Don’t text your ex! This is why

Leave the past behind

The relationship you shared with your ex was one of the best things that happened to you. Your ex was your true soulmate in every way, and it was with him that you felt like your world was complete. Especially if it was your first love, it was because of him that you first felt what love is like and the incredible turmoil of emotions when one is in love.

No matter what you say, you will never forget your first love!

This is a very profound statement made by someone who has obviously experienced love and life. When you first fall in love, things are different: you are very raw on your emotions and it is for these reasons that even if you move on in life, you will always have a soft spot for your ex. You can never forget your first ex, no matter how much you love your current boyfriend.

Sometimes it may not be one of your first relationships, but you break up due to some unpleasant circumstances. This creates a lot of havoc in their lives, and they openly begin to loathe their partner. You may want to text or message him just to make him jealous of your current happy life or just send him hateful messages. When you fall in love, you think it is forever. But due to certain circumstances, the relationship does not work. Both you and your partner decide to quit smoking and set each other free. You go on with life looking for someone better. Your breakup could be mutual, it could be painful, it could be forceful, it could be one-sided, and it could also be unacceptable to you. In such circumstances, it is very difficult for you to forget your ex and move on in life. But once a relationship ends, you have to learn to move on in life. Texting your ex would lead to a lot of complications. DO NOT text your ex, and here’s why:

You will cause problems in their current relationship

Continually texting your ex under the guise of being ‘just friends’ can only lead to complications, heartbreak, and fights for many people. Nobody would want their ex to be constantly texted or teased by their ex. This not only makes his current girlfriend feel insecure about their relationship, but it also leads to fights and possible breakups between them. If your boyfriend broke up with you against your wishes, doing so would definitely give you satisfaction, but trust me: this satisfaction would be very temporary. If he has decided to leave you, then repeatedly texting him might only physically lead him to you, but his heart would be elsewhere. If it’s yours, it will come back to you under any circumstances. Give him time to realize your importance,

Time is the best healer.

If both you and your boyfriend have decided to separate from each other and move on with your lives, then you should never text him. Forgetting it can be difficult, but if you are constantly texting your ex, then forgetting it is next to impossible. You can never get it back by doing that. Time is the best healer. How you feel about your ex right now may not feel like it for a few months. You never know: someone better might be around the corner waiting for you. Give yourself time to forget about your ex and move on.

Never text your ex trying to get sympathy

If you text your ex with your sobs, then he might come back to you, but only out of sympathy. That won’t make you or him happy. He may come back to you out of a feeling of obligation, but not out of genuine love or longing for you. You don’t want a relationship built on sympathy.

Never text your ex due to false alarms or false reasons

It’s quite natural to feel jealous of your ex-boyfriend’s current girlfriend. But if you feel like texting him with fake reasons will make him run to you, leaving his girlfriend behind will only make him hate you. Next time, even if you need it for some genuine reason, it will ignore your text or message.

Never text your ex with abuse or harsh words

Doing so would create a bigger gap between the two and create irreconcilable differences that even time would never heal. It’s also best to remain good friends after a breakup so that you can reach out to your ex when you really need to.

Never text your ex asking him to take you back

If you do, you lose the true emotion and essence behind your apology. If you find out you’ve made a mistake breaking up, you can always politely text her asking her to meet up, instead of texting and messaging. Nothing compares to a sincere conversation and an apology directly to the person concerned.

You should never send a message to your ex that describes the current state of your relationship.

Doing that would only show him that you still care about him and want him to know everything that is going on in your life. If you are so happy and busy in your life, you shouldn’t have time to text or even remember your ex. Texting him photos of your current boyfriend could also make him jealous and cause problems in your new relationship. If your ex was the possessive type, texting him how happy you are could lead him to hurt your current innocent boyfriend. If it’s over, let it end.

Forget your past and move on

Texting your ex often won’t allow you to forget your past or stay dedicated to your current partner. You have to realize that no two people are the same in this world. If you repeatedly text your ex, then knowingly or unknowingly, you are comparing your current boyfriend to your ex all the time. That will never allow you to do full justice to your current relationship, and you could end up ruining this one too.

It will only show that you are jealous

You may just want to teach your ex a lesson by texting all the lovely photos you and your current boyfriend have taken, but doing so will only show your weak side, and you could end up being a laughingstock in front of your ex. If you are so happy with your life, why do you need to prove it to him?

If it was a bad relationship, don’t give it a moment of satisfied satisfaction.

Texting your ex after a bad relationship and / or a bad breakup will ease her ego and give her a moment of self-satisfied satisfaction thinking, “She still needs me!” Obviously, you don’t want to give it that impression. Therefore, you should refrain from texting her no matter how much your hands move to text her. Show him that you are wonderful without him, and remember that if you ignore him completely, you will send a clearer message.

Never text your ex, even if you miss him

When you miss a person, you tend to think only of the good times you shared with that person. During those times, you need to remember the reasons for the breakup, especially if it was a bad relationship and it ended badly. Texting you might get it back, but you might not want to go through it all again. Let him approach you with a decent apology, and then maybe you can give him another chance, but practice some discipline yourself!

Write your emotions, but don’t send the text

If you feel the strong urge to text him, just write it down – write down everything you’ve ever wanted to tell him: all your emotions, your tears, your loneliness. Just don’t send the message. It will calm you down. Putting your thoughts and emotions on something, perhaps a phone or paper, helps a person to be more orderly and calm. If you must write down your emotions, do so, just don’t send it to them. This too shall pass. Remember, time is the best healer. He will heal your loneliness, you will miss him and also your anger towards him. You may never have a better person than him in your life again, or you may get someone much better than him. If something ends up against your wishes and even after trying repeatedly, then it never did. Texting and texting from your ex will only push him further away from you, which could jeopardize your current relationship and even your current relationship. It will only lead to emotional disaster.

Careful consideration for the future

Handle your breakup maturely, but if you feel like it was your mistake and you still love him, then instead of texting him, try to get to know him personally and express your heart. That will have a better impact on him and their relationship. Remember the moment you broke up. Which was the reason? Was it their fault or yours? If it was his fault, does he always behave like this? Did he misbehave under any pressure? You will be the best judge of the situation. While it’s always fair to give someone another shot at life, you don’t want unnecessary complications in life. You may care about this person, but you deserve someone who is more goal-oriented and life-focused. There is nothing wrong with taking a break. Perhaps after spending some time alone, you can analyze your relationship and decide if you want him back in your life or not. Time will help you think clearly so that you can make a mature decision. But repeatedly texting her at this stage will not allow her to experience the clarity of her mind’s sound. Also, after a breakup, you are free to see other people. Get out often, see other people, and see how they think or behave. If you still crave the company of your ex, then maybe you should consider talking to him.