32 things to do with your partner (fun and romantic)

We give you, today, very good ideas to do with your partner and enjoy together.

Whether you are preparing an anniversary or birthday celebration, or you are simply looking for new activities, we leave you 32 romantic and fun things to do with your boyfriend/girlfriend that will allow you to get to know each other much better.

It’s always good to go the extra mile to find activities that refresh your routine. Sometimes daily activities and responsibilities absorb us and leave us without energy to think about being creative and finding new activities, but here we help you with that.

32 fun and romantic things to do with your partner

To have fun, you don’t always need a big budget. More important than the amount of money that is required is creativity and above all the willingness to have a good time. These ideas will surely help you put together the ideal plan.

We have prepared ideas for fun and romantic activities to do with your partner. Whether they only have a day or a weekend, but you can also extend for a longer time and choose a different activity for each day of the week. Choose your favorite activities!

1. Movie marathon

The classic movie marathon is always a good option to spend as a couple. But you can put a fun spin on it if they choose a series and characterize themselves as some of the characters. Add more creativity by decorating and making an appetizer to match what they have chosen to see.

2. Camping

Going camping and being in contact with nature is relaxing and fun. If you like being outdoors, find a place where you can camp and go on an adventure. If they have never done it or think they don’t like it, they should give it a try, it will be worth the experience.

3. Ecotourism walk

Going for a walk holding hands is very romantic. And they can choose somewhere close (or not so close if they have enough time) and walk through the countryside. The goal is to walk and breathe fresh air, if you find a lake or river, it will be even better and the experience can be most memorable.

4. Urban walk

For the more urban, a walk around the city is a great idea. Although they have lived in the same place for a long time, they may not know every corner. Look for some recommendations on the internet, surely you will find new places to visit and corners that you did not know.

5. Dinner at home

If you prefer the calm of staying at home, prepare a dinner. Either you do it together or you surprise him and cook his favorite dish, or he cooks it for you. Set the scene with nice music and if you’re feeling up to it, dance the night away together.

6. Go shopping

Shopping together is fun. Whether you are looking for clothes for both of you or maybe you want to go shopping for furniture and decoration for your home. Another type of fun shopping is to go looking for books or decorative items.

7. Take your dogs to a new park

Walking your pets is also a lot of fun. Find a new park to take your dogs and enjoy together with them. Be willing to crawl and get dirty to have fun with your pets.

8. Do altruistic work together

Find a place that requires volunteer help and both of you go. Helping someone in need is satisfying. In some associations or causes, they always require help. It is an experience that will unite you and it will be unforgettable.

9. Make a craft

It can be weaving, painting, embroidery, sculpting, or carving wood. There are many activities to do, find one that interests you both and spend time doing it together.

10. Go to a concert

If they like music, they must go to a concert at least once. There are people who like it and go frequently, but if you have never been, you should give it a try. Pick an artist or group that you both like, or you may want to experiment with a new genre.

11. Take a course

Learning something together is fun. There are many courses, workshops, or classes that you can take together and enjoy time as a couple doing something different. Learn a language, a musical instrument, literary creation, or even a book club.

12. Cooking

Cooking as a couple is a lot of fun, even if cooking isn’t your thing. Choose a complete menu and buy the ingredients together. Spend the entire afternoon preparing and at the end enjoy your work. They can also invite friends or family.

13. Do a general cleaning

Deep cleaning doesn’t have to be boring. Prepare everything you need, surround yourself with your favorite music, take the best attitude and spend a day together cleaning the place where you live. In the end, they will feel happy that their house is neat and clean.

14. Go on a picnic

A picnic doesn’t require a lot of money or a lot of time. Find a nearby park and bring what you want to eat in a basket. Put a tablecloth on the grass and sit down together to talk and taste what you have brought.

15. Food tour

If you like food, take a food tour. Either in your own city or looking for a new place that you want to know. Prepare your stomach and organize a tour of the best places to eat.

16. Getaway to the beach

If you have a full weekend available, escape to the beach. Being by the sea and enjoying a warm climate is always relaxing and romantic. Go together to enjoy and relax.

17. Go to a park

Walking through a park hand in hand with your partner is very romantic. Maybe they already have a place they like or can find a new one. In the park there are green areas, games for children and some attractions, they can spend an entire afternoon in such a place.

18. Flying kites

An idea to spend as a couple is to fly kites. You can make your own, it’s simple and it will be fun. Or if you prefer, buy one as big as you like. Find a big enough space and set it to fly.

19. Take a photoshoot

A photoshoot to immortalize their relationship. Having a picture of you together is very romantic and posing and playing for a photoshoot is a great idea to spend the afternoon together while capturing everything in photography.

20. Take dance classes

If they can’t dance, they should try taking dance classes together. And if you already know how to dance, you might want to try new genres. It is a multi-day activity that will surely bring you together as a couple and will make you have a pleasant time.

21. Spend a whole day in a motel

Forget the world and lock yourself in a motel or hotel. It may be that they only spend a day or that if they have more time they can spend more days. The goal is to relax and spend time together pampering each other without leaving the room or hotel.

22. Rent a trampoline 

Spend a day like children jumping until you are exhausted. Get an inflatable or a trampoline and enjoy it without having to share it with children. Surely they are going to have a lot of fun and laugh together.

23. Make a puzzle or figure

Pick a project to put together and do it together. A puzzle with many pieces, or a figure with blocks. They will spend a lot of time entertaining and in the end, they will feel very satisfied that they did it together.

24. Spa and massage day

Maybe what you want is to relax, then the ideal for you is a day of spa and massage. There are many centers, some even far from the city, where there are packages for couples. Spa and massages are the perfect combination to relax and what better than doing it as a couple.

25. Recreate your first date

A very romantic idea is to repeat the first date you had. Go to the same place at the same time, even if possible, dress the same. Remember together everything that happened that day and talk openly about how you felt. It is sure to be very romantic.

26. Decorate a space together

Having a project together is a good way to have a good time. Pick a spot in your home, if you already live together, and plan a remodel together. This will take time because it is not only about doing it but about organizing and buying many things in advance.

27. Have a sleepover

Put on your pajamas but don’t go to sleep. Prepare cookies and popcorn, it is also worth some masks to pamper each other. Tell horror stories or some jokes and finally watch your favorite movie together.

28. Road trip

Going out for a ride on the road is one of the best things to do with your partner. Depending on the time and budget you have available, organize a trip to a nearby town or go on wheels on a long trip.

29. Extreme sports

If you like strong emotions, do some extreme sport or activity together. Skydiving, bungee jumping, rappelling, motocross, climbing, or any sport that gets your heart racing.

30. Compose a song together

If you are of the more artistic style, try composing a song together. It is a very romantic thing that will also leave them a gift for posterity and that whenever they want they can sing together. It’s a beautiful touch for both of you.

31. Museum tour

Another type of tour that you may like is a museum tour. Create a route to visit several museums in one day. Surely everyone will have something interesting to contribute. Of course, consider a break to rest and eat something.

32. Game afternoon

In order not to leave the house but to have a good time, one afternoon games. Board games, cards, truth or dare, there are many types of games that can be done for fun without having to go out. It is ideal for rainy afternoons and to spend a relaxed moment.