She loves you: 20 signs she’s just that to you

1. Persistent hugs

Extending a hug is a sure sign that a girl likes you. Holding out as long as possible indicates that she likes to feel your arms around her and wants to feel close to you. It also shows that she is comfortable with you and that being held by you could make her feel safe. If he does this, make sure you don’t walk away too quickly because he might think you don’t like him.

2. She finds little ways to touch you

In addition to prolonged cuddling, if a girl often finds reasons to touch you, she probably likes you. Examples include touching your arm to emphasize a point, bumping into you when you walk side by side and playfully hitting you. She will also give you clues that she wants you to touch her. If a girl rubs her arms and trembles or says she’s cold, wait for you to bring her closer. Pay attention to this sign because it is a clear indication that he likes you and possibly loves you.

3. Laughing at your jokes is one of the signs that she loves you

If a girl likes you, she will probably show it by laughing at your jokes, even if they are terrible. You’ll end up feeling like you’re the funniest guy in the world, but in all honesty, I probably don’t think that joke you’ve told five or six times is now that funny. After all, there are so many times a girl can laugh at that joke you pulled out of the candy wrapper.

4. She texts you often and tries to keep the conversation going

If a girl likes you, she will signal you by doing her best to talk to you. Continually expressing his desire to talk to you by texting you, even when it seems like the conversation is going nowhere, overcomes his fear of coming across as annoying, clingy, or needy. You will also keep trying to find a way to keep the conversation going, rather than letting it die. She will do this by asking questions that require an in-depth answer rather than a one-word answer like yes or no. If you like her, help her out and try to delay your conversation.

5. Allowing you to enter her personal space is one of the signs that she might love you

A girl’s body language is one of the main indicators of whether a girl is interested in you or not. If she feels uncomfortable around you or doesn’t have feelings for you, she will let you know by keeping her distance. On the other hand, if she has a crush on you, she will stay close to you and surely lean her body towards yours. This shows that she is comfortable around you and is willing to reach out to you.

6. She plays with her hair

A girl who plays with her hair, a means of attracting the attention of a boy she likes. If the girl you like is constantly playing with her hair when she’s around you, like twirling it around her fingers and flipping it over her shoulder, she’s probably inside you. By doing so, you also draw attention to your neck, which can be sensual due to how delicate the skin is. However, this can sometimes mean that a girl is bored, so be sure to pay attention to any other signals you are giving to know for sure.

7. Smiling and looking away when you catch her staring is a sign that she loves you

Have you caught her looking at you recently? If she smiles and looks away when she notices that you notice her, it is a sign that she likes you. Girls often do this when they meet a guy they like for the first time, but it can also happen if their friendship has progressed to having feelings for each other. If he seems to have drifted away while looking at you, it could be because he is imagining a life together. If she loves you, she could be thinking about what your wedding will be like or what kind of father you will be.

8. She makes eye contact with you frequently

A girl who loves you wants you to know that she is interested in you. She will make sure to maintain eye contact with you when you are speaking, so you know that she is listening carefully to what you are saying and that she really cares about what you are talking about. Don’t be shy: show her that you share her interest by keeping your eye on her. It will make her feel noticeable and she will probably be comfortable giving her other signs that she likes you.

9. Restlessness is one of the signs that she likes you

A girl who is interested can become restless when she is around you. However, it might not be obvious, such as bouncing your foot or tapping your toes on the table. It can be something subtle, like playing with her necklace or adjusting a piece of her clothing. If she starts fidgeting when the two of you are together, it could be an indication that she’s nervous because she likes you. Do your best to make her feel more comfortable – your effort will be appreciated!

10. She leans towards you

A girl who doesn’t like a guy will make sure to show it off with her body language. She will sit with her arms and legs crossed or she will walk away from you. If she does the opposite and leans towards you while sitting or standing next to each other, it is a sign that she is comfortable with you and possibly has feelings for you.

11. She finds reasons to talk to you

Some girls are not as shy as others and they could be the bold type, you know, the type that is not afraid of anything and will walk up to you and strike up a conversation. If a girl does that, you know that she is interested in you. Either way, if a girl likes you, she’ll find reasons to talk to you, like asking questions about you or asking for your help with something. She could go so far as to ask you to help her do something just to give her an excuse to spend time with you. Maybe she’s moving on and asking you to help her. While you may not be enthusiastic about doing manual jobs, you should be excited that she wants to date you and you will get bonus points for doing it!

12. She asks you to teach her something

If she asks you to teach her something, she has two reasons. The first is that she’s looking for a reason for the two of you to go out together, but she’s too scared to ask directly. The second is that he wants you to know that he respects your opinion or that you know that he thinks you are smart. So if a girl asks you to teach her about soccer or tell her everything about a topic that you are passionate about, don’t be shy. Show your knowledge because she is really interested in what you have to offer!

13. She is interested in your life and the things that you are passionate about

A girl who loves you will make an effort to try things that you like, even if it’s something she has never considered trying before or possibly knows she doesn’t like. If you live for soccer and she doesn’t like sports, but still watches the game with you, chances are you like her and just want to be around you.

14. She will appear uncomfortable around you

Girls who are in love with men sometimes seem uncomfortable. This can happen for a variety of reasons. If you’ve been friends for a while, she may feel uncomfortable because she developed feelings for you and isn’t sure what to do about it. If you don’t know each other very well, she may be shy or afraid of embarrassment. Try making her laugh to help ease her discomfort.

15. Her friends will drop hints that she likes you

Chances are her girlfriends have tried to give you cues about how she feels about you. Dropping hints about his singleness and how cute they are together is a sure sign that he has talked to his friends about how much he likes you.

16. She always wants to hang out

A girl who loves you will always have time to go out with you. One sign that he really cares about you would be to cancel any plans he already has so that he can spend time with you. Even if you want to do something that she doesn’t necessarily love, she will still date you because she wants to spend time with you.

17. If she blushes around you, it is a sign that she likes you

While blushing can sometimes be an indication that a girl is embarrassed about something, if she blushes around you without anything embarrassing happening, it is safe to assume that she is blushing because she is excited to be around you or get your attention.

18. She hints at being single

If she constantly refers to being single, she is trying to tell you that she is available and wants you to ask her out. She might say things like, “Too bad I don’t have a boyfriend to see that horror movie” or “It’s hard to believe I don’t have a boyfriend.”

19. Making plans for the future means that she could love you

Wanting to make plans for the future with you means that she is interested in you and hopes that you will be together for a long time. It also means that she is probably trying to assess how you feel about her. Don’t be surprised if she asks you to accompany her to a concert in a few months or even asks you to be her date for a relative’s wedding next year.

20. She tells you something that is personal

Girls can be super shy, so if she says something personal to you, it’s a sure sign that she has feelings for you. If it’s something he’s never told anyone before or something he’s embarrassed about, he loves you.

Make a move and find out if she loves you back

If you think a girl has given you any of these signals and you reciprocated her feelings, don’t be afraid, move on! If you’re still not sure whether he likes you or not, get feedback from your friends. Don’t wait too long because you will never know unless you try!