What to do if you fall in love with your best friend? 5 tips to cope

If you are one of those people who is extremely lucky to have an unconditional friendship that survives over the years (getting stronger and stronger), it will probably also be a conflict for you if you fall in love with your best friend.

If it is something that lately you have ideas because you perceive that your feelings for that person you can always count on are changing towards something else, do not remain in doubt. We tell you some suggestions so that you can value which way to go.

What to do if you fall in love with your best friend?

If you suspect that this is what is happening to you, take a moment to weigh our proposals:

1. Check your feelings

Why, when you are with him, do you have a different feeling about what unites you with other people? It is clear that you feel something different from a mere friendship and that is why you ask yourself what would happen if you fell in love with your best friend.

For now, the idea would be to discover the true nature of your emotions. That is, before taking any other steps, start by checking your feelings. Inquire in yourself if what is happening to you is that you have begun to fall in love with that person with whom you have been united for a long time with great affection.

How do you know? Pay attention to these signs:

  • Has your way of treating it changed from time to time?
  • Among your friends, are you especially concerned about him and his well-being?
  • Do you get nervous (but very happy) when you know that you are going to see it?
  • Do you notice that a strong attraction awakens in you?
  • Are you looking for the opportunity to be alone?
  • Is it in your thoughts constantly?

If you have escaped a resounding Yes on most of these issues, it is clear that you no longer see him only as your friend, but that you are falling in love (or already are) with him.

2. Admit to yourself what is happening to you

When you fall in love with your best friend, the step of accepting him as such is like a small earthquake: suddenly that special person with whom you can always count on plays a new role within your emotions since now he is that someone who puts your world. upside down and you have to be able to fit it.

The situation would be different if that person were someone you have known for a short time or someone with whom you have not already developed such an intense bond. But this is not the case.

With our best friend we already have a relationship that matters a lot to us and when we discover that we feel something more for that person, fears arise: of not being reciprocated by him or that that extremely special friendship deteriorates and ends up being lost.

Be that as it may, face your feelings because it will be useless to try to suppress them. It will affect your way of dealing with him and that will have a negative impact on your friendship relationship.

3. Observe their behavior towards you

It is normal that before taking any step (and much more if taking it wrongly can mean losing everything) you want to feel sure of what you are going to do. It is time to face that every action has a reaction and that, whatever happens, you will have to assume consequences (positive or negative).

To see yourself more convinced of what you finally decide to do, watch him; Since you fall in love with your best friend, the normal thing is that you want to know if he also has feelings for you. So start by looking for signs that can help you figure out whether or not what you’re feeling is mutual.

One way to do this would be to try giving it some signals to see how it responds; For example, something as simple but at the same time as enlightening as the look can give you clues about it. Take advantage of those moments by talking to yourself to let the gaze show signs of your true emotions and do not remove it so easily from their eyes. Watch his reaction, but don’t overwhelm him too much.

4. Get in touch with him

Beyond what he may feel for you at this moment, what is already as obvious as it is difficult to hide are your feelings of love for him. Surely at this point, something in your own body language (when you are around) is sending signals of the attraction you feel for your best friend, so it is time to take the step and tell him.

Being sincere and expressing your feelings is in itself a gesture of love (as well as courage). Try to have the right time and place to be able to speak calmly, without haste, and without inopportune interruptions. Try to be calm, transmit your feelings in a positive way and take advantage of the complicity that you have with that person to express yourself as when you have been able to tell him other things.

Surely your listening attitude and the affection that mediates between you (thanks to that friendship that unites you) make it easier to take that step. Don’t waste it and feel confident that you are opening up to someone who cares about you.

5. Accept the decision he makes

It is done. At this point, you will have already told your best friend that he is much more to you than your great support. Now it is his turn, first to assimilate that his best friend looks at him with different eyes and is attracted to him, and second … to decide what will happen between the two of you from now on.

It may be that for some time, he had locked up feelings of something else for you, and by not daring then to share it with you (for fear of not being reciprocated) you find yourself with the happy surprise that he also feels the same for you.

But among the possibilities when you confess to the interested party that you are in love with your best friend, there is also the possibility that he continues to see only his great friend in you and therefore will not take any other step towards a more intimate relationship between the two of you. . It can be difficult for you to assume, although it will not be easy for him either; He appreciates you very much and does not want to hurt you (or lose you).

Facing the situation with maturity and respect to be able to accept the decision he makes will be decisive for the future of your relationship, whether you remain friends or if you evolve into another type of relationship.

A relationship with a couple with a solid trust like the one that is achieved over the years is a great foundation on which to build love. If this is what you finally decide to do, congratulations because surely that moment of confession will have been the beginning of something unforgettable and you will always remember it as one of the most important in your life.

In any case, try to contribute to yourself with the best of yourself to face that moment; Try not to do any drama if you are not reciprocated, and remember how important that person is to you. That no outburst of the moment makes you regret later for having said or done something that you really did not want to someone who is as special to you as he is.