How to avoid problems with my partner while we live together

Today we are going to talk about coexistence. More precisely how to avoid problems with my partner while we live together. If we know, a dating relationship is not the same as a couple who share the same roof.

When we decide to share a home with our partner, everything seems to change suddenly. At first, they may get along too well. However, as time goes by, we begin to fall into a routine and it is difficult for us to adapt to each other . As a result, problems and lawsuits become more frequent.

Also, in the life that you are sharing it is impossible that there will not be disagreements regarding some particular topics. Now, if you don’t know how to deal with problems at home, keep reading here. We will give you the best tips to improve coexistence with your partner.

How to solve relationship problems due to mistrust

A healthy relationship implies that there is trust and respect in both . However, many times we cannot give that vote of confidence to our partner. Above all, when there have already been lies, cheating, betrayal or infidelity involved.

Distrust generates jealousy and communication problems . It can even happen that it generates a lack of respect towards the private spaces of each one. There are many who have the false belief that jealousy is a way of showing love.

The issue of mistrust generates stress, depression and self-esteem problems. Generally, jealousy occurs more frequently in one of the members of the couple.

This can cause you to want to isolate yourself and intimacy to run low. However, when both parties are jealous, the situation is even worse.

In order to solve mistrust problems, you must work as a team with your partner. You both have to make a commitment to build trust in each other, avoiding lies and deception.

That is why sincerity must always be present . Even when being honest does not benefit us at all and can lead to anger in the other. Only by being completely honest, especially when we have made a mistake, can we increase our trust in our partner.

Another way to increase trust in your partner is to be understanding and have empathy . Think about the way you react when your partner feels sad or angry about something and shares it with you.

If you are not supportive and start judging him, he will think twice about telling you something. As a consequence, he will begin to close little by little and isolate himself in his feelings, not letting you be part of it.

How can I overcome my differences and live together without problems

The good relations between couples , says that this last and will not wear with the passage of time. In addition, it is a very good way to set an example for the little ones to follow, and prevent them from looking for unhealthy relationships as adults.

For this, it is important to know what coexistence problems are,  and what are the characteristics of a healthy couple.

  • They solve problems and disagreements together:  When a couple always seeks to sit down to solve their problems with respect and a clear mind, the relationship remains stable and without big fights.
  • They are flexible: as we told you at the beginning, when a couple decides to live together they must be aware that they will need to adapt to each other. Any inflexible position will end in a fight. Therefore, they learn to negotiate to reach a middle ground that benefits both of them.
  • They maintain good communication:  Each of the goals, dreams, objectives, discomforts and everything that may arise in the middle of the relationship are raised in order to find a solution.
  • They stay together:  A sign that a couple coexists in a harmonious way is to notice that they seek to stay together. That is, they attend every meeting or social or work party together. And they let their friends and family know that their relationship is still standing.
  • They support each other:  Knowing that we are not alone is the best way to feel good. Therefore, a good coexistence ensures that both feel that they can fully trust the other no matter what happens.

How to fix constant arguments

If you are having a lot of problems with your partner, you probably feel that your marriage is no longer safe or that everything is about to overflow. But that doesn’t have to end like this.

Before deciding to end a relationship, it is best to try to solve it by trying different options. You still have time to save your marriage and restore it completely.

If you want to solve constant arguments and avoid problems with my partner while we live together then follow these tips:

  • Be honest: Talk about all the things that bother you about each other. The idea is to be honest without hurting the other.
  • Learn to argue: fighting and arguing are not the same. The first suggests that there is disrespect and is a struggle to see who has more power or the reason. A discussion, on the other hand, is more an exchange of ideas where you seek to reach a solution taking into account the opinion of both.
  • Sand down your rough edges: Once you’ve been able to talk about the things that bother you about the other, come to an agreement. It is extremely important that they learn to negotiate their disagreements for a better coexistence.
  • Make the commitment:  There is strength in the union, and the best thing to do to maintain good mental health is not to carry all the responsibility of the relationship on your shoulders. So you have your partner take the responsibility that corresponds to him.
  • Commit to improve: Remember that it is not about finding a culprit, or making the other feel bad. But to put all the disagreements on the table, so that together they can reach a solution. And here it is about improving both you and him.

Tips to help you solve coexistence problems

Both men and women should be aware of what a healthy and loving relationship is about . So that, in this way, they can transmit all the good they have to contribute to the other person. As much values ​​as principles, beliefs or ideals must always be kept on the table to guarantee the correct coexistence.

If you want to know how to avoid problems with my partner while we live together then follow these tips:

Recognize the reasons for anger

As we told you at the beginning, the first thing you should do is find the reasons or causes that have generated the problem. Whether it was your way of acting, his or both.

Then, together with your partner , think about what the possible solutions could be . At this point, the opinions of both must be taken into account and valued.

Also, you need to be flexible and not try to impose something. Remember that you are dealing with a couple and, therefore, all decisions made should benefit both of you and not just one of you.

Listen to your partner while he talks

Another tip that we can give you if you want to avoid problems with your partner in coexistence is to maintain good communication . This involves more than just saying what we want or need.

It involves speaking with respect, finding the right time to talk, avoiding aggression, reproach and above all listening to your partner while he talks.

The best way to express any discomfort, discord, desire, or thought is through communication. This is usually the first failure of all relationships. Since they begin to make decisions on their own, not knowing that their partner also has an opinion to give. Thus, it makes way for lawsuits.

Have a calm and non-aggressive attitude

Yes, we know that maintaining a calm and non-aggressive attitude when we are arguing is not easy. However, if you want to avoid fights and long and endless arguments, you must put your negative feelings aside.

Ideally, they should not be carried away by the anger or sadness of the moment, but rather think with a cold head. This is the only possible way not to commit disrespect towards the person we love.

A relationship goes very badly, when in the middle of a love crisis insults or mistreatment begin to appear. Giving way to lies, to hide things and to generate depressing situations. To avoid problems of social coexistence it is necessary to maintain respect. Avoid degrading or hurtful words.

Know when is the right time to solve problems

Knowing when is the right time to solve problems is also key if you want to avoid problems with your partner in coexistence. Following the previous point, in order to maintain a calm attitude it is necessary to avoid speaking when we are very angry or sad.

This will only make us unable to express ourselves correctly and will end in a fight. That is why it is extremely important to speak up when we can better manage our emotions .

In addition, we must learn when to put a stop to the discussion before it turns into a fight . If you notice that either of you is beginning to get carried away by anger, it is best to take a break to calm down. Try again later, when you have managed to think cold.

Finally, in order to find the right time to talk, try to choose a time when you can spend the necessary time. If you do it 5 minutes before your work schedule, it will be very difficult to find a solution.

With this we do not want to tell you that you take all the time in the world to talk about something that bothered you a month or two ago. It is best to speak on the spot or as quickly as possible, when you can be alone and quiet for a while.

Be more empathetic and understanding

As we told you before, in order to have good communication and increase trust in the partner, we must be more empathetic and understanding.

It is important for both of you to be clear that the other person is also an individual. And as such, their opinion has the same validity as yours. You must be aware that a couple is a team. Which was formed by the own decision of each individual.

However, many times, we stop being ourselves because of being with someone else. Therefore, you must respect the likes and hobbies of the other to be more empathetic and understanding. As long as these do not affect us in any way.

Externalize love and affection

Not everything has to be disagreements and fights in a coexistence. Neither are displays of affection good after making a mistake as a way of asking for forgiveness.

However, displays of affection and love should not be lacking . Well, this means that we are in a better mood to face the day to day and that we receive in a better way all the obstacles that we have in front of us.

Many times we get carried away by routine and fall into monotony. As time goes by, we forget the little details and continue to conquer our partner every day. This gradually makes us move further apart and lose the intimacy, connection and complicity between you.

Knowing how to ask for forgiveness and recognize the acts

Finally, another advice that we can give you if you want to avoid problems with your partner in coexistence, the best thing is to know how to ask for forgiveness and recognize the acts.

We all make mistakes at times, and even if it was not premeditated, we must accept responsibility for our actions. Don’t expect your partner to apologize to you for something they did wrong if you don’t.

A mistake that we make most of the time is to focus on how we feel, looking for a culprit or pointing the finger. In reality, what we need to do is find a solution, and it almost always starts with an apology.

How can I address coexistence problems with my partner?

Now, surely you are wondering how you can address the problems of coexistence with your partner. Well, the first thing you should do is identify the reason that caused it. Among them, the most common are the following:

  • Household chores: one of the main reasons why a couple who live together have conflicts is because of it. The best thing in this case is to maintain a balance and have both of you help with the housework.
  • Being inflexible: another cause that generates problems in coexistence is not accepting disagreements and not knowing how to adapt to each other in the space they have in common.
  • Lack of space: it is necessary for everyone to have their own space and time to be able to dedicate themselves to do what they like. Otherwise, being in a relationship can end up being overwhelming.
  • Economy: economic problems are the most frequent cause of fights in coexistence. Who contributes more, who should take care of paying such bills, unnecessary expenses, etc.
  • Not spending time together: in the same way that you both need your space, it is also important that you spend time together to strengthen the bond.

Once they have found the cause that is causing the problem, they can make the best decision to fix it.

How recommendable is it to solve coexistence problems on your own?

If you wonder if you can solve coexistence problems on your own, the answer is no. You cannot just try to solve problems that are affecting your partner . For this you will necessarily need that both commit to improve.

There is no use trying to improve all aspects of coexistence on your own. If you do, it will only be a temporary patch and it won’t last long.

It is about a couple and as such, they must learn to work as a team and both commit to reaching an agreement to avoid conflicts.

So far we come with this super complete guide on how to avoid problems with my partner while we live together. We hope that it has been useful to you and that you can put into practice all the tips that we have shared with you.