25 subtle signs she secretly wants to break up with you

Changes in communication are one of the signs that he wants to leave you and break up.

If the way your partner communicates with you has changed recently, it could be an indication that your feelings have changed. These variations in communication may be subtle, but they are definitely significant.

1. Stop texting or call you back

When relationships are new and still exciting, it seems like you and your partner can’t get enough of each other, which is why you’re constantly texting each other throughout the day – much to your employer’s annoyance I’m sure! If your partner suddenly stops answering your messages or doesn’t answer the phone when you call, chances are he’s starting to feel less excited about the prospect of talking to you.

2. If you text or call you back: you stick to one-word responses and / or don’t seem to want to keep the conversation going

If you are lucky enough to receive a reply to your messages or a callback, it may seem like you want to hang up the phone as quickly as possible because trying to carry on a conversation will be like biting your teeth. You won’t have much to say and most of your responses to your attempts to start a conversation will undoubtedly result in one-word responses.

3. When they are together, they don’t seem to be paying attention to what you are saying.

There’s also the possibility that those one-word answers didn’t even make sense because he probably wasn’t paying attention anyway. A clear indication of your lack of interest would be hesitation before answering a question as you will be trying to figure out what the question was in the first place. You will also hear many “uh huh” and “yeah yeah” responses.

4. He avoids you completely

Avoiding trouble seems to be a classic man’s approach to the most uncomfortable situations. Guys aren’t known to talk about their feelings or express their concerns in a relationship because they feel uncomfortable and it can often lead to other uncomfortable conversations that they don’t want to have. If it seems like he’s avoiding you, he probably is.

5. Spends most of the time on your phone instead of chatting with you.

When they spend time together, he is more or less glued to his phone. Chances are, he’s probably looking at memes instead of paying attention to you. If you spend most of your restaurant visit annoyed at him for browsing Facebook and looking elsewhere than you, prepare to have “the talk.”

6. Keep fighting

If you feel like you’re constantly starting fights over petty matters, like who left the light on or who ate the last ice cream, you should be wondering what’s really going on. Continually choosing to have the same fight over and over could mean that you are trying to validate your reason for thinking about breaking up because the two of you started fighting a lot.

Becoming less affectionate is one of the signs that he wants to break up with you.

New relationships often come with a lot of affection and the two lovebirds go out of their way to find ways to touch each other, even if it’s brief. Holding hands is a must and no one cares about exposing other people to their PDA. So if your guy suddenly tries to put a physical distance between the two of you, that could be a clue that he’s thinking of leaving you.

7. He doesn’t tell you that he loves you very often and when he does, he feels forced or insincere.

If you want your guy to tell you how he feels about you, he feels like pulling his teeth, you need to worry. This is especially true if they’ve never had a problem saying they love you in the past. It may be that he doesn’t feel like he used to and he doesn’t want to lie to you, even though he’s not ready to part.

8. Lack of eye contact could spell divorce and / or the end of the relationship.

Not looking into your eyes can mean that they feel guilty about something. Chances are, you still haven’t figured out how to break the news to you.

9. Does not give you affection in public or in private.

Avoiding touching yourself will seem strange if you’re used to snuggling up on the couch while catching up on your shows after a hard day at work. It will probably eliminate your confusion by saying that she is too hot or that she really doesn’t feel like cuddling right now. When the two of you go out together, he typically does sweet things like pull out his chair for you or lead you through crowds with his hand on the small of your back. However, the last few times you’ve been out, he may have let you fend for yourself. This could be a sign that you are headed for a breakup, because he no longer cares about doing those sweet things to show you that he cares about you.

10. Little interest in intimacy is a sign of wanting a divorce or breakup.

A sudden loss of interest in being physical with you definitely spells trouble for your relationship. Sure, you can really have a headache. Maybe you really had a rough day at the office and you’re not in the mood … but having it turned off multiple times after trying to get things on your man could indicate that he is no longer interested in you and is thinking of splitting up.

Changes in social behavior could be one of the signs that he wants to break up or divorce you.

11. He often abandons you to hang out with his friends.

A guy who is no longer interested in being in a relationship will often abandon you to hang out with his friends. You could have planned to go to a movie or band that you are dying to see, but a guy who wants to divorce or break up with you will choose to hang out with his friends while playing video games for hours.

12. Keep “forgetting” important dates and events

Forgetting when you have important dates or events planned can also be an indication of an impending breakup. He knows they are important or special to you, but his lack of interest will show that he doesn’t feel the same way.

13. He doesn’t introduce you as his girlfriend.

If he wants to separate, he can stop presenting you as his girlfriend, even though he has referred to you as his girlfriend before. This is especially concerning if he stops referring to you as his girlfriend when introducing you to other women. It means that you don’t want them to think that you are important because it could impede your chances with them later on.

14. Talk openly about other girls in front of you

Catching him openly staring at a woman’s back while walking, or hearing him talk about a woman as if she were a piece of meat is very inappropriate in general, but men generally expect to do it when they are with their friends. Acting openly that way in front of you is a red flag that he wants to break.

15. Change the way you use social media.

This is a preventive move guys make when preparing to get back out after a breakup. You will first change your profile picture from that cute photo you took together to one that shows how attractive you are. Then you will avoid posting to your social media accounts. The next thing you know, your relationship status will change from “in a relationship” to “single.”

16. He makes requests for “alone time” but then goes out with his friends

A popular change in his social behavior is to tell him that he doesn’t want to hang out because he’s had a long day or he’s tired, but then an hour later, he sees that he’s leaving the bar. His lack of concern that you can clearly see his Snapchat stories and his Instagram posts show that you don’t like him that much anymore.

17. Your friends and family become distant.

When a guy is thinking about divorcing his wife or breaking up with his girlfriend, he has to talk about it with someone. You’ll probably notice that his friends start acting strange when you’re around and possibly exchange knowing glances at each other. His mother might also stop answering his phone calls for fear of spilling the beans before he’s done with you.

A change in attitude towards you is one of the signs that he wants to break

18. hides his phone from you

Hiding what you’re doing on your phone is a great indication that you’re doing something that you don’t want you to know about. Maybe he’s flirting with other girls in preparation for your breakup. Maybe he downloaded Tinder again. Whatever it is, he knows it will likely disrupt your trust in him.

19. He doesn’t make an effort to laugh at your silly jokes like he used to.

When a couple starts spending time together, neither wants the other to feel awkward about making a joke that isn’t so funny. However, if he is thinking of leaving you or separating you, he will not go out of his way to laugh at your terrible pun.

20. Blames you for things that are not your fault

If your partner suddenly starts blaming you for things that you have nothing to do with, you are probably looking for ways to feel better about considering divorce or a breakup. If you’re going to dinner and the server spills a glass of ice water on their lap and makes you mad, try not to get too mad because you deserve better anyway!

21. He accuses you of being insecure

If your partner accuses you of insecurity, they probably know that they have been acting shady. There is no reason for a woman who has never felt insecure before to begin to feel that way. Chances are, he’s probably giving you a reason to doubt him.

Stop prioritizing your future together

22. His plans for the future no longer involve you

A clear indication that he is thinking of leaving you is if he stops making plans for your future together. If you’ve talked about taking a vacation together for months, but suddenly don’t want to talk about it or seem disinterested, be careful.

23. Major life changes could be a sign of a pending divorce

Similar to # 22, if he’s talking about taking a job in a new city or attending an out-of-state college, but doesn’t mention how it will affect your relationship, he’s probably not thinking of taking it with him. This is especially concerning if you are married because it is common for married couples to make those kinds of decisions together, so divorce could be imminent.

24. They are not interested in the details of your life.

Not showing interest in what’s going on in your life is a sign that you don’t plan to stick around long enough to watch everything unfold. If you share great news about a career opportunity and he lacks enthusiasm, big changes could come on the relationship front.

25. He began to recover the things he left at your house.

Make sure to keep an eye on the things he left at your house. If he is planning to leave you, he will make an effort to retrieve the items he left there. This could be something as small as a T-shirt or as large as the flat-screen TV he lent you. In his plan to break up with you, he will make sure to get back whatever he feels attached to.

Trust your gut if you think he wants to break up

Trust your instincts and speak up if you think you are experiencing some of these subtle signs. You don’t have to wait to see how you feel, and you deserve an explanation if you feel like things aren’t working out. You won’t know anything concrete until you take charge and find out for yourself what’s going on. If he finishes things, you’re better. Who wants to mess around with a guy who can’t be honest, anyway?