Is it or is not: 24 ways to test if he’s the one

When you’re in love, you feel like your partner is the one for you. It rarely happens that you meet someone with whom you have the feeling of an instant connection. Something clicks from within and you instantly know that he is your soulmate and that the two of you are made for each other. While there are so many crazy theories for finding your soulmate, the one mentioned above leaves you very confused. If you are not connected with your partner, then you begin to doubt the longevity of your relationship. Another theory focuses on ‘Opposites attract’. But how do you get along with someone who has all the opposite tastes to you? What if you fight a lot with your man? Will the two of you be happy with your relationship? Obviously, you don’t want to end up in a divorce or a broken heart, and therefore you give your relationship a lot of thought. You are not here to have a casual affair. You want constancy and eternal love. So how do you represent that he is the one for you? Some often complain of never hearing that click after meeting their peers. Well, even if the universe doesn’t come down to give you an affirmation, there are some signs that will help you prove that he’s the one for you.


1. He shows you as his trophy girl

You have to grab a man like that and never let him go. In happier relationships too, there are partners complaining that they don’t care much about each other’s job or career. A guy who constantly brags about you to his friends for your promotion or your cooking or your other qualities is clearly in love with you. The two of you can never have any ego shock, as he seems to be your biggest fan.


2. You both make sacrifices for each other

A man who may not be ready to quit his career because of you may not be wrong in the relationship, but if you are lucky enough to find someone who will make sacrifices to keep you happy, then you should know that he is the one for you. A relationship is about giving and take. You also make sacrifices for this wonderful man and together you can lead a very happy life taking into account each other’s priorities.

3. He is still courteous to you

Even after many years of the relationship, if your man still does little chores that prove his chivalry towards you, then he is definitely the one for you. He will open doors for you; Wait for him to finish his meal, help him with his coat, and other such gallant demeanor shows his chivalric qualities.


4. Both share the same values; so he’s the one

This is very important if you intend to start a family with your love. You both need to have a similar thought process and similar ethics and principles in life; otherwise, it will be very difficult to live happily together. You should discuss your family goals before planning to settle down with your man.


5. He is the one for you if he accepts you as you are

This is a very important factor to mark your happiness in the relationship. Anyone who tries to change you and your personality clearly doesn’t have any true feelings for you. He has an image of you in his mind and he wants you to become that. He is not in love with the person you really are. If you don’t see such signs in your guy and instead find that he is trying to achieve the best in you, then he is your soulmate.

6. Talk about life after the wedding

Now, this is a crucial point to note. If you find that your groom is always talking about elaborate wedding plans and not much about life after marriage, then you need to be careful. He might be chivalrous to you and might think alike, but it could be that he’s more of a society-conscious person than he is truly in love with you. Here’s a very fine line and you should try talking to him about your future rather than tying the knot too soon.


7. You always miss him when he’s not around

Not only do you write or tell him that you miss him, but you feel it from the inside. You always wish him to be with you. You get this weird feeling of emptiness when you’re not around, even in a crowded room.

8. You always want to be alone with him

A true relationship and true love long for time alone with each other. Without spending time alone with him every day, you feel incomplete. You need that time with him and everything to yourself every day for some time.

9. Long-distance relationship did not change feelings

They both survived a long-distance relationship quite well. They feel the same about each other, even after months or years of living apart. You have been in constant contact with him while he was away and felt the need to tell him everything.

10. He is the first that comes to your mind

If you have something good or sad to discuss, he is the first person that comes to mind. You have to tell him the smallest thing that happens in your life, otherwise, you feel restless. This is a sign of true love when you need the person in your life completely.


11. Plan many things for the future

If your guy books vacations or events after 6 months or even after a year, then he has every intention of staying with you forever. In his opinion, the two are already one and now they live their lives planning their future.

12. You can be yourself in front of him

You can cry, yell, and even throw a tantrum in front of him without feeling ashamed or ashamed of yourself. He has seen you at your worst and has loved you despite everything. He is the one for you and your true soul mate.

13. You can’t think of much to complain about him

You are too satisfied with their customs and habits and it is not much you want to complain about. Even in a group, when your friends complain about their partners, you sit quietly because you don’t have much to contribute.


14. You both know each other’s families

If your guy has introduced you to his family and has been eager to meet yours, then it is a clear sign that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you. You don’t make family connections if it’s just a casual affair.

15. He is eager to know about your friends

If your guy is right for you, then he will also care about your friends. You will be eager to meet all your friends and will also try to establish cordial relationships with them. Such a guy is suitable for you as he cares about your friends too.

16. Listen to you

If he knows your mood swings and also allows you to vent, then he loves you deeply and you should never let him go. He is your true soulmate and he really understands you. He’s the only one who seems right to talk to when you’re upset. She also does her best to calm and comfort him.


17. Congratulates you a lot

Even after years or months of being in a relationship, he never stops congratulating you. He notices your clothes and even the slightest change in your hairstyle. He is totally within you and you are within him.

18. You love traveling together

You love traveling with him and you see the same excitement in him for traveling with you. He just likes your company no matter what. They both make travel plans to exotic places and love spending time together. They do many exciting adventures and activities together and even enjoy strolling together on the beach.

19. You are always his priority

He works hard but you are always his first priority and he is always available for you. No matter how busy he is at work, he always makes time for you. You are the most important person to him and you feel the same about him. You can’t even imagine a life without it.


20. Makeup after a fight

Even if it is your fault, you are primarily the first to make up for a fight because you value your relationship with you more than your own ego. Fighting is very healthy in a relationship and he makes sure they both recover quickly and forget about their fight. A fight between the two is not delayed and he makes sure they both get back to normal quickly.

21. He runs errands for you

You don’t think twice about asking him a favor and he doesn’t mind running errands for you. It is almost as if they both live as husband and wife. He takes care of the gas in your car and you take care of the groceries. Everything between the two is somewhat divided.

22. Both can chat for hours

They both never seem to run out of topics to talk about. You are both each other’s best company and the only company you both long for. The two of you can spend hours chatting on the phone.

23. He always remembers your special dates

He always tries to make your birthdays and anniversaries special. These dates are very important to him and he makes sure that both of you celebrate the occasion together. Pamper you with gifts.

24. He needs you too

He is always there for you, but he also makes you feel needed. It is not a one-sided relationship, but he demands your time and attention as well. He wants to discuss everything that happens in his life with you and gets upset if you don’t give him time.

If your man has all or even 20 of the qualities mentioned above, then he is absolutely right for you and there is no doubt that he is the one for you.