15 dating tips and advice for women from men

What do guys think about dating?

Well, have you ever wondered what goes on in a guy’s head while you go out? Sometimes your dating advice and opinions can be more helpful than your friends’ dating advice or something you wrote in the magazine. It’s okay to have a different kind of advice and tips for dating a man, his family, friends, acquaintances, and others. But advice and suggestions from men can help you in the best possible way. Here are some useful dating tips and advice for women from men.

Tip 1: women can make a first move too

There is no dating advice that says men should make the first move every time. Women are often convinced that men should always ask them out on a date. Well, no. Girls, be free to do it, men will appreciate it and it will show you that you are an independent woman. Also, don’t be afraid to text them first. Show how confident, spontaneous, and courageous you are, nor are you afraid of being rejected. Come on, it’s just a text, show them that you care and that you care. Studies show that men like it best when women approach them in bars or text them first and then shy women waiting for the first step. Believe me, that is a great advantage for you and makes you more attractive. So, go ahead and give it a try!

Tip 2: men like to know more about you

Talking about your hobbies and interests while you’re dating is more fun than being quiet. Men like to talk, sometimes too much, so you can do the same, don’t be shy. You can talk about the things you like to do in your spare time, like walking, reading a book, picnicking with your friends and family, etc. Avoid past dating experiences and ex boyfriends, at least on a first date. Talk about everything, don’t think you don’t like it, you do it, and you can’t wait to share your hobbies and interests with women either. Through this type of conversation, they will find you more attractive, and if the two of you have similar interests, that’s a huge bonus and a hint for a second date.

Tip 3: let them know if it works or not

Men are like us, women, they don’t like to be played. So if you really like a new guy you’re dating, tell him, tell him that you enjoy his company. Don’t be shy about showing that you are interested. I’m sure you will feel butterflies in your stomach and get excited, just like anyone else who hears good news. Go ahead and give him a hint that things are going quite well. If you don’t do that, they will assume you have no interest in them and move on. To be honest ladies, you wouldn’t want that to happen, to see the man you like to give up on you.

Tip 4: don’t get stuck in the past

What happens in the past stays there, all of us, especially women, must remember that. Some of us have had a pretty bad dating experience and end up suffering a lot. Try not to talk about it as you start a new chapter of dating someone new, this is not the right time to do it. Sometimes it is better to leave the past behind and enjoy the next things. Bringing up your past dating and relationship experiences too soon can turn men off. So save that for later, you two have more different topics to talk about, not this one, not now. Be careful.

Tip 5: let them know if it doesn’t work

It’s hard to tell someone that you don’t like them and that your relationship is not going to work out. Most men would appreciate it if a woman immediately tells them they don’t like them, rather than being shy. It is easy to pretend that everything is going well and to pretend, but after a while, you will get bored. What if your man starts loving you but you don’t feel the same and you want to leave him? It will be difficult for them to accept it, men also have feelings even though they act like a cold stone. Do them a favor, if you don’t like them or you think a relationship between the two of you isn’t going to work out, tell them while you’re still dating and don’t wait any longer. It is much easier to do it in the beginning.

Tip 6: they like women the way they are

Ladies, being your true self is a huge plus and really attractive to men. You don’t have to pretend to be someone you’re not just to impress a guy you like. No, that’s a big detour for them. Be you, spontaneous, brave, smart, funny. Don’t be shy, show him everything you have. Don’t be embarrassed, I know it’s unfortunate to be told to be the real you while dating, but it’s true.

Tip 7: they like to date communicative women

Awkward silence, no. Men don’t like it at all. You don’t want to go out with your guy and stay quiet 90% of the time. No, this is not how it works. You should talk about random things because men like to see that women are communicative and will be more interested. So, break the silence, don’t be afraid to be outgoing. That doesn’t mean you should be curious while dating. That means you could amuse the guy and make him feel comfortable.

Tip 8: Yes, sometimes you can pay the bill

Men know they have to pay the dinner bill while you’re dating and they will, but sometimes women may offer to pay it. Of course, men will reject you because you’re dating a gentleman, right? They will never let a girl pay the bill on a date, but they will appreciate the offer of women to do so. That means women don’t expect men to pay for everything, which is a good thing and shows them that they are not being used for their money.

Tip 9: Don’t always bring your friends

Okay, it’s okay to bring in time once or twice, but every time you go on a date with your man? Girl that’s too much Guys like to have a private moment with you, not hang out with all your friends. Is not too much? Spend some time alone with you, he would appreciate it. Sharing some special moments of relationship with your loved one is the best thing in the world. He will also feel special.

Tip 10: don’t expect too much

On the first date, all the women in the world expect a prince charming with a white horse and experience a perfect fairy tale, but wait a second. You can’t expect that right away because you may be disappointed later when your expectations don’t match reality. This is not a fairy tale that you have been dreaming of, it is a reality. So don’t expect too much from the guy while you’re still dating.

Tip 11: Don’t try to change it.

Ladies, this is the biggest NO of all time. Never try to change your man, the way he is and he will like you. Don’t try to make it your robot, it’s not a toy. Accept it as it is, love it and everyone should be happy. If you want to change, you will do it for yourself and if you do not like his behavior and you do not agree with everything he does, well, it is better to leave that relationship.

Tip 12: Be honest and open-minded

There is nothing wrong with being honest in your relationship, men like honest women. If you don’t lie, you will have a better love life or achieve something. No. No. No. Lying will make things worse, so be honest with your partner. If he catches you in a lie, don’t try to keep lying, no, to tell the truth, he will appreciate it. I’m sure you don’t want your man to lie to you all the time. Be free to accept things as they are, don’t try to sugarcoat them. Relationships based on lies won’t last and that’s for sure.

Tip 13: don’t be aggressive and jealous

Having an argument with your partner is normal, that is, it is part of a relationship. Even while you’re dating, you’ll have a couple of little fights. And that’s okay. After an argument, don’t act like a prick to him, don’t briefly answer YES / NO, be sarcastic, or even sabotage him. Trust me, that won’t help you at all. Having an attitude to show that you are angry is sometimes okay. But in this situation it is of no help. The silent game between you too. Your relationship will break before you can apologize to him. Plus being jealous shows you care, yes. But being super jealous when you don’t even have a reason for it is not. Guys don’t like a super jealous girl, so be careful.

Tip 14: try not to ask for too much

It’s okay to ask a couple of questions, but constantly asking and teasing a man is not a good sign. Avoid the stupid question, avoid repeating the same question all the time. Men don’t like pressure during dating or relationships, let them breathe. I know, girls like to know everything, but if he wants to tell you, he will. Just don’t be boring asking stupid questions. It would also bother you if someone hangs over your head wondering and asking too much. Don’t be surprised if you interrupt by leaving the room or even your home without saying a word.

Tip 15: They don’t want to date a clown

When you go on a date with your man, you want to look flawless. Yes, we get it. But don’t go overboard with your makeup. Guys like a natural look. Don’t cover yourself with a mask called makeup, guys don’t like to kiss chemicals. It’s okay to have a little powder, mascara, a little lipstick to show off your gorgeous lips, but going over the top with a dramatic look is a NO. That will scare you, it won’t impress you. At the end of the day, he’s dating a woman, not a clown. So try to get everything under control with your makeup. Remember that sometimes less is more.

They gave the final word

In short, today it is rare for women to take the first step, but do not be afraid of it. We are no longer in the Middle Ages. This is a moment of a gender equation, so ladies, go ahead.