21 subtle signs that she really likes you

Crack the girl’s code

Confused if your dream girl likes you or not? Girls can be a bit confusing at times. It’s hard to decide if your girl likes you or if she’s just being nice to you. But with these 21 subtle signs, you can easily decode your little girl’s feelings for you.

1. Her eyes and gaze

Your eyes are the gateway to your emotions. To simply discover your girl’s feelings for you, you must observe her eyes. If she intentionally looks at you often, chances are she likes you. She may be watching you, but it will look away when you notice it. Look her in the eye, she might be having eye contact with you, but she might not be ready for prolonged eye contact. This is a sign of attraction. If the girl looks down after making eye contact, then she probably has an interest in you, but she might be too shy to reveal her feelings for you. This is a subtle sign that she likes you.

2. Being full of smiles is a subtle sign that she likes you

The girls smile a lot. But not all smiles mean that she is interested in you. Notice if she smiles a lot around you or is it just her nature. If you find her smiling a lot more around you, chances are she is fascinated by you. Watch your smile, your smile could be full of love. She would smile with all her heart, which means smiling with her whole face, including her eyes. You will notice that their eyes smile. This is a remarkable clue that she is haunted.

3. Laughing at all your jokes

If you find her laughing at all your jokes, even if they’re the silliest, it’s a big clue that she likes you. Take into account her behavior when she is around other boys and how she reacts to them. If you find that she is a little funnier around you, it is a subtle sign that your charm is dazzling her.


5. Gets jealous when you talk to other girls

When your girl likes you, she might get a little jealous when you spend time with other girls. This can happen even if you talk to them. She may not be comfortable with you around other girls. Control her behavior, the more jealous you get, the more attracted to her you feel. When the girl of your dreams is playing hard to get, this is a trick that can help you decode her inner emotions. So the next time your loved one gets jealous, don’t worry, it’s a good sign that she likes you.

6. Alerts you

When a girl really likes you, she will notice you and recognize your presence. She would nod or reply quickly, making sure that she is all ears around you. Even for a shy girl, realizing that it is one of the biggest subtle signs that lets her know that she is attracted to you.

7. Texting him is a subtle sign that she likes you.

Texting is a way to bond with each other. If you find that you can text each other for long hours without getting tired, it is a favorable guarantee that she is crazy about you. You may find yourself in long conversations that never end. She might make up stories, just to stay connected with you. This is a big red flag for you to understand its attraction.

8. Being within earshot is one of the signs

They may not come up to you to start a conversation with you every time. Rather it could be available to you. She could be noticeably closer than you expect. She could be making it easier for you to increase your chances of starting a conversation. Make sure you don’t miss out on this subtle sign of her attraction.

9. wanting to go out with you

Girls will date people that they really just like. If she finds excuses to go out with you, it’s a subtle sign that she likes you. She will try to take every opportunity she finds to spend time with you. Be on the lookout for this, if it happens frequently, you most likely have a great appreciation for it.

10. Watch your friends.

When a girl really loves you, she is likely to tell her friends about you. Be vigilant and watch your friends when you are around you, there can be many signs that you appreciate it.

11. Never mentions another guy

Your girl will want you to know that she is available, by not mentioning another guy in her conversations. If she has emotional interests in you, she wouldn’t go into detail and mention why her past relationship didn’t work out. She will make sure you get the idea that she is crazy about you. This is one of the subtle signs that she likes you.

12. Giving him a nickname is a subtle sign that she likes you.

She has a name for you and you prefer to go for it. Women don’t go around giving nicknames for everyone, unless it’s the one they like. You’re in luck, if you already have a special name.

13. Never forget your important dates

She is the first to wish you a happy birthday. Girls don’t spend their time with guys they don’t like. Congratulating you on your birthday, surprising you with gifts is a gift that she likes. She may never forget the dates that are important to you, like your one-year work anniversary, or dates related to your career, or dates related to the people you hold dear.

14. Develop an interest in your interests.

Your obsession is her new obsession. You may find her developing a sudden interest that matters to you. It is a remarkable sign of attraction. They may want to have common interests to have more conversation with you.

15. Touching her hair is a subtle sign that she likes you.

You may find your girl doing her hair a lot. It’s a subtle cue to watch out for if she likes you. It can be a sedative toss or a brief blow of hair. It is a way of letting her know that she is interested in you.

16. She gives you her full attention

Being an active listener around you is a great red flag that she likes to be with you. We are all addicted to phones, but when we are with that special someone, we tend to focus entirely on them. So if that special attention is paid to her, you’re in luck, she’s spellbound by you.

17. Your opinion matters

If a girl is attracted to you, your opinion is the only thing that matters to her. She might be interested in hearing your opinions and comments. She might appreciate your suggestions. Watch her attitude when he’s around other guys and see if she still thinks her opinion is what matters to him. This will show that she is attracted to you.

18. Taking good care of yourself is a subtle sign that she likes you

Your girl will act taking care of you when she likes you. When she shows extra care, especially for you, the reasons are her charm.

19. Anxious around you

When a girl likes you, she will be nervous around you. She may fear that she will make a bad impression on you and lose your interest. This is a subtle sign that s

he likes you.

20. A social media stalker

She will be your friend on all your social media accounts. She might be interested in knowing about your daily routine. You may see many likes and comments from her. They may constantly like your photos on Facebook, no matter how old they are.

21. Open

Girls never open up to any random guy unless they feel comfortable and feel trustworthy. So if she opens up to you about her personal life, family, or friends, it’s a good sign. She could also share her problems with you, to make sure you understand her feelings for you.

Girls always wait for boys to make the first move. So if you’ve figured out your girl’s cues, make sure she knows the truth about how you feel about her. If you are not interested in her, talk to her in a nice way and let her know what is going on with you. Make her understand that you are not interested, that will help her move on.

If you have mutual feelings for her, go ahead and try to talk and tell her how you feel about her. Go out on dates and try to start a relationship step by step. For every relationship, it is always worth a try, you will never know what is in store for you. What is more exciting than knowing that someone loves you? So when it’s time, make a move. Enough that you enjoy making it surpass you. Make a move before she moves on. All the best!