just a checklist and you should not expel a man because he does not possess all of the above. Even while looking for certain qualities, learn to compromise because no one is perfect. As for men, don’t fake it by trying to impress a woman. Just be yourself and you will attract the right woman who will appreciate you.