How To Forget And Stay Away From My Ex – Tips To Let It Go

Would you like to know how to forget and get away from your ex for good ? You have come to the right place. Next, we will tell you everything you need to know about it. In addition, we will provide you with some tips and tools so that you can put into practice and thus, let it go.

When you have been in a relationship with someone where the feelings towards the other person were real and intense, it is very difficult to put them aside. Even if the relationship has come to an end and they are no longer together.

However, there are times when contact with an ex still remains. Whether we talk through messages, calls or visits, we continue to be aware of his life and constantly communicate with him or her.

But, surely you are wondering, is it healthy to keep talking to him or her? What are the consequences of not being able to forget and permanently get away from my ex? If this is your case, and you want to find out if it is good or not to continue in contact with an ex , stay with us and learn everything about it.

Is it convenient to keep texting or seeing my ex?

After the breakup of a relationship, you can react to the situation in different ways. In this way, there are those who develop disgust or repulsion for their exes . Generally, this happens when they have been through a very unpleasant experience . Such as, for example, one or more infidelities, abuse and physical and / or psychological violence, among others.

On the other hand, there are some who take the breakup as liberating, and get over it all quickly. But, in addition, there are cases where it is difficult to forget and permanently distance myself from my ex. In this case, even if we deny it, we continue to feel things for him or her.

In all cases, regardless of how the relationship and the breakup were, continuing to talk with your ex is not healthy. Otherwise, you won’t be able to put all those feelings behind you and get over it once and for all. Especially if it was a relationship that ended in a bad plan.

Under no circumstances is it good to maintain continuous contact with your ex, not even if they have had children as a result of that relationship. The treatment between you, should only be limited to aspects that have to do with your little ones, visiting hours, school, etc.

If they have children together, if it is necessary to have good communication, not a good relationship. Surely, you are wondering what the difference is between having good communication and a good relationship. Or, you may think that they are concepts that go hand in hand. Well let me tell you that it is not.

For example, a person may have very good communication with his audience at a conference. However, it has nothing to do with them. On the other hand, you may have a very good relationship with your partner, parents, friends, children, etc., but many times, communication fails.

It should be noted that there are extraordinary cases, where exes become good friends . But, you must be aware that this is a double-edged sword and it is not the healthiest or recommended thing to forget and definitely get away from my ex.

It is very normal that shared intimate memories begin to appear. They could even end up feeling like friends with benefits. As a consequence, it will also not be possible to forget and permanently distance myself from my ex.

So, it’s best to keep a safe distance from him, especially if  your ex talks to you but doesn’t want to come back or if you know you still have feelings for him. Because it will only cause your emotional and mental health to deteriorate, by getting you excited and disappointed over and over again.

Why is my ex talking to me like nothing?

You may want and have established a limit to forget and get away from my ex permanently, but he or she continues to talk to you like nothing . If it has happened to you, it is normal that you begin to get confused and the hopes of returning with your ex appear. Not always, but most of the time it has nothing to do with you.

What is actually happening is that he still feels sad and is heartbroken from the breakup. She still continues to come to terms with the idea that the relationship has come to an end.

Also, the opposite situation may arise, that is, he has already definitively overcome you and therefore can speak to you as if nothing had happened. He may even have formed a new partner and therefore does not care to talk to you indifferently.

On the other hand, there are many people who have very high egos and pride wins out over them . He treats you indifferently to hide his true feelings. Well, he doesn’t want to look or feel exposed, to make you see that he still has feelings for you.

Also, when you were the one who ended the relationship and he still insists, you should be careful. Well, their attempts to contact you may turn into some kind of harassment or threats . So, if your ex is still trying to find you, you should analyze the situation under which they broke up and who it was that ended the relationship.

In case it was you, his attempt to communicate with you may mean that he wants to get back to you or is refusing to let you go even though he no longer feels the same way. Or if he was the one who ended the relationship, it may mean that he is a cynical person who does not pay attention to the feelings of others. Therefore, stay away from him!

How to know if I am still holding on to the memory of my former partner

As we have already mentioned several times, regardless of what a relationship has been like, breakups are always ugly. It is normal to miss an ex-partner , as there will be many moments in your day to day that remind you of him or her.

In addition, all that time that you dedicated to your partner and that you spent together has been left empty. The more time you have spent together, the harder it will be to forget . If you want to know if you are still holding on to the memory of your ex, then pay attention to the following signs:

  • Everything reminds you of him: a song, a book, a movie, etc. You notice that everything that happens around you is loaded with subliminal messages that make you think of your ex.
  • Your friends have tired of hearing you talk about your ex: time passes and you cannot leave that relationship behind, even if it has already ended.
  • Your relationships fail: you may have formed a new partner, but you can’t forget your ex. Normally, you can notice this situation when you start to compare their attitudes, gestures, etc. with your ex.
  • You focus only on the beautiful memories: in order to finally forget and get away from my ex, it is necessary to see what their relationship was like as it was, with all its pros and cons.
  • It is the first person you think of: when you are happy, sad, angry, frustrated, scared, anxious, etc. it’s because you’re still in love
  • You frequent certain places: hoping to see him again. For example, you visit their neighborhood for no reason or go to the bar that your ex used to visit frequently.
  • You check his profile on social networks: you want to know about his life, what he does, who he hangs out with, if he has formed a new partner, etc.
  • Your feelings are on a roller coaster: you don’t find emotional stability and you go through all the moods in no time. Thinking about your ex causes you strange and contradictory feelings.
  • You are jealous: You are jealous that your ex could get to be with someone new. You feel anger for that unrequited love.
  • Your heart races when you see it: if by chance they have coincided somewhere, your heart beats a thousand hours per hour, your stomach hurts, your hands are sweaty, etc.
  • You close yourself to new relationships: you don’t want to be with anyone else or you don’t feel ready to start a new relationship.

All these signs tell us that we continue to feel things for that person that you are no longer here. Therefore, we must do something if we want to forget and permanently get away from my ex.  

Why does my ex want to keep in touch with me?

If your goal is to forget and get away from my ex for good, you may wonder why he or she wants to keep in touch with you . It is almost always an indicator that he cannot leave you behind, even if the relationship has ended.

There are times when he tries to keep in touch with you with the excuse that he wants to be your friend . At other times, he may be a little more direct and bluntly tell you that he wants to go back or that he pretends they are friends with rights.

Either way, try to regain the bond that has been lost with you . If you agree to it, you will only get the two of you hurt more than during the first breakup.

However, as we told you before, under no circumstances should you try to have contact with your ex partner. Above all, if you want to forget it and get away from him or her for good.

If you have a group of friends in common, it is best to distance yourself from them as well. Or, organize meetings where your ex is not present. Being friends with your ex partner is not a good idea , as this friendship is much more fragile.

Often times, a friendship between people who have been romantically involved becomes toxic . It is that both are much more selfish, they are less understanding of the other’s feelings, they are less trusting and they care less about the happiness of the other.

Nowadays it is very easy not to know more than one person through social networks. However, they will always try to find ways to communicate with us. Therefore, to  finally forget and get away from my ex,  the first thing you should do is express exactly how you feel.

And, above all, let him know very clearly that you want to keep your distance . He may tease you, or try to say something that hurts your feelings. Do not leave it! Keep your conviction, and do what is best for your emotional health. If necessary, try to avoid going to places where he would be for a while.

And in case they share the same social group, try not to coincide too much in the meetings or parties that they carry out. Since, in those moments, you can favor situations that will not suit you too much.

Tips to definitely forget and get away from my ex partner

Now, you have already decided to forget and permanently distance myself from my ex- partner. You have already taken the first step and surely now you ask yourself how do I get it once and for all? Well, to do this, follow these tips.

Vent with someone you trust

The first advice we can give you if you wonder to forget and get away from my ex is to vent to someone you trust . Seek the support of your family, friends, and other loved ones to talk about it.

It will be useless to repress or try to hide the pain or other feelings. If you do, over time and when you least expect it, they will come to light stronger than ever.

In order to get over a breakup, you need to embrace that pain and understand why the relationship has come to an end. Only in this way, you can leave it behind. Cry all that is necessary and listen to your heart.

Distract your mind

It may not be the most recommended advice if you want to forget and get away from my ex for good. Following the previous point, trying to “distract yourself to forget” will be in vain . Well, when you return home and go to sleep, the memory of that person you still love will be waiting for you.

However, it is not good to be thinking about him or her all the time, since you will not be able to forget and definitely get away from my ex. It is best to find a balance between taking time to listen to yourself and focusing on the present.

Be patient with yourself, being able to forget an ex requires time, will and above all effort. Every step you take must be taken with conscience and responsibility. Be strong to avoid being tempted to go back to him or her.

Focus on the present

To be able to forget and permanently get away from my ex, it is necessary to distance myself in time and space. Always keep in mind that he is no longer your partner.

Distracting yourself or focusing on the positive things that arise in your day to day will help you focus on the present and your new reality. Many times when we are in a couple, we forget ourselves.

No more! It is time to start taking time for ourselves and doing everything that we liked. Give yourself lots of pampering and pamper yourself. It’s the perfect time to reconnect with your favorite hobbies and hobbies.

Delete their number and social networks

Another tip that we can give you to be able to forget and get away from my ex is to delete his number from your mobile and remove him from your social networks. If you prefer, you can block it to avoid receiving more messages, calls or being tempted to hear from it.

If you are still tempted to check his profile to find out what is in his life, the best thing is to give up social networks for a while . It might be easier for you if you don’t even open your profile.

Let go of the resentment and keep the good memories

Finally, if you want to forget and get away from my ex, it will be necessary to let go of the resentment and keep the good memories . We do not say the latter in the plan “it was perfect to be with him or her, I should try to get it back”.

On the other hand, if you focus on all the negative things, you will end up feeling hatred and resentment towards your ex. This will lead to you not being able to let it go once and for all.

So far we come with this super complete guide on how to definitely forget and get away from my ex. We hope that it has been useful to you and that you can put into practice all the tips that we have shared with you.