9 emotional needs an alpha man wants but doesn’t say

How do you handle an alpha man?

The opposite attraction is true. Every girl has fantasized about dating an alpha man at one point because an alpha man is the exact opposite of most girls’ indecision. An alpha man is dominant, born leader, loving, caring, and would do anything to protect his pack, his family.

Never mistake a real alpha man for a fake one. An alpha man dominates, does not control. If someone is controlling and threatening you when you are not listening, they are not an alpha man, they are just controlling. An alpha man is brave and smart. They do what they do to keep the family together, but they would never turn against or threaten family members.

Having an alpha man in life is like winning the lottery. If you are dating one, never let him go. Take care of your alpha man’s emotional needs as much as he takes care of yours. Follow this guide and you will hook your alpha man and he will dedicate his life to improving yours!

9 emotional needs of an alpha man in the forbidden zone

1. Don’t challenge your role as an alpha man, ever

I cannot argue that the role of an alpha male plays in gender stereotypes. Men should be the ones to defend the family and protect it. Many feminists may hate this idea and challenge their fellow alpha man. While it is true that being an alpha man plays on the gender stereotype to some extent, it is not in a bad and degrading way that girls cannot protect themselves, which is why men have to. Rather, it’s because they believe that if anyone should get hurt, it should be them.

An alpha man in no way wants to undermine your defense capabilities. They just want to step up for you because they were born to protect their families. Don’t challenge your role. They don’t want to hurt. Don’t challenge his belief in alpha man’s duty.

2. Be humble

Don’t be a know-it-all when dealing with an alpha man. They love teaching their partner new skills so they can both grow. His eyes light up when you pick up something new. Be humble and let them enjoy and explain what they want. Do not interrupt and say that it is something you already know. Let them have their moments. We all have our moments, right?

He doesn’t spoil your fun by saying your rom-coms aren’t realistic and will never happen in real life. He just sits with you silently and lets you enjoy it. Why can’t you do the same for him? Mutual respect is important. There are always times when you can shut up and let your partner have their moment.

3. Be attractive at all times

Always staying at your best is a great self-esteem booster for an alpha man. Being careless and not cleaning up makes an alpha man feel worthless and not worth your effort. Staying attractive and looking your best builds confidence in an alpha man. You feel loved and valued. Therefore, he will try even harder for you.

Put on a nice outfit for a night out. Think of a new idea for next weekend. He is always here to protect you. You must let him know that he is always appreciated by putting your charms every time to conquer him.

4. Pay attention to your words and actions

An alpha man needs attention as much as any girl. They must be recognized and approved. Pay attention when you speak and try to remember the things you say. Don’t fire him and repeatedly do things that upset him because he forgot to listen. An alpha man is more than happy to teach and guide you. But they don’t appreciate those who refuse to listen and make the same mistake over and over again.

Paying attention to him shows your respect for him. By admiring him you are affirming his leadership role. He would very much appreciate if you could do something without him constantly reminding you. If you agree to cook this weekend, he will certainly hope he doesn’t have to remind you to buy certain ingredients over and over again. You have to be smart and know when to do what.

5. Let him shine

Being protective of your partner is something an alpha man would do. You are able to take care of yourself and you feel that it is a sign of weakness to ask a man to do things for you. Sure, many strong, independent women feel that way. But this is different.

He is not trying to put you down. He’s just eager to show what he’s capable of. Get the ceiling wires fixed, change the furnace in the basement. Let him shine. You are at your best when you can do what you are proud of. He wants to be the one who provides.

Don’t fight him to discuss who can do it better or how you can do it too. He just wants to do it for you, just let him shine and appreciate the kindness to give you.

6. Affirmation

Approval is important to an alpha man. Who else would know they are being appreciated if you don’t say it out loud? Actions speak louder than words, but words also matter a lot. Don’t be silent with your words. Tell him how much you appreciate him doing things for you and think about the best interests of this relationship.

Affirmation builds a large chunk of an alpha man’s self-esteem. They need to know that what they are doing is worthwhile and that they have the trust and loyalty of those they protect.

7. Don’t challenge him directly

It is normal to have problems when dating someone. While some may appreciate you telling them they are wrong outright, an alpha man will not. There is a much simpler way to tell him that he is wrong from the start. Instead, you can tell an alpha man what you want. Being a family-oriented alpha man, they will give in and give you what you want.

An alpha man doesn’t like to be challenged directly. But they are willing to give anything to their family. So there is no need to get angry next time. Be honest and tell him how you would like things to be done.

8. Don’t be obsessive

Keeping your distance from time to time is good. As much as an alpha man appreciates a stable and loyal partner, he would also rather be left alone sometimes. Refrain from calling him 24/7. He will come to you every day after you finish work. An alpha man would work hard and go home to his girl. Wait until he comes home. Don’t rush him.

9. Just look at him as the alpha man!

This is absolutely important. Other guys may be okay with their girls dating other alpha men, but not your guy. Avoid other alpha men to give your alpha man a sense of security. Provides you with emotional peace of mind. An alpha man can be jealous or really anxious seeing you hang out with other equally dominant men.

You can have friends, of course. Think before you act to make sure you don’t damage your man’s self-esteem. Everyone needs different emotional security and an alpha man needs to know that he is the only one in his life. Better give him that.


Romantic isn’t even enough to describe how wonderful dating an alpha man is. They take care of you, they stand in front of you when they feel danger. They are the kind of dream for many girls. You feel totally safe and protected with an alpha. You don’t have to worry about anything.

It’s so wonderful dating an alpha man. They are protective, dominant, intelligent, and gentle. If you know how to play well, they will stay loyal and in love with you forever. These are things an alpha man needs emotionally. Make sure you can meet your needs. After all, he is doing his part for you. Go the extra mile and follow our tips to hook your alpha man!