60 questions to get to know your Crush better

How to know that this person is ideal? Well, knowing him with these incredible questions.

Your crush should not only steal your heart, but should also become your future partner or partner , after all your intention is to stay together for a long time, isn’t it?

But it is normal for you to ask yourself, how can I know who is the ideal person for me? and that you have thousands of doubts in your mind about who he is, what he does or what he feels for you. Therefore, the best way to resolve these doubts is by asking him.

We know that something (or very intimidating) can be heard especially if you have not spent a lot of time with that person, but think about this, if you do not ask these questions you can live in peace without knowing who he really is? It is not always enough to feel a physical attraction if their personality does not adequately match yours.

Therefore, shake off the fear and check these questions that you will surely want to ask your crush to get to know him better . Do you join the challenge?

Questions you want to ask your crush to get to know him better

If you are feeling nervous about him being upset with you asking these questions, you can make him look like ‘playing X questions’ and asking them multiple times, rather than a single question.

1. What do they usually think of you when they meet you?

With this question you will know what is the first impression that people get from your crush.

2. What do they usually assume about you that is not true?

While with this one, you can discover those things that are often said about your crush and that are just a myth.

3. How would you describe yourself?

This question is very important to know what your opinion of yourself is. For example, if you have high self-esteem, if you are confident, arrogant or shy.

4. Do you think people can change?

With this question you will be able to know their perception of people and the consequences of their actions.

5. How would your friends describe you?

This question brings you a little closer to their world. Well, it lets you know how close he is to his friends and how much he appreciates them or them.

6. What embarrassing story do your friends tell about you?

This question is not intended to embarrass your crush, but rather you can see if he has the ability to laugh at himself and at adversity.

7. What would your family say about you?

This is a slightly more intimate question. But with it you will be able to know how is the relationship with their relatives.

8. What is the first thing you notice about someone?

A simple question, which will tell you a lot about what makes a person important at first sight.

9. What are your next goals?

Inquire a bit about their future aspirations as well. This will give you an idea of ​​how committed she can be to her personal growth.

10. What would be your ideal profession?

With this question you will be able to earn their trust, because you will know that you are interested in their tastes and what they are passionate about.

11. What do you like to do in your free time?

A very significant question, in which you can find out their habits and their way of enjoying life. For example, in a crazy way with continuous parties, going out for a walk or at home.

12. Do you have any hidden talents?

This question will also bring you closer to your crush as he will be able to share something important about himself. Or if you don’t know what talent you have, you can find out together.

13. How would you describe your room?

The rooms are equivalent to each person’s private and personal sanctuary. So it can tell you a lot about it, just like its tastes, personality and order. But more importantly, it becomes a reflection of how you value your self-care.

14. What has been the happiest day you can remember so far?

This question will let you know what makes your crush happy or what they consider to be true happiness.

15. What is the hobby that you enjoy the most?

Each person has a hobby that they like to share, but there are also those that are reserved for privacy and that perhaps they can share with you.

16. What would you never do again?

This question will give you guidance on how she views difficulties and if she is able to cope with them. Or on the contrary if you cannot overcome them and clings to them.

17. What kind of clothes would you not wear in any case?

Although it may seem like a casual or spontaneous question. This will tell you about 2 things: her ability to be creative and the importance she places on her physical appearance.

18. What do you think is the most important thing in a friendship?

One thing you should always keep in mind is how much your crush appreciates his friends and if you have true friends or just followers who do what he wants or who are with him for convenience.

19. What do you think a perfect relationship would be like?

Perhaps I have a little reserve with this question and answer you in a superficial way. but it can give you an approximation to what is important in a relationship.

20. Do you fall in love easily?

With this question you will be able to know if he is a person who is very excited, if he is serious about love or if he leans more towards causal relationships.

21. What relationship do you have with your ex-partners?

Although it may seem tricky, it actually helps you to know how much you cling to people and your perception of them when they are no longer together. For example, he may be friendly with his ex, or he may tell you that he hates him intensely because he is actually still thinking about him.

22. Have you dedicated something to someone?

In this question you will have an approximation of what you can expect from your crush, about what it would do for you.

23. What do you do if they reject you?

This is an important question to know how you handle disappointments or things that don’t turn out your way.

24. Do you think that in a relationship freedom is lost?

A very interesting question that will reveal your perception about the balance between commitment and freedom.

25. How much of yourself would you share with someone special?

Many people tend to be reserved even if they are in a relationship. Because it is difficult for them to trust or to be seen vulnerable by someone else.

26. If you could live anywhere in the world, what would it be?

This question speaks both about the personal aspirations of each person and their ideals for a perfect future according to their perception.

27. If you had the opportunity to have dinner with your favorite character, who would it be?

It doesn’t matter if he is a fictional, historical, or public figure. This question will let you know if your crush is down to earth, as well as what they value in someone.

28. What do you think of the commitment?

In a relationship there should always be a certain degree of commitment, so it is important that you know how involved they would be in a relationship.

29. Do you think that youth has distorted the ideal of relationships?

Relationships have changed a lot over the years and you now have a lighter perception. But there are those who distort this to take it as an excuse for not being faithful or not dedicating themselves to it.

30. What do you think of causal relationships?

Casual relationships are great for people who want to share but aren’t looking for a commitment yet. As long as they are both on the same page.

31. Are there qualities that you like about the rest that you would like for yourself?

With this question you will be able to appreciate the vision they have about their perception of the abilities and qualities of others. As well as, if you envy or admire them for it.

32. What features of people bother you?

On the contrary, with this question you will be able to know their capacity for tolerance and sincerity with others.

33. What is your concept of freedom?

With this question you enter the opposite pole of commitment and his vision of independence, intimacy and if for him freedom is the same as debauchery.

34. If you could write your future, what would you like to have?

With this you will be able to know what your goals are for your future, how realistic it is and if you are willing to work for it.

35. What are the things that you value the most?

Many people have different types of concepts about what value is. Like sharing time with someone, spending it with the family, nature, simple details of life or more material things.

36. What do you like to receive as a gift?

This can be taken a bit as a trick question because, you will be able to know what is most appreciated in a gift.

37. How much do you demand from your partner?

With this question you can get an overview of what your crush expects in his future partner. Which can be your opportunity to evaluate if they congenial or move away from your ideals.

38. Do you have any funny anecdotes?

A very simple question, but one that can tell you its concept of fun. Which can be funny or dangerous.

39. Is there something you want to experience, but haven’t tried yet?

This is not just to find out if you have an adventurous spirit. Rather, it speaks of his availability to experience new things and his fear of the unknown.

40. What animal would you like to be if you could?

A fun question that has a self-perceived meaning. Each animal can represent certain characteristics that resemble its personality.

41. Do you have a strange habit?

This question will let you know their ability to share secrets with you, especially on personal matters.

42. What do you like to do the most on the Internet?

With this question, your crush will show you its way of taking advantage of something as vast as the web. Which also speaks about his personality and habits.

43. Have you regretted something?

All of us have regretted something at some point, but the question is if we keep thinking about it, is it something that we dragged down or if we did something to remedy it.

44. Is it easy for you to trust someone?

There are those who have no problem building a relationship of trust, but this can be a problem when the person trusts more and can be subject to manipulation or if he does it to obtain something more.

45. In what situations could you lie?

Pay attention to this answer as it will tell you if he is usually a compulsive liar or not.

46. ​​Which state of mind is your least favorite?

A question that approaches you in a less invasive way about the situations you prefer to avoid. As well as the state of mind that you like least in others.

47. What is the ideal vacation for you?

Speaking of experiences and adventures. Holidays are an ideal time for them and the perfect question to know how your crush enjoys them.

48. What is your favorite movie or song?

It can also be a book, video game or whatever comes to mind. The important thing is that with this question you can get closer to him since you show interest in his tastes.

49. What super power would you have?

With this fun question you can see their creative and dreaming ability. Great attributes that make a person capable of fully enjoying life.

50. What would you change about the world?

Although it may seem like a pointless question. Here you can see their opinion on injustices or the reality of the world.

51. What do you think is your biggest flaw?

Some are uncomfortable talking about their shortcomings. Both out of fear of what others will think, and to maintain a semblance of perfection.

52. Do you have any insecurity?

They may seem like similar questions, but our shortcomings are not always our insecurities. If he can talk to you about it, they can build a deeper bond.

53. What is the greatest folly you have ever done in your life?

For some, doing something crazy is synonymous with having done some dangerous or illegal act. But for others, having done something crazy can be something that they would not normally do and that marked their life afterwards.

54. Do you care what others say about you?

In this question your crush will expose position to others and if he does things because it makes him happy or to please others.

55. What would surprise your parents about you?

Again, something that would surprise our parents is not always a bad thing, but some skill, talent or taste that you would not be expected to have or like.

56. Do you have a backup plan if you can’t do what you like?

There are people who hold on to their dreams tooth and nail and that’s okay. But you do not always have the capabilities to achieve it and for this, it is necessary to have several options.

57. What advice would you give to the you of the past?

With this question, your crush will show you how well the past is coping. So if you hold on to it, you may have a hard time coping with the future.

58. When was the last time you were very nervous about doing something?

Contrary to popular belief, nerves can be a trait of interest, of real interest in something you like.

59. What do you do to make someone happy?

This question is not about revealing if you are complacent with someone, but about whether you are interested in seeing those close to you happy.

60. What do you do to be happy?

But more importantly, is that your crush has the ability to make himself happy. That way you will not fall into emotional dependencies with another.