Top 10 Warning Signs You’re Dating A Womanizer

It is true that we are not equal, we are divided into male and female, and there is a difference between people from north to south. Both physically and mentally, we are built differently, we develop differently, we think differently, we have different notions about things. Understanding how the female brain works are not easy if you try to do it, good luck! But there is a group of men who have been practicing some proven tips, so they can easily hug women.

If you add manipulative and insincere to the cautious, romantic, seemingly self-confident, curious, and cautious characteristic, you get the main personality of the charming actor called a womanizer.

Most women are terrified and horrified by the possibility of being hurt by a man and not recognizing the warning signs that scream “run away from him.” You can prevent your heart from breaking by carefully looking at this list of psychological signs a womanizer has:

1. Words do not overlap with actions.

2. They are seen exclusively at night.

3. Share too many compliments.

4. You have been alone for a long time.

5. Can’t resist flirting.

6. He knows many women but is not a close friend of any of them.

7. Your friends don’t try to get to know you.

8. He scatters money.

9. Never leave your mobile phone unattended.

10. Everyone around you warns you that you are a womanizer.


Womanizer: vehemently accused and hated by other members. Perhaps some of the men are delighted with the fact that womanizers “twist” women, but all secretly hate them for their personality and the simple reason that they are easily caught, while the rest of the men stick with it.


How to spot a womanizer

A womanizer is a man who takes care of his appearance. He reigns over the space around him, speaks loud and clear, has bright eyesight, and has a masculine character and seductive personality. The womanizer prevails in society. The womanizer is strong and is directing strong points of view. I mean, the womanizer has that cherry that separates him from the crowd.


How the womanizer attracts women

A womanizer will not come to you drunk; he will be sober, even a little modest. Why are you sober? So he would have too much self-confidence, his psychology says that is why he does not need alcohol. A womanizer will captivate you with beautiful words and an adorable personality, with his masculine characteristic and perhaps with flowers.


How does a womanizer work?

Have you seen a puppy hanging around a butcher shop? The more you refuse, the more it runs towards you, like outlined monkeys. The colder you are, he burns more and more. The psychology of a womanizer says that he is always ready to kneel. Is the womanizer stupid? My dear ones, run away from this man, a womanizer is persistent, you are his target, and the persistent womanizer who has a set goal will do whatever it takes to catch you and then hurt you.


How does the womanizer conquer women?

Psychology says that the way to reach a man’s heart is seduction, and to reach a woman’s heart, beautiful words are the most important thing. The womanizer has his advice, which means he is well trained too. Always keep in mind that you are neither the first nor the last to speak those words as well. The womanizer will look at you long and obviously, biting his mouth to increase your confidence, knowing that you are desirable … what to tell you, a womanizer operates well and controls himself.

The womanizer’s advice

He opens the car door for you. He gives you an advantage. He is a “true” gentleman. He plays hot-cold. He will buy you flowers, or even more delicate ones; he will pick the flowers alone. He can dedicate a song to you with a meaning of love, and he will sing it to you too. You are his heart, gold, soul, angel, beauty, little fool. He will deceive you regarding the future. He says “we” and not “me.”

And there are many more signs, tips, expressions, words, compliments, and trifles. Such men know the psychology of women and that women pay attention to insignificant things, and they spontaneously tell them that they do not make sense, and in fact, behind them, there is some kind of intention.

9 signs you’re dealing with a womanizer

1. He is a charming charmer

When you are with the womanizer, you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world and the only one for him. Every second a sentence appears with a compliment that takes you to the sky. This womanizer knows how to make a woman blush with romantic gestures and love messages quickly. But don’t forget that while you think it’s all too good to be true, he may think about which tactic will get you into his hands the fastest.


2. He “sincerely” acknowledges your loving affection instantly

You went out with the womanizer only once, and in the next meeting he tells you: “I love you”, “I have not met a beautiful and intelligent girl”, “You are different”. Think, nowadays men are hiding their feelings so much that you can often only see such statements in a movie. When saying the words “I love you” at the beginning of the relationship, you should always envision the sender’s intentions.

3. Promise too much, too early

True love players know what women want to hear. The womanizer has woven webs around many others, and as soon as he gets close to you, he will start weaving around you. Be careful; the clever womanizer will immediately begin speaking in the plural. For example, he will not say “Next summer I will go to Italy”, but “Next summer we will go to Italy”. With false promises of the future, the womanizer will convince you that he wants a serious relationship. In this case, clean your eyes and soothe your ears. Men, in general, are afraid to commit and find it difficult to talk about the future or make serious promises, especially at the beginning of the relationship. The womanizer does not find that difficult because he knows that he will never be held back long enough to keep promises.


4. He knows many women but is not close friends with any of them

These types of seducers know a lot of women (if you check their Facebook account, probably 70% of their friends are female representatives). But the womanizer with neither of them maintains a close friendship. Experts say that the reason for this behavior is that such men see all women as potential targets.


5. His friends don’t try to get to know you

He brings you in the company of his comrades; They all say “Hello” and then switch to their conversations, and they don’t even try to learn more about you. To them, you are probably one of the many and don’t make an effort to meet you when they know you won’t be at the same table for a long time.

6. He scatters money

The womanizer will not leave his glass empty, nor will he leave his pretty friends thirsty. The womanizer will welcome his friends and leave them a generous tip. He tries to make it seem like money is not a problem for him because he is convinced that money acts as an aphrodisiac and impresses women.

7. Never leave your mobile phone unattended

The womanizer and his cell phone are inseparable, and when they are together, he turns it off completely or turns off only the sound. It is a good sign that the womanizer is afraid of unexpected calls and therefore protects himself from the explanations he should give if another “victim” appears.


8. He sometimes acts cold and strange on the phone

He received a romantic SMS from the womanizer and is excited to call him to hear his voice. And unexpectedly, his behavior is cold and moderate, and you are only left with “Yes”, “No” and “Good”. It is normal to ask “What happens now?” and it is logical to think that he may be in the company of another woman before whom he cannot speak.

9. Everyone around you warns you that you are a womanizer

Take out the pink glasses, forget for a moment his charm and charisma, and consider if the gossip for him and his love conquests is not true. Do not live with the lie that people speak ill of him because he is jealous and looks at reality. At worst, you will be convinced that where there is smoke, there is fire.


What should you remember?

Yes, your relationship with the womanizer will change once he beats you. No, you are neither the first nor the last. No, you shouldn’t fantasize about the future with him. Yes, the womanizer will one day decide to marry, but the chances of being faithful are miniature. No, he doesn’t want a serious relationship. Yes, the same advice has been delivered countless times with other women before you. No, the womanizer will not be faithful. Yes, he will be with you until you bother him. No, he doesn’t want to meet your parents.



It’s okay to meet a lot of people, life will take you on different paths and you will meet different characters, including the characteristic of a womanizer. Let him take a look, he tries to conquer you, but never obey him, always let him know that you don’t believe the words that come out of his mouth only to hurt you in the end. You can choose not to mess with a person with this species at all, or you can go all the way with the womanizer and see how it works. Nothing terrible, one more life experience. But whatever you do, you should always be one step ahead of the womanizer; do not fall in love with him because you will get hurt. Stay away whenever you have time, with these tips you will appear from time to time, and easily fall under their influence as cold as you. When you choose to play with fire, you will get burned.