Healthy boundaries in your relationship

After a while, couple relationships tend to acquire not very good habits, therefore, it is necessary to set healthy limits in the couple relationship.

This does not mean that romantic relationships become boring, on the contrary, this will ensure that they remain in harmony.

Leaving things clear from the beginning allows us to be calmer and avoid unnecessary upsets. Whenever we express what we feel and have healthy communication as a couple, it is easy to reach agreements.

Therefore, this time, I have decided to write this article about healthy boundaries in a romantic relationship .

In addition, I include the best tips and advice that will be very useful if you want to talk with your partner about this topic.


Normally, when we start a relationship, we do not think of regulation or step by step to understand each other.

It sounds funny and a bit absurd, finally, we are so in love and enraptured that we do not care much about this aspect.

Love makes us accept everything that happens because we are more tolerant, however, as time passes this changes.

So it’s no wonder that some things need to be talked about to keep things cool. Although we feel that we are well in our relationship, it is convenient to establish agreements at some point.

Without the need for uncomfortable discussions or questions, it is easy to understand each other and establish healthy boundaries that allow fluidity in the relationship.

A simple example of this can be the following:

If your partner has the habit of smoking, but you do not like or tolerate the smell and taste of cigarettes, perhaps you can express it to him, of course, with great tact.

Thus, perhaps, with good communication, they can establish some measures such as schedules so as not to affect either of them.

Even if possible, you might consider slowly letting go of this habit, but only if you both agree.

Now, without further ado, I will tell you the best tips that will help you with the good limits in a love relationship.



Although you share a close bond with that person, it does not mean that they also share the same responsibilities, at least not those that correspond to each one, for example, work matters that belong to each one.

You may say “that won’t happen to us”, but when you least think things start to get confused. However, there are things that are less easy to identify and are not shared responsibilities.

An example of this can be the economic or health aspect, it all depends on how we handle it.

The important thing is that you are clear about these responsibilities so that you do not assume what does not correspond to you.

And the ideal thing would be to take the time to talk and establish those essential terms in the relationship so that you do not end up carrying responsibilities that do not correspond.


Although getting angry is understood as a negative feeling, we should not necessarily ignore it and eradicate it from ourselves.

Obviously, in life, many things will happen to us that, perhaps, lead us to feel angry and this is normal, it is part of human feelings.

Therefore, it is not good to repress that annoyance and much less to repress it in other people, in this case, in the boyfriend or husband.

Allow and respect the other person to get angry with just cause when the moment requires it, as long as the healthy limits established with the partner are respected .

Of course, when this feeling passes, it is convenient to speak it to smooth things over and thus recover the harmony of the ideal couple.


Also, when we start a relationship, inevitably we are going to enter the life of the other person and we will know many aspects of it.

Among the things that we will know, there will surely be wounds from the past that, perhaps, have yet to heal. You may even have your own wounds yourself, but you can’t wait for someone new to come to heal them.

It is good that they are clear that they are not in the obligation to heal the other regarding their past, that is not the purpose of their relationship.

If this were to occur, it would be a simple addition, but we should not expect or pretend that the new person who came into our life fulfills that role as a healer.

As I have mentioned, this is also good to include among the healthy terms of the affective bond.

It really is not enough to make it part of the things that are not negotiable.


Happiness is another of the things that, inevitably, we are going to live alongside those people we love. However, that happiness only depends on us and is not the obligation of anyone else.

In days gone by, it was normal to think that your partner should bring you happiness in your life and vice versa. But today, it is more than known that the search for happiness depends on ourselves and not on someone else; so it is something that must be kept in mind and clear when entering into a relationship.

Each one is responsible for their own happiness, we may support each other, but it does not mean that our goal is to offer happiness to the other.

We can share it and live it together, but it is not something that should be forced or under pressure, it is something more spontaneous.

And remember: You can love someone a lot, but you have to love yourself more and be responsible for your happiness.

This is one of the deepest thoughts of love that you must keep alive in your being.

So, do not forget to include this point among the healthy boundaries of the relationship so as not to have distress later on.


Another thing that is good to specify is that you are not obliged to meet the expectations of a partner.

True love should not be a stereotype, much less a reflection of our own desires, that is, it is not a whim.

Love is more the liking and affection for someone as they are, so there are no set of requirements that we must meet. Moreover, there are no perfect human beings, do not expect that of others and do not let them expect it of you!

Someone looking for a partner through expectations should better rethink love. However, there are minimum expectations that are generally acceptable to people.

For example, the fact of expecting respect is not bad, indeed, it is something that is expected of all people in general. The important thing is not to fall into the unreality with this of expectations and not to expect irrational things from others.

It is good that you discuss this in a timely manner and make this point clear in relation to your healthy limits as a couple.


Our own feelings are something that we must prioritize, recognize and manage in the most assertive way possible.

Why is it necessary? Because that way you will know how to deal with many things in life, especially when you are in a relationship.

When you take responsibility for your emotions and feelings, you know that it is your duty to manage them and you know the benefit of self-control; But without this, it is something that sometimes overwhelms you and it is better to make it clear and establish healthy limits in the love bond.

In such a way that, you will keep in mind that you are in charge of managing everything that happens in you in relation to feeling. It does not mean that they do not support each other, of course, they do, it is rather to differentiate things and keep in mind what our responsibility is in the first instance.


You have seen that there are some important limits to establish, but they are not very taken into account by people.

Perhaps because they consider that it is not necessary, but, if you want to know how to be happy with your partner, it is good to have all the ends tied.

For this reason, I also recommend that you take advantage of the powerful techniques of the Magnetic Desire Method that will be very useful in this process with your partner. You will not regret it!

Also, if it is for the coexistence between the two, anything is welcome to keep the crush afloat.

It would be too sad if everything ends just by not taking into account these types of aspects that can easily be arranged.

With good communication everything is possible, healthy limits in the affective bond are the clear sign that we can understand each other.

In any case, it is never too late to talk about it and implement it. They are sure to see the benefits quickly!