A guy’s perspective on how long a heartbreak lasts

We’ve all been there, we’ve all had those sleepless nights and seemingly pointless mornings when it’s only been a couple of days since your heart was broken. It really feels like nothing is right, and nothing really matters, and even though it’s an extremely clichéd line, time heals everything. It really does, people overcome all kinds of incredibly deep pains in life, whether it’s from the death of their parents, closest friends, their own child, or a close family member being diagnosed with a fatal illness. It all seems unbearable when it hits us, but we tend to underestimate how strong we are as humans. This article is meant to answer heartbreaking questions like how long will I stay in this state? What should I do to make it easier? Keep reading,

Heartbreak follows the same pattern as any other healing process, it is the worst at first and it takes time to put the pieces together one by one. However, one thing is for sure, despite what you may feel right now, you will get over it, it’s just a matter of how long it takes. However, when people tell you this, you will always feel that they do not know what you are feeling. But believe it or not, they have probably been in your position as well. Love is not really something that happens once, it is an emotion and there are too many people in the world to give up hope of finding the right one for you again.

On average, how long does it take to get over a first heartbreak?

We’ve already made a pretty powerful claim that one way or another, you’ll really get over this, it’s just a matter of time. This raises the obvious but alarmingly difficult question; how long? That depends on several factors; things like how long your relationship lasted, the reason behind the heartbreak, and if you were dumped or cheated on. But it also depends on how you choose to plan your action plan ahead of time after you’ve cried yourself out for a few nights.

If you really believe in yourself to find your way out of this tunnel of hopelessness, you can go on a mission to help yourself with the advice we will provide in this article, instead of being a mess that wastes your days. If you play your cards right, it will only be a matter of a couple of months before you get back on track as the “Wolf of Wall Street” in your life. However, for severe cases, significant improvements may not be seen for up to four months, but that is the maximum.

5 signs you are experiencing severe distress or true distress

However, before you get to the ways to solve the problem, it is vital to identify whether you are really suffering from it or not. The diagnosis must be accurate before treatment begins, so here is a list of signs that point to a state of distress; see if you fit the category.

1. You can’t seem to think of anything else

It is quite understandable to have vagrant thoughts about your ex after the end of a long relationship, but if their memories are the only thing that runs through your mind day and night, it is a serious sign of distress.

2. You have begun to remain distant

If you have stopped talking to your relatives and choose to stay away from your friends to remain completely alone because all you need is isolation, that also points to heartbreak. Your friends may not be experts at comforting you, but it is inadvisable not to vent to anyone.

3. Working or studying is a robotic sensation

If you go to work, you feel numb while doing your tasks and completing your workload. There is no emotion involved in the activities you do at your workplace or at your institute (if you are a student). Feeling robotic when doing the things you do on a daily basis means you are heartbroken.

4. Say no to dating someone again

Sometimes it can be a healthy choice to decide that you are not going to date someone right now, but only if it is for the right reasons, such as understanding that you are not ready for a relationship yet, either because of your finances. or just have limited time. But if you’ve made the decision not to date someone again because of an internal fear of losing your partner again, that’s a problem. Also, if you feel like no one in the world can make you happy except your ex, that’s a problem too.

5. You just can’t fall asleep

It can be really difficult to get some sleep after you’ve been through a crushing breakup, and it can be more difficult if your ex used to share your bed. However, if you’re just crying all night, tossing and turning but can’t fall asleep, you’re heartbroken. But it’s time to fix that now and read on to find out what you need to do to get over it.

Ten ways to cope with and recover from distressing depression

1. Remember that what you felt was real

Even if it didn’t end up working out the way you expected, it doesn’t mean your feelings weren’t real. You weren’t delusional, it wasn’t just hormones, it was a real connection. Don’t let other people override your feelings, even if it’s their attempt to help you get through it.

2. Find reasons to be grateful for love

Even if it has to end with a painful emotional blow, love is still a blessing. Think of all the lessons you learned through the relationship that now ended, there is always wisdom in a broken heart, remember that.

3. Everything really happens for a reason

The Universe has a strange way of teaching us what we need to learn to open up new and better possibilities for us in the near future. Life goes on and your ex is not the last person to please you. The end of a relationship is not always the result of failure or mistake.


4. Live in the “now”

Make an active effort not to delve into the depths of your past, especially the memories of your ex. It’s just as bad to be worried about what will happen in the future, as to wonder if your ex will find someone better than you. That is only going to spread more darkness inside of you, and you definitely don’t want that when looking to recover. Stay in the present, think in the present moment, that’s all.

5. Get rid of negativity

Holding a grudge against your ex, even if it’s totally justified, won’t hurt or hurt him if there has already been a breakup. Accumulating those emotions will only hurt you, no one else. They will hinder your psychological recovery, your peace, and your sleep. Tell them in your head that you forgive them and choose to let them go.

6. Don’t check your social media

You don’t want them to do well without you, we get it, nobody wants that. But this is extremely important advice to heal from heartbreak, you should eliminate the sources that show you your ex’s face or tell you what they are doing right now (and how happy they are). Social media does exactly that! So the next time you’re tempted to unlock your phone and visit their page, don’t do it, seriously.

7. Get support

This advice relates to one of the distress signs mentioned earlier about isolation. That is a no-no, you cannot be isolated from the world around you if you hope to recover from your depressed state. Talk to people, give them the opportunity to listen to you, you will feel that a weight is lifted from your chest, even if they do not respond much. Tell them what you need from them right now and they will do it because they care about you. That’s what friends and family are for!

8. You are enough

Just because your ex doesn’t fall in love with you obviously doesn’t mean you’re not capable of being loved, because that’s a dangerous misinterpretation of being abandoned or cheated on. No matter how you feel right now, don’t let anyone make you think that you are not “enough.” You are adorable, just like anyone else on the planet, don’t forget.

9. Learn to love yourself

It’s easy to fall into the trap of self-destructive behavior patterns when you’re going through a heavy blow to your emotional guts, but you must recognize when you feel them coming in and kicking. You deserve all the love you can give yourself because the world is second, you have to be first on your priority list. Get enough rest, water, food, and nutrition, which is key to combat distress.

10. It will pass, trust the process

Baby steps, one day at a time, and let the passing weeks heal you as they go. You may not be able to imagine feeling truly happy again, or capable of loving someone else, you definitely will. As stated above, we underestimate our capabilities and our spirit, so it is better to trust the process. It works for everyone.


You have to go through the heartache yourself to understand what it can do to someone, and it can really be emotionally devastating when depression shows up every day and night on a regular basis. It’s just you and the walls around you. People can think of stupid ways to comfort you, saying, “Are you still upset about that boy? Look around you, there are a lot of guys! ”But it’s not that simple, we understand. It will take time and you will have to work hard to take care of yourself. What will matter most in this time period is your belief that things WILL RETURN to normal again, you will find happiness again, no matter how desperate you feel right now. All the best!