5 super clear signs my ex-partner still has feelings for me

How do you know for sure that you still love me? 5 signals to dial

So you just broke up with your boyfriend and life is pretty upside down right now. But that’s not why you’re here. You’re here because she’s giving off some terribly confusing signals that you could still be the one her heart longs for. You are wondering if it is just your imagination that is playing tricks on you or if it is real and if it is, what to do about it.

Before you jump on the gun and plan how you’ll be in his arms soon, check out the list below and look for the very specific reasons why he still loves you.

1. The pendulum effect

The time immediately after a breakup is confusing for both you and your ex, so some things that are done during this period can seem completely confusing and irritating.

One minute your relationship ends, it’s finite, it ends, and then the next, you find out that your ex is harassing you a bit and finding out if she has left you.

Sometimes you enjoy texting back and forth and then he shuts himself off completely, even ignoring your calls and making you pass completely.

It feels like he’s dragging you around. Imagine a pendulum swinging from one point to another. Opposite extremes. That is what is happening right now. And you feel like he’s playing with you because he says he’s done with you, but his actions point to the opposite.

Your ex is going through a lot of turmoil, his mind and heart are waging war with each other, and you are experiencing the effects of this pull. For one thing, he definitely still has feelings for you and his heart wants to take him home, to you. But on the other hand, his brain is rationalizing the whole thing and saying that being with you is a bad idea, so he makes a yo-yo on the cusp of this indecision.

You may not be doing it on purpose, but if you notice this behavior, don’t get involved. It will be confusing to you, but if you involve him in some way that shows him that his behavior is bothering you, you will give him the upper hand and he will definitely know that it still affects you.

2. Maintains constant communication

You may be done, but you notice that your ex has been maintaining a constant flow of communication in one form or another after the “no contact” rule has been applied. You definitely feel something even if you don’t say it.

He’s looking for any kind of excuse to be able to talk to you, so he randomly texts you every now and then.

The most common sign that he still feels very sorry for you is texting you or calling you drunk. There is a famous quote: In vino veritas. In the wine is the truth. Alcohol tends to amplify our emotions and kicks our inhibitions through the air. So, he still likes you a lot, but his brain tells him no, but when he has a little liquid courage, he could send you a text message or two telling you how much he misses you and still loves you, or he could call you. just to hear your voice and ask if he can come over for a date night.

There is a double standard for this. Your ex is drunk and anything he says during this state cannot be blamed, or he could conveniently forget to have any kind of conversation with him. Don’t send incriminating texts – that is, keep your feelings at bay when dealing with him and keep the conversation light and casual no matter how much he prompts you to reveal how much you miss him. Remember that he is not responsible for anything you say or do when drunk, but anything he does can be used against him at a later date, so be very careful.

3. Jealousy rears its ugly head

Jealousy is like number one that says a guy likes you. When he can’t bear to see you happy in the arms of another man. In case you start to see someone new and then you notice that your ex is not very receptive to this new relationship and is aware of what the two of you are doing, or if he does not have very kind words for his new boyfriend, then it is definitely jealous because he definitely still likes you.

Another version is when he tries to make you jealous with a new flame. This is a fucking mind game he’s playing and he basically wants to see if it affects you as much as you affect him. So if you see him sharing his time too much with his new ‘catch’ post about how happy he is or inviting her to social events that you are expected to be at, then he wants you to see him with someone new and make you jealous.

Again, don’t bite. Keep your head up and congratulate the happy couple with a sweet smile on your face. Later, you can draw devil horns on his head on the photo you printed (you know you did) while you and a bottle of tequila get to know each other better.

4. misses you

He is literally saying, either in text messages or calls, that he misses you and what you had and now he is reflecting on what your relationship was and what could have been.

At this point, his feelings for you are invading his rational thinking and he can no longer escape the reality of things. He still has feelings for you.

Another sign that he misses you is when he begins to reminisce about your past and the memory you both shared. And very specifically, the good memories. He misses you and the feelings you evoked in him.

5. is being awkward

If he’s cutting into conversations with each other too much, even when they’re good, it’s a sign that he still likes you. Confusing sure, but here’s the deal. If you two started talking again and things are going well and then he starts to lose weight, then most likely he is afraid of losing something good again and therefore wants to protect the little good things that he is having with you guys now, so have a little patience. with him now.

Sometimes he is uncomfortable around you. Acting shy, not making eye contact, or looking at you with a sad smile on their face as if something is torturing them

Does it mean he wants you to come back?

The next question you normally ask yourself immediately after the question “do you have feelings for me?” It’s whether he wants you to come back or not.

Sometimes this can be as confusing as figuring out if he still has feelings for you and if he doesn’t walk up to you directly and say he wants to give them one more chance, you are definitely scratching your head a bit trying to figure it out. do it on your own.

When he loves you but is not sure he wants the relationship

If your boyfriend feels that the problems related to your breakup have not yet been resolved, he may feel a little reluctant to get back together.

You can’t force someone into a relationship with you, so you have to give them the space they need while you work on yourself.

He wants to try

If you feel that you both want to be together in a serious way, you can always turn to a professional therapist to help you move forward on your journey back to each other. A therapist is always a good option because it will help both of you to see each other’s point of view and you will be able to work on your problems with a more practical approach.

What should you do to get it back?

Your best bet to get it back is to use the “No Contact” rule. Basically, this means avoiding all situations that allow contact between the two of you during the breakup period. Remember the analogy of fire and oxygen. Feed your flames only after a while and watch the fire tend towards you.

During this time, strive to improve and understand why you broke up in the first place so that if you get back together, you won’t repeat the same mistakes.


Sometimes it is difficult to know how much you mean to a person and other times it is not. We know you are here scouring these pages because you desperately want to get it back and we have worked to provide you with the tools and now we wish you happy hunting and hope that love prevails.