How to know if my relationship is no longer working What should I do?

Today we are going to talk about problems in relationships. We tell you how to know if your relationship is no longer working and what you should do about it. Continue with us!

Yes, we know it is very difficult and especially hard to see finding that your partner suddenly has no more plans for the future. Especially when you are in a serious and stable relationship for a long time. When you do, you have realized that they have reached a dead end and that they are not advancing or going for more.

Although many couples overlook this, dead-end relationships end up affecting both of them. Since monotonous behaviors are generated, and the routine envelops them so much that it does not let them see reality. In addition, the truth is that both are wasting time being in a place that they should no longer be.

If one day you woke up and realized that your relationship is no longer working , follow these tips. We will tell you what you can do to get out of that stagnation.

Why do relationships stop working?

We will not always enjoy having a relationship that lasts a lifetime. Most of the time, we risk ending up heartbroken by starting something without knowing. We all get carried away by sensations in the beginning, and to believe that those sensations will last a lifetime is deluding ourselves. 

A relationship requires effort and dedication, and if both are lost along the way, little by little the flame of desire is extinguished. So we must know how to accept that love is over,  so that we can heal and be ready to begin a longer relationship with another person.

If you wonder why relationships stop working, you should know that a lack of love is not always the culprit. Generally the main causes are two: change in priorities and lack of passion.

The first is that we are no longer the most important thing for our partner. That doesn’t mean that I don’t love you anymore. Simply, priorities may have changed and he or she now has new preferences. As a consequence, they are no longer as connected as before.

Perhaps he simply feels confident that he will always have you by his side, so he focuses his efforts on something else . This leads us to forget those little details that kept us connected to our partner.

As time goes by, both of you begin to focus more on what you need individually and not as a couple to keep growing.

The second cause is lack of passion . With this we are not talking only about Love mak.. relations. Although both love each other a lot, if there is no complicity and intimacy in the couple, it is destined for failure and suffering for both.

It is necessary that the moments in which they express the love they feel towards the other are never lacking. Yes, we know, many times the day to day does not allow us to give ourselves that space. Work, childcare, home, expenses, etc. They make it difficult for us to take a “break” with our partner to remind him of how important he is in our life.

These two things lead us to a relationship where:

  • Both fall into monotony, it becomes boring and they do not try to innovate.
  • The feelings between you are not the same as before.
  • They feel that goals and dreams have no way.
  • They are not considered a solid union, so they cannot work as a team.

Indicators that my partner no longer has a future

Feeling that the relationship is not working, that it is not going anywhere and that it has no future, puts us on alert and warns us that we have to get out of there. Above all, because life is about moving forward and improving with each passing moment.

Therefore, when things reach a plateau between you and your partner, it is a clear sign that your relationship is not working out . And a solution must be reached immediately, or else the couple will have to part ways.

How can we live without growth? You cannot be in a relationship that wastes your time. Since future plans and goals are what keep a stable relationship afloat. 

So if you are facing this terrible relationship crisis  be on the lookout for the clearest signs of it. So that, in this way, you can try to talk with your partner and reach a solution between the two of you.

So if you constantly think, my relationship is not working anymore , you should ask yourself what it is that they have been doing wrong in the last time and try to fix it.

We do not dare to spend time together

In a relationship, the two people may have very different tastes. However, there is a middle ground or something that you both like and spend time together.

So, if the latter is not your case, then it is an indicator that your relationship is no longer working. It is inevitable that both end up distancing themselves if they do not share a taste for something.

It can also happen that you have been together for too long and have not married, started a family or do not set goals or objectives as a couple . If you haven’t even talked about it, your relationship may no longer have a future.

I usually compare our relationship with that of others

Another of the signs that your relationship is no longer working is that you end up comparing your partner to other relationships . You feel like you would like to be like them, but you can’t get it.

This usually happens because unconsciously, you begin to realize your relationship is stagnant and is not moving forward. You may also begin to compare your partner to other people’s gestures and attitudes. This will motivate him to grow resentment and distance himself from you little by little.

We communicate almost always through written messages

The fact of communicating almost always through messages is a clear sign that your relationship is no longer working. Especially if when they spend time together, they hardly speak.

Communication is key for a couple to function . Otherwise, your relationship no longer works. If they have a problem and can’t sit down and talk about it, let me tell you they are in a bind.

They will inevitably start to distance themselves a little more from each other . As a consequence they will end up communicating almost always by messages written by superficial things. For example, “we ran out of milk, you can bring one back.”

You trust other people before your partner

Trust is another of the basic and fundamental pillars for a couple to succeed. Therefore, if you have doubts about your partner, you do not want to project anything together, because you are afraid that it will end in failure.

If there were many lies and deceptions involved , they will begin to distance themselves and little by little their relationship stops working. Maybe your partner is lying to you about something so that you don’t have constant fights .

So, you will have to evaluate how you handle the bad news. In this way, your partner will feel confident and can be more honest with you. It is always going to be best to be honest if you want your relationship to work.

What should I do if my relationship is no longer progressing?

If you really love your partner, but you begin to notice that they are not moving forward, start with the most important thing. Take time to talk calmly about the situation with him or her . Express what you feel and what you are seeing of yourselves. Listen carefully to everything you have to say.

Speak calmly and be open to listen without judgment. This way, both of you can feel comfortable expressing what you really feel and speaking honestly. Only then can they reach an agreement and find a solution that benefits both of them.

Also try to make your partner fall in love , yes, as you did at the beginning. Be detailed, tell him how much you love him, surprise him with a kiss or hug out of nowhere, go on dates, make plans together, etc. In this way, you will be able to revive the flame of passion between you.

Learn to talk and argue without fighting. Respect is extremely important in any type of relationship and when we fight, insults or yelling are not lacking. They may disagree on a specific issue and may debate their views, but that is no excuse for disrespecting each other.

Finally, if they think it is necessary, they can seek professional help and go to couples therapy to be able to solve it. During the sessions, your psychologist will provide tools to improve the quality of life for both of you.

How to get out of a relationship that no longer works? Words to end a relationship

Now, if you have already tried to get out of the stagnation in which you were with your partner, but the relationship is no longer working , then you should go. You have already tried to make him fall in love, talk, communicate, do couple therapy and you see that nothing works.

At this point you should think about how much it is necessary to invest so much effort in something that has no future. Knowing when to say enough is very important to take care of our emotional, mental and physical health. We should not stay in a place that is not for us.

Even though we refuse to accept it, even if it hurts or we feel like we won’t be able to do it. Getting out of a stagnant, dead-end relationship is best for everyone.

For both your partner and you, avoiding being monotonous will do you good . You don’t have to view this as a painful breakup, as they may try to be on the best terms.

Some phrases to end a relationship that no longer works are:

  • “You have been someone extremely significant in my life, but we must think about what we want as individuals and this relationship will not leave us”
  • “Thank you for all the moments together, but we cannot continue in a relationship where we are not happy”
  • “It is time to accept that everything is finished, and separate to improve as individuals”

So far we come with this super complete guide on how to know if my relationship is no longer working and what I should do . We hope that it has been useful to you and that you can put into practice all these tips that we have given you.