13 effective ways to impress your crush and make him notice you

How do you impress your crush?

So, you have met a boy that you like. But he doesn’t seem to show interest in you. What do you do to make sure he is impressed by you? Do you call him, send text messages or whatsapp to let him know that you are in love with him? Doing this may not be a good move, as it may seem hopeless. However, there are some effective tricks that you can use to impress your crush without having to bother him on WhatsApp.

1. Have confidence in yourself

In most cases, guys are impressed by physical attraction. Therefore, if you are trying to impress your crush, you will need to make sure that he physically notices you first. Even if you don’t think you are beautiful, you don’t have to worry as beauty is about how you feel about yourself. This will depend on how well you can take care of yourself and how confident you are. To be confident, you will need to not only love yourself, but also make sure that you are not like everyone else. It doesn’t matter what others think of you; all you need to do is smile and remain a good person.

2. Stay positive to impress your crush

If you always keep your beautiful smile and speak positively of others, this is sure to impress your crush. If you are always positive about life, your crush will look at you positively. If you are always negative with yourself, your crush will also look negatively at you. Keep in mind that it is possible to stay happy even when you don’t have a boy. If you manage to stay happy while you’re still single, you can be sure the right guy is on his way.

3. Be real to impress your crush

In this age of social media, everyone has gone fake in an attempt to please society and show their circle of friends that they are doing well. This is evident in the photos people post on social media while dining at fancy restaurants and wearing heavy makeup. What women don’t realize is that men don’t like women who pretend to be classy and elegant. Men prefer real girls who are honest, confident, and passionate. This is why it is important to accept yourself as you are rather than trying to be someone else. In this way, you can be sure that nature will work in your favor. If you must change something about your appearance, don’t do it because of your crush. Do it yourself.

4. Become independent

When you show your crush that you are independent, you can be sure that they will be impressed. If you rarely do things without the help of another person, you need to step out of that comfort zone. You may not realize it, but our actions, words and habits are influenced by the people around us and because we want to be sure that we are making the right decisions. Try new things as long as they are safe. For example, if we see our friends eating fast food every day, we begin to see that as normal and do the same. It is only when we begin to make decisions about what to eat alone that we enjoy greater independence. Then we can go ahead and set a good example as we make the right changes.

5. Be nice to others to impress your crush

Make sure you can always do nice things for the people around you. Even when your crush isn’t around, it’s easy to talk about it over dinner. The moment you realize that you are volunteering for the community or taking the time to help others, you can be sure that you will be impressed. If you’re the selfish type, guys can smell it from a mile away. This means that the better the person becomes, the greater the chances of winning his heart. You also need to remember that we attract the type of people that we are. Therefore, if you are kind, you will also attract a kind person.

6. Stay in shape to impress your crush

You don’t need to obsess over your weight. You can be one of those girls blessed with a naturally curvy body. However, when you can stay in shape, this will help you impress your crush. When you stay in shape, this will release the endorphin hormone, leaving you with more energy and helping you improve at the things you do. So, find time for an activity that you enjoy, such as dancing, yoga, or even rock climbing. You can also go for different types of training that will work well together to tone your entire body. Make sure you stay active every day and you will start to see guys paying more attention to you.

7. Be outstanding at your job or school

Men are attracted to women who can strive to become the best. This means that we must participate in the things that we are passionate about without giving up. Whether your goal is to get good grades or your goal is to be the best at your job, if you are tenacious and hardworking, it will be hard to break your spirit. You should be aware that there is no need to get too intense, as your body and brain will need a few breaks from time to time. But when you stay committed to your efforts, your crush will be impressed.

8. Be genuinely interested in your life.

When you show your crush that you are genuinely interested in his life and want to learn about his interests, he will greatly appreciate your warmth. Avoid being nice to him just to impress him or to get something from him. You shouldn’t expect him to start loving you right away. Even if he shows that he is quite attracted to you, you can still be good friends. You don’t have to be obsessed with your life. Instead, you need to ask meaningful questions and take into account what he tells you. Give your crush a little space and avoid sending him a WhatsApp message every day. Remember that you still need to have your own passions and interests. When you get a chance to talk to him, give him space to talk about his life as well. This will ensure that they don’t find you cocky or rude.

9. Choose your friends wisely

You may not be aware of this tip, but it is crucial. The company you keep is a good illustration of the type of person you are. Therefore, you must be careful when choosing your friends. That doesn’t mean you should just hang out with “the cool kids”; all you need is to be surrounded by kind people, and you will start to take pride in being around them. When you have shallow, gossipy people as friends, your crush will also assume you’re one of them. Make sure you trust not only yourself but your friends.

10. Show your creativity

You can decide to enroll in a pottery class or you can participate in the theater. There are different ways that you can express the type of person you are. Guys love girls who are creative. With art, you can engage your brain and make sure you stay in touch with your emotions. You can impress a guy through art because the guy will definitely find talent attractive. Most importantly, men worship educated girls who show their own interests rather than just echoing what other people do or say. It will be nice if you have other things to do, instead of just waiting for his WhatsApp message asking you to go out with him. This way, he won’t feel pressured to take you out and will see it as a privilege when you make time to go see him.

11. Use humor to impress your crush

Guys like to be around people with a good sense of humor. If you want to impress your crush, make him laugh with a funny joke. Avoid using crude jokes that may offend you. When you find time to talk to him, try to discover his type of humor and reflect it.

12. Use eye contact

Our eyes can be used to pass secret messages. For example, they may silently say that we are in love with someone. Why don’t you try this with your crush? When you see him, be sure to maintain eye contact. Then you must break eye contact to look at his lips. This will be a clear sign that you would like to kiss him.

13. Smile at him

When you see your crush, smile before engaging in a conversation. You can say “hello” to him; Please take a few seconds to say hello before continuing. You will have already passed the message. The fact is that very few men can resist a girl once they know that she is into them.