20 warning signs of emotionally unavailable women

What do we mean by emotionally unavailable women?

When we say that someone is emotionally unavailable, what do we mean exactly? There are many ways to describe emotionally unavailable women. While this problem is commonly noticeable in men, there are also women who are probably unable to express themselves due to a traumatic event they went through. In most cases, when a person is abused or injured, they will generally put up a wall as their defense mechanism, and it is almost impossible for someone to cross that wall. There are others who are emotionally unavailable when they commit to certain commitments that they value more than their relationship. It can be difficult to notice any problems during the early stages of dating. During this period, they are still learning from each other, and they must still develop strong feelings. Dating this type of person can be emotionally draining, and there is always the risk of falling in love with someone who doesn’t love you. To save yourself from heartbreak and stress, you need to be on the lookout for certain tell-tale signs. Here are 20 signs of emotionally unavailable women.

1. Emotionally unavailable women show no interest in you

You have probably been in a relationship with her for a couple of weeks or even months. However, she still doesn’t want to introduce you to her family. She also doesn’t seem very interested in getting to know you more. When you have the opportunity to become emotionally intimate with her, she withdraws. If you have noticed this kind of situation, things are not bright enough to date one of the many emotionally unavailable women. She has no feelings for you and therefore shows no interest in meeting you.

2. Sounds casual when talking about the relationship

In an ideal situation, men are the ones who are generally casual about things. Women tend to take matters of the heart seriously. However, one of the signs of emotionally unavailable women is that they take their relationships lightly. Sometimes she will be very loving, but at other times she will withdraw completely from you.

3. She is available only when it is convenient for her

If you find that you are the one who should always make things happen in the relationship, this is one of the signs that you are dating one of the emotionally unavailable women. You will notice that she demands your presence whenever she wants. However, when you need her, she will not be available. She has no time for you and cannot be bothered to make adjustments for you.

4. Emotionally unavailable women show mixed signals

One of the characteristics of emotionally unavailable women is that they can confuse you using mixed signals. You may already think that you are sure of their feelings, but the next moment they seem suddenly distant and cold. If you are entangled in such a situation, it can be a bit difficult to understand what he wants. Understanding the needs of emotionally unavailable women can be a difficult task. They are also unable to communicate properly as they fear opening up.

5. Emotionally unavailable women will not open up

One of the signs that women are emotionally unavailable is that they will avoid talking about their feelings at all costs. This is because they mostly do not recognize their own emotions. When she opens up to you, she’ll feel vulnerable and act like she’s in a counseling session.

6. Emotionally unavailable women avoid confrontation

One of the characteristics of emotionally unavailable women is that they will flee when they detect signs of trouble. You may have noticed that in most cases an argument with her will not resolve. Instead of talking to you, she prefers to run away. This is a clear indication that your relationship with her will not be able to stand the test of time.

7. She still loves her ex

When a woman is still in love with her ex, she is unlikely to be ready to commit to you. This is due to the fact that your heart still belongs to someone else and you have yet to move on. To find out if you are one of the most emotionally unavailable women in the world, you need to pay special attention when talking about your ex. Does she keep mentioning your name in conversation? If your answer is yes, this is one of the clear signs that she is not interested in you.

8. She hates talking to you one on one

One of the characteristics of emotionally unavailable women is that they don’t like to sit with you and engage in conversation. Instead, they prefer to communicate through texts. This is because it helps them build sentences better and hide their emotions. With technology, they can gain control and can hide their true feelings from you.

9. Emotionally unavailable women love attention

Another common characteristic of emotionally unavailable girls is that they will pamper you when they need something from you, but then ignore you. Suddenly he will behave as if he never needs anything from you. He may even try to separate you from your friend, as he gets jealous easily.

10. Emotionally unavailable women are afraid of commitment

One of the most obvious personality traits of emotionally unavailable girls is their fear of commitment. Even if you jokingly say that you would like to marry her, she will freak out. You’ll soon start making excuses for your behavior, find reasons not to talk to you, and set agendas that you think you should follow. In other words, one of the traits of emotionally unavailable girls is that they will keep trying to control you.

11. These women act like you don’t deserve them

You’ve probably already been in a position where you feel insecure or anxious because you don’t feel good enough for a certain girl. Have you ever believed the words your girl tells you when she says you’re lucky to have her? She probably bragged to you about how he dated guys who drove better cars or had better jobs. If this describes your relationship, then you are in a precarious situation as you are dating an emotionally unavailable woman.

12. They have no empathy

No matter what is going on, and emotionally unavailable woman will not show any compassion or empathy for you. This is because they find it difficult to sympathize or even connect with others. They cannot put themselves in their place.

13. An emotionally unavailable woman gets angry easily

While we all get angry, the way we react to anger can be one of the signs of the kind of people we are. If she spills all of her anger on you, this is an indication that she is an emotionally unavailable woman. The reason emotionally unavailable women behave this way is because they cannot control their emotions.

14. She tries to control you

One of the characteristics of emotionally unavailable women is that they try to control their men. Every time you have an argument on a topic, she will try to force you to side with her. In most cases, his low self-esteem causes him to behave in this unhealthy way. She will make decisions about when you meet her or how often you go out.

15. She avoids your questions

Have you ever tried to talk about her past relationships but she ignored you or quickly changed the subject? The reason she behaves this way is that she doesn’t want you to know too much about her past. There could be something that she is trying to hide. Even if you choose to share your past life, you will generally leave out most of the details. This just means that she is trying to avoid becoming too intimate with you.

16. She wants everything to be perfect

One of the signs of an emotionally unavailable woman is that she doesn’t want a partner who is anything but perfect. If you do just one thing that makes her unhappy, she will start talking about why she doesn’t deserve you and why the two of you have no future together. If you find that your girl always notices flaws in you or keeps trying to change you, this is a major sign that you are dating an emotionally unavailable woman.

17. They always make you feel guilty

If it only happens once, you can accept that you made a mistake as a way to appease your girl. However, if you find that you are always the one to apologize, even when the mistake is not yours, this is a sign that you are dating an emotionally unavailable woman. She will always make you feel guilty and accuse you of mistakes you never made. You will always end up being the one asking for forgiveness.

18. She uses her emotions

This is definitely one of his most deadly weapons. When you try to break up with her, you will realize that it is not easy at all. She will use her emotions to argue or make your stay longer. She will behave in a way that convinces you that you still have a chance to redeem the relationship. And as always, you will fall in love with his tricks.

19. She will keep hurting you

This concept of not being emotionally available is not a joke. You will find out if you ever try to date such a woman. The baggage from a previous relationship or troubled childhood is always too much and this can cause you to block out your emotions. By trying to release this bottled anger, she will end up hurting you so that you too can go through the same thing that she went through.

20. She doesn’t want to meet your family and friends

When a girl is ready to meet the people closest to her, this is an indication that she is ready to take the relationship to the next level. However, as we have noted above, one of the traits of emotionally unavailable women is that they are not ready for commitment. You will realize that you may want her to meet your parents, but she just isn’t interested. She understands that meeting her family and friends will take emotional maturity and this is something she lacks.