What to do when your partner moves away from you

What to do when your partner moves away from you? It is something that can happen at any point in the relationship and has happened to many people.

When your partner walks away, it begins with a slight space that grows until it feels very distant.

Although he is physically by your side, he is absent. He spends more time in his own mind, looking at a book, TV or his mobile phone, than being in the present with you.

Of course, seeing him distance himself can put a lot of worries on your mind and you don’t want to lose him.

If what you want is to bring him back, pay close attention! You will learn how to influence the mind of a man .

I will tell you the things you can do to call back to you and the relationship.

From how you can make him feel, continue to conquer him on a daily basis, prevent routine from driving him away, preventing him from leaving in difficult times, to how to act when you know why he is leaving.

Read carefully and bring it back!


Even without noticing it, the signs of affection may diminish over time. Or, even, that the way in which each person shows affection is so different that they cannot understand it and perceive all that affection.

With little affection it is understandable to start taking a certain distance, even unconsciously.

When we do not perceive affection and the phrases to fall in love with captivating ideas are rare, we do not feel appreciated.

That distance could simply be a sign that your partner is not getting the affection they think is necessary.


Some things that can help you when your partner leaves  are:

  • Say good morning and good night, ask if you have eaten well; Always show him how much you matter.
  • When you see him being distant with you, take him by the arm or by the hand and bring him closer to you.
  • Use romantic phrases to make him feel affectionate in the relationship.
  • Think about the ways in which he receives and gives affection and tries to adapt, even if they are very different from yours.
  • Make him feel like you don’t want to let go with every hug you give him.

If affection is lacking, these are very good ways to inject it into the relationship.

When your partner leaves, do not let him forget all the love you feel for him! Show him that you are the ideal partner 5 things will make you the perfect partner.


What was it that caught his attention so much about you? The way we conquer dictates a lot about the relationship and the things our partner finds enjoyable.

Actions and habits that warm his heart and make him want and enjoy every moment with you.

When your partner leaves, take a moment to think if those things that conquered him are still present.

If there is something that you have to know and it is essential for the union as a couple, it is that they must continue to conquer each other every day.

Take care of those details to fall in love that made him fall for you so that you reconquer him day by day.

Do not think that those details that make you fall in love can become useless over time; Even the simplest and smallest details can have a huge impact on how you continue to conquer it on a daily basis.

Those little phrases that show him that you are there through thick and thin and that he has your support, make him see how much being with him means to you.

With this, you will surely have a magnetic effect that will prevent him from leaving your side and wanting to enjoy every moment with you.


Routine is perhaps one of the concepts that causes the greatest fear when talking about relationships.

In fact, among the common problems of a couple is monotony.

And you don’t have to wonder why; Routine is one of the reasons why distance is generated in a relationship.

On many occasions it is not out of boredom or lack of interest that routine affects a relationship, it is simply because of the way we function as people.

It’s simple, our body and mind are very good at saving energy.

You do the same exercise routines in the gym and your body will adapt in such a way that you will not see changes later.

Think of the times you have left your house for work and when you arrive you don’t remember anything about the road. You just came.

When things become routine, we go into an “automatic mode” that makes us stop paying attention to the moment.

Simply because it is always the same! So our mind goes offline to save energy that it can use for new things.

That feeling of distance may simply be because your partner is in that automatic mode, since things in the relationship have become routine.


  • Find new activities together.
  • Try to go on spontaneous dates.
  • Give unexpected details no matter the time.
  • Try to enjoy new ways of being together.

Bringing it back is as simple as bringing spontaneity back to the relationship!


On some occasions a person may be going through internal battles that occupy a large part of their concentration and time.

If your partner starts to grow apart, they may just be having a difficult time.

Problems at work, with family, or with your own personal issues can cause you to withdraw; Not because of a lack of interest in you, but because so much of his concentration is on solving a problem.

Having a partner who supports and encourages us to get ahead at all times is something we all want.

Without a doubt, support is one of the golden rules to keep him by your side.

A partner who is confident in our abilities and helps us on our way to achieve our goals.


  • Always present yourself with an attentive ear, ready to listen and understand their situation. Ready to encourage him, give him confidence in his strength, support him when he feels reeling.
  • Remind him of his strengths and abilities. Don’t let him doubt himself.
  • Make him see all the strengths you see in him.
  • Find those phrases of encouragement that only you can give and they will motivate you to keep going.

Even when things are out of your reach to help, always show your support.

Each thing is resolved in a unique way, when that happens he will not doubt all the appreciation and affection he feels for you.


A golden rule in relationships: ask instead of guess.

Remember that healthy communication as a couple makes a difference.

When your partner leaves, many ideas of why he is doing it may cross your mind. But there may be different reasons.

It is important that you do not let assumptions guide your actions; It is always better that you seek to communicate with your partner clearly and frankly.

It is precisely in this way that you will know which of the above options are best suited to the situation your relationship is going through.

Speaking clearly will allow you to clear away any confusion, taking peace of mind back into your life and helping you bond more.

Discovering what is happening with your partner will allow you to show respect for their decisions, understand their points of view and above all, help you think about the best decisions for you; all this so that both are well.


  • Do not complain or scold; try to listen with understanding to understand the situation.
  • Avoid trying to force or manipulate him to make the decisions you want; respect their autonomy.
  • Don’t anticipate what he wants to say; Avoid phrases like “Surely you are walking away because X Reason”.
  • Explain clearly the actions that make him feel far away and listen without interrupting his responses.
  • Be clear about what you would like to achieve in order to feel closer, so that the two of you can work on it together.


You may see that your partner only needs space but still decides to be there for you, in their own way.

If you notice that despite all your attempts and efforts, your partner is not trying or trying as you do to be together, thinking about letting go can be difficult.

But remember that you can’t force someone to be by your side if they just don’t want to.

Know that sometimes when your partner leaves, this can be part of the signs of the end of the relationship .

Perhaps starting that conversation may seem a bit difficult; A professional opinion that tells you how to take advantage of these situations would be perfect, right?

In addition, there are fundamental keys in couples therapy that can help you with these types of situations.

When your partner leaves, it can be something that causes you worry and anxiety; it’s understandable.

Getting something between you and the desire to enjoy your time together may seem like the end of the world, but as we’ve seen, there are many things that can help you call your partner back to you.

So let go of those nerves and give way to action to bring it back.

Even if he doesn’t come back, at least you will know that you did everything in your power. And if he comes back to you, you will be ready to support him in everything.