10 signs of narcissism in relationships between couples

Falling in love and getting into a relationship is fun and exciting until you discover the downsides and then the previously dark hidden traits of your partner become as glaring and suffocating as you can imagine. Being in a relationship is great and really amazing, but you can see what toxic relationships really look and feel like when you’re in a narcissistic relationship with someone.

Having a relationship with a narcissist is not an experience that you would like to have. This type of relationship has a significant effect on your life, negatively and by this I mean all spheres of your life. It affects your efficiency and focus at work, your mental, emotional and even physical health. But the question here is, how do you even know that your partner is a narcissist and then if you know that your partner is, how can you approach this situation?

To identify a narcissistic relationship, you must at least know who a narcissist is and how they behave. You could even have a friend who is narcissistic without knowing it, or maybe you have run into one. If you’ve met someone who is overly selfish, extremely self-righteous, arrogant, feels like he’s always right, and thinks he’s smarter, attractive, better than everyone else, then you’re a narcissist. Although these guys tend to be affectionate and quite attractive when you first meet them.

A narcissistic relationship is simply a relationship with an individual who fits the description given. In this type of relationship, partners of narcissists are usually torn between two difficult decisions, to leave or to stay. Due to this effect, a longer duration in this type of relationship affects the general health of the individual.

Signs of narcissistic relationships

How do you know that you are in narcissism, relationship? What are the signs to watch for? What are the notable signs and red flags to pay attention to if you suspect you are dating a narcissist? Here are some:

1. Blame Shot

A narcissist is good at digging up things and researching your past or even your present, not the right parts, but the horrible parts that you want to forget. They don’t even care if it’s true or not, they just find it and use it against you, especially when you’ve just had a fight. A narcissist would paint you black and blame you for their own mistakes at the expense of your happiness and your peace. They criticize you and make you feel guilty for everything that goes wrong.

2. Handling

A narcissist is a master manipulator, dangerous to be precise, and would try to manipulate you at every opportunity he gets, although the level of manipulation actually depends on the level of narcissism. A narcissist would do anything to make you happy and satisfied at the expense of anyone else’s happiness, you are inclusive. A narcissistic partner would manipulate you into attending to their needs even when you cannot comfortably afford it and would also try to alter your personality to fit your mental image.

3. Constant threats

This is one of the significant signs of a narcissistic relationship. It does not necessarily mean a death threat, it is simply any threat associated with every little misunderstanding. It can be threats to leave you, threats to spread some false or shameful story about you in the world, threats to publicly disgrace you, leak private videos or photos of you, etc. Once this continues too often, you may want to think twice about your relationship.

4. Right

The narcissist feels entitled to almost everything he puts into his hands. A narcissistic partner feels that their own needs, wants, and wants are far more important than anyone’s, including yours. They always expect a lot from you and also charge, but they do not see it necessary to correspond with any of the gestures. They feel that they only deserve to be on the side of the receivers and not on the side of the givers.

5. Sense of inflated value

Narcissists are great at feeling absolutely indispensable and irreplaceable. Your partner begins to feel that he is too important to the world or to you, like a unique supernatural being or something like that, then you could have a narcissist before you. Once you notice this, the chances that your partner is narcissistic are really high.

6. Lawless

Narcissists feel that they are above the law as well as above any kind of rules and regulations. This is still the result of your inflated sense of worth or importance. They usually think or feel that they are too important to comply with the rules and the law, so they cut the boundaries, publicly disrespect people, etc. When your partner continues to do this regularly without feeling any remorse, it is a significant sign.

7. Picky

Narcissists are incredibly concerned with physical appearance. These should be the easiest and most common signs that you can notice and recognize. A narcissist would be so obsessed with their physical appearance. I mean, it’s okay to look good, obviously, but when this becomes your top obsessive priority, making yourself look rich or impressive, then that’s a problem.

8. Emotionally unstable

They are so emotionally unstable and this is not healthy for you emotionally. Sometimes they become the sweetest, most beautiful people, especially when they want to get something for you, but they change in a split second and even blame you for their change in behavior.

9. Narcissistic relationships in marriages

They say that love conquers all and this is probably what happens in these types of marriages. You wonder how it is possible for people to marry narcissists despite their scandalous and degrading behavior. But people really do, most of the time because they were caught between leaving and staying with the one they loved and chose their partner over themselves. Narcissists find it difficult to have and maintain a healthy and intimate relationship with their partners and this affects their partner and also the children who are later born into such families.

This type of marriage would make you live with a double standard, questioning your self-esteem, feeling crazy, going through a lot of verbal abuse and manipulation and the like. It is possible to marry them and even learn to communicate effectively with them, but most of the time people end up divorcing.

10. Narcissistic relationship and self-esteem

Through their manipulative behavior, a narcissist would make you continually question your worth and importance. They think incredibly highly of themselves and feel that they are superior to everyone around them in every way. Because of this mindset, they start to demean and belittle everyone around them to make sure they stay on top. They have little or no contact with their feelings and are therefore unable to recognize the effect of their behavior on those around them.

It is difficult to live with them, reason and even communicate. Narcissists don’t like to acknowledge their mistakes, they lack empathy, and they have a way of destroying your self-esteem to pieces. They make you doubt yourself and blame you for everything that goes wrong, they make you feel inadequate and inadequate. Some of these things can be difficult to recognize, especially for people who are deeply in love, but if so, it is recommended that you abandon them to save your mental and general health.

Quotes about narcissistic relationships

Most of these are popular quotes that explain typical narcissistic behavior in a nutshell.

  • The lion, when looking for food, must be as charming as ever.
  • A narcissist would damage your self-esteem, make you doubt yourself, and destroy your life while making you feel like you did it all for yourself.
  • To love a narcissist is to indulge in a cataclysmic roller coaster ride with a tearful heart
  • Love is not extinguished naturally; Kill him for negligence or narcissism.
  • Whoever whose love is for someone depends on how that person makes him feel or what the person does for him, he does not love that person at all, he only loves himself.


Being in a relationship with a narcissist can be difficult, toxic, and emotionally draining. This type of relationship has a horrible effect on their long-term partners. It can be difficult to recognize narcissists at first because they present themselves as everything you want, they are charming, they have great achievements, and they can treat you well at first. But as time goes on, you will start to see the signs. It is essential that you go out to save yourself when you notice the signs of a narcissist.

Narcissism in marriages affects not only your spouse but also your children, causing their growth and development to be flawed and destroying their self-esteem even at a young age.